The girl did not adapt to the kindergarten on the first day, and the kindergarten teacher moved in to "rescue the soldiers", the picture is super cute

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The girl did not adapt to the kindergarten on the first day, and the kindergarten teacher moved in to "rescue the soldiers", the picture is super cute

The survey found that about 88% of children will experience various symptoms when they first enter kindergarten, and more than half of the children have a significant increase in the number of illnesses after entering kindergarten. The arrival of new students in kindergarten is the busiest stage for kindergarten teachers. The main task for the first few days is to help the children quickly adapt to kindergarten life. Some children can keep up with the rhythm very quickly, while some children can't adapt to it. They do not sleep, refuse to eat, etc. No matter how much the teacher coaxes, it is useless. Many kindergarten teachers are looking forward to "rescue soldiers" to help themselves.

Baby didn't get used to kindergarten at the beginning, and the teacher found a "rescue soldier" to solve it perfectly

In a kindergarten in Guizhou, a little boy patiently Feed the girl next to you to eat powder. The boy's movements of picking up fans are not very skilled, and the speed is a little slow, and the girl just waits obediently. The picture looks loving and harmonious, but before the boy arrived, it was not so beautiful. The girl in the picture is going to kindergarten for the first time. Because she has not yet adapted, she has been crying and the teacher can't help her. When nothing could be done, the teacher asked the girl's brother in the preschool to coax her sister, but the effect was surprisingly good. The younger sister not only stopped crying, but also obediently started to eat. It seems that the elder brother is really the "rescue" invited by the teacher. Looking at his brother's serious expression, he seemed a little helpless and a little distressed for his sister. He is still a child himself, but he has become the "parent" of his sister. The teacher took pictures of the two brothers and sisters to the parents, and their mothers felt very relieved, and netizens also praised the "little brother".

The elder brother becomes the "rescue soldier" to coax the younger sister, and the girl is so happy

Going to kindergarten is the first step for a child to truly become independent. It is a milestone on the way of a child's growth. There is a kindergarten near Tang Ma's house. Every month when new students enter the kindergarten, they can always see crying children, pulling their parents and reluctant to let go. Going to kindergarten is easy for parents, but it is a big challenge for children. Even after entering kindergarten, it will take some time to adapt to the new environment. Many children do not adapt to kindergarten at first. One of the reasons is that there is no familiar person, no sense of security, and it is not "difficult" for the teacher to keep crying. The little girl in front actually can eat by herself, but it may be that her sadness has affected her appetite. In the past, many children were alone in kindergarten. After the arrival of the second child, the two children in some families have a small age difference and can go to kindergarten together. The girl and her brother are in kindergarten together, they can go to and from school together, and they can see each other from time to time in the kindergarten, which is a happiness for both children.

Does your child feel uncomfortable going to kindergarten? It can be improved from the following aspects

Children who go to kindergarten are only 3 or 4 years old, and self-care ability before entering kindergarten is a necessary condition. But after all, children are young, and no matter how well prepared they are, they will still be a little uncomfortable at the beginning. Now that kindergartens in various places have opened one after another, continue to exercise children's self-care skills such as eating, dressing and toileting. At the same time, doing the following things can also help children adapt to kindergarten life more quickly. 1) Asking children "happy things" after school Parents are very worried about their children being wronged and bullied at school. As soon as the children are out of school, they grab him and ask "Did the teacher beat you" and "Did your friends bully you". These problems can make children more nervous and afraid, thinking that they will be beaten when they go to kindergarten, and become more resistant to the kindergarten and teachers. The right way to ask is to ask your child what fun things happened in kindergarten. For example, what is your favorite toy to mobilize your child's positive emotions about kindergarten. 2) If there are no siblings, look for a familiar partner for the children. Multiple birth families with siblings can go to kindergarten together. For families with only one child, parents can find playmates familiar to their children in the same community and enroll their children in the same kindergarten. In this way, children will have familiar people in kindergarten and take care of each other, so they will not be so afraid and fearful.

It is normal for a child not to adapt to kindergarten, it is better to become stronger by moving "rescue soldiers"

If you find that your child is not suitable for kindergarten, don't blame him for being brave Small or ignorant. 3-6 years old is the high incidence period of separation anxiety in children. It is very brave to enter kindergarten smoothly. Parents should encourage their children more, help them solve some small difficulties after entering the kindergarten, and give them the confidence to face the new environment alone. In addition, in multiple birth families, even if the baby has brothers and sisters in kindergarten, they cannot always be asked to be "rescue soldiers", otherwise the brothers and sisters will also feel pressure. Help children continue to strengthen their self-care ability, do a good job of psychological counseling, and continue to become a stronger self, so that they can adapt to kindergarten faster, and are not afraid of brothers and sisters leaving after graduation. Candy's mother said in her heart: Adapting to kindergarten is not only a matter for the child alone, in addition to moving in "little rescuers", it also requires the cooperation of parents and teachers. [Today's topic] How long did it take for your child to adapt to the young child, does he have a "rescue" in the kindergarten? #kindergarten#
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