Girls want 38,000 betrothal gifts difficult to achieve, ending 13 years of love and long-distance running, is it sober or impulsive?

time:2022-11-27 author:Make one's mouth water
Girls want 38,000 betrothal gifts difficult to achieve, ending 13 years of love and long-distance running, is it sober or impulsive?

China Youth Daily conducted a survey of 2,006 respondents, and 81.0% of them said that there were couples to be married around them, and they had conflicts because of inconsistent dowry discussions. Many people think that couples who can hold on to a long-distance love run and get together at the end must have a very strong relationship, but they don't know that there are "risks" in a long-distance love run. A person's youth is very short. If you fall in love with a person for 13 years at the best age, but then break up in the end, it can be regarded as a heavy blow in life.

A 33-year-old girl broke up with a long-distance running in love for 13 years, and was told by her boyfriend that it was "worthless"

A story about "the bride price", Every family has its cupboard. A girl in Yunnan shared her experience on the Internet, causing heated discussions. She and her boyfriend have been together since college. They have been in a long-distance relationship for 13 years. When it was finally time to talk about marriage, they broke up because the dowry was not negotiated. At first, the woman's family wanted a dowry of 168,000 yuan, because there were not many dowries brought in the past, but the two sides did not reach an agreement. Considering that the amount is not too low, the parents of the girl said that it is enough to go through the process for 38,000. The girl thinks that if two people have been together for so many years, they should at least give some dowry gifts. As a result, the boyfriend asked the girl: "Are you embarrassed to ask for a dowry?" The bride price of 38,000 is already very low in the eyes of many people, but the boyfriend's family still talks in every possible way.

Girls want 38,000 betrothal gifts difficult to achieve, father's words are even more heartbreaking

The man's parents told the girl that their relatives Marrying a daughter-in-law and a girl did not ask for a betrothal gift, and also married a car and a house. The girl's father initially stated that giving a dowry was a tradition, but the man said they didn't pay attention to the red tape. You can find relatives to collect the money for the dowry and return it after the wedding is over. The girl was not very satisfied with this, but she did not expect her father to change his attitude later, and said in private that she would not be able to find her again when she was 33 years old. Should I accept all the conditions offered by the man when I am old? Is it hard to find a 33-year-old girl? I have to say that the father's words were heartbreaking, and the girl was very sad after hearing it. In the end, the girl did not compromise, and this 13-year relationship finally broke up because of tens of thousands of yuan. Some people say that it's not worth it for girls to do this. After all, they have been together for so long, and it is a pity that they are not together after 13 years of youth. There is no need to care about the tens of thousands of dollars in betrothal gifts. But there are also people who think that the girl is divided right, money or not is not important, the key is that boys and their families don't seem to like or respect her. If a boy really likes her, he won't marry her for more than ten years together; if he wants to marry her, he can save 38,000 yuan by himself after being together for so many years.

Break up before the betrothal gift is agreed, is it a pity that the long-distance love run ends?

The betrothal gift is called the "touchstone" of feelings, and it is also the "stumbling block" in the eyes of many people. From a neutral point of view, we can see that it is not a pity to break up because of the dowry. If the man is indeed unable to give too much dowry because of poor conditions, I believe the woman is understandable. It would be a pity if you had to compare yourself with others and break up. But if the man's attitude is "you don't deserve it" or "you don't deserve it", it can be said that they don't take girls seriously in their hearts, and girls may not be taken seriously when they marry, so it is not a pity to separate. In the same way, some female families have the behavior of asking for "astronomical betrothal gifts", and the purpose is to buy a house and a car for the brothers and sisters in the girl's family, and the man has the right to refuse. In the final analysis, it is the attitude of the two sides and the importance of each other's hearts. If the negotiation can collapse because of the small amount of the betrothal gift, it means that their emotional foundation is relatively weak, and the three views are inconsistent. Especially when one party holds the idea of ​​"I'm not in a hurry to get married, I have no loss if I keep dragging it on", the bargaining of the bride price is no longer a simple matter of tradition and economic conditions. If this relationship is mixed with calculations and futures, even if they are together in the end, there may be frequent conflicts, and it may be good for everyone to stop the loss in time. If two people have a strong relationship, a good attitude, and both parties have done their best, and each takes a step back together, even if there are not so many gifts, it will not delay happiness.

13 years of love and long-distance running broke up because of the dowry, praised for being sober but don't follow the trend impulsively

with a dowry, but even 38,000 The betrothal gifts must be returned after marriage, and 13 years of love and long-distance running did not lead to marriage after all. The girl in front was dissatisfied with the man's refusal to give the dowry, but many people saw that, in fact, what she was even more dissatisfied with was her boyfriend's attitude towards her. It was like this before marriage, and at a glance, it seemed that he could see how he would be treated after marriage, and no one dared to entrust his whole life. When some couples reach this stage, they will be reluctant to bear the relationship for more than ten years, and thus aggrieved themselves into marriage. The girl's behavior is praised by netizens as being sober in the world, but who can understand the grief. Candy's mother said in her heart: It's good to be sober in the face of marriage, but it's really not easy to talk about marriage in a relationship. If you want to be a family, don't make calculations. Some minor conflicts and problems can be solved together, and breaking up because of impulse may not be the best choice. [Today's topic] Are there any couples around you who have "disconnected" because of the dowry?
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