"Why buy a gift for grandma?" The child's question embarrassed the family, and the grandmother's answer was very pertinent

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"Why buy a gift for grandma?" The child's question embarrassed the family, and the grandmother's answer was very pertinent

Data show that after the arrival of the second-child era, the proportion of "grandma bringing a baby" has exceeded 50%. Who is better, grandma or grandma? This is something that many children have been asked since childhood, and the standard answer is often "all good". However, although the child is good on the lips, he has a steel scale in his heart, and it is easy to see who the child is closer to. Therefore, when parents see that their grandma and grandma are treated differently, children will have doubts in their hearts, and they may also feel injustice for grandma and grandma.

Children ask "Why buy gifts for grandma"? Grandma's explanation is very pertinent

The neighbor's Aunt Huang is a famous "good grandma". She has been taking care of her children since she was 1 year old, and now the children are in kindergarten. Not only does she take care of the children neatly, but she also knows how to educate them. Her grandson is very polite under her care, and everyone in the community likes him very much. Some time ago, Aunt Huang shared her conversation with her grandson on the Moments. A somewhat embarrassing dinner was easily resolved with a few words from Aunt Huang. At the dinner table, Aunt Huang's daughter and son-in-law brought many gifts and gave them to the parents of both parties, thanking the old man for his hard work for the child. The child asked innocently, "Why did my grandma take me, and my grandma also has gifts to receive." As soon as the child said these words, the expressions of the people at the table froze, and grandma felt a little unable to get off the stage. Aunt Huang quickly explained that although grandma is by your side, she has been caring about you, and often asks grandma how the baby is. Your clothes, snacks and new schoolbags are all bought by grandma. The child laughed after listening to the class, and sweetly said thank you to grandma, and will buy delicious snacks for grandma after making money.

Children asked about the difference between grandmother and grandmother, and the parent's answer was very important

They all said that there is no taboo in children's words, and Aunt Huang knows the grandson character. She didn't usually say anything bad about her in-laws to the child. The child didn't have any ill intentions, but was just asking questions about the facts he saw. At this time, the parent's explanation is very important to the child, because what the child sees and feels is the surface of the matter, and it is easy to cause some misunderstandings to the parents. In many families, grandma and grandma are always competing, hoping that they are the child's favorite person, but ignoring this choice is very painful and tangled for the child. Children tell the truth, no matter who they say they like, they will hurt another person. It's fine if the adults are just joking, and everyone can continue to get along well. The problem is that some elderly people hear their children say that they are good to another person, so they say to their children, "I am good to you for nothing, and I will never buy you delicious food in the future." And when a child knows that he can't speak at will, giving a standard answer is tantamount to lying in disguise. It is really inappropriate for children to be in a dilemma in the struggle between adults to win or lose.

How to balance the position of grandma and grandma in the child's heart?

If you want your child to like you, you can't just coax him to be happy. Feelings are cultivated in the details. First of all, "Cut the Hu-style raising a baby" is not advisable. Sugar Mom has seen many elderly people think that it is useless for the child to be good to him before the age of 3, and the child cannot remember it at all. In fact, children's sense of dependence on people around them is the most critical period of establishment before the age of 3. This kind of emotional familiarity and dependence cannot be replaced by more toys and snacks. The baby who has cut Hu has a very weak emotional foundation. Secondly, don't speak ill of the other party so that the child will have a good impression of himself, and he will naturally feel that he truly loves the child. Not only will the child not eat this set, but also may speak those bad words in front of everyone, then it will not be as simple as embarrassment. Finally, don't stress the difference between grandma and grandma. As long as both parties sincerely love their children, then there is no difference in these loves in essence, and the reason can be explained to the children. For example, grandma has a lot of free time, so grandma takes care of the child, then grandma can only use shopping and other ways to express her kindness to the child.

Grandma and grandma are important people in a child's life, don't force him to make a choice

In Aunt Huang's house, it's grandma I have more contact with the children, and there are still many families who think that the grandmother is an "outsider", and the child and the grandmother are the family. But for a child, every family member is an important person in his life. Unless one party is really bad to him, it is difficult for children to choose. What's the point of comparing wins and losses? In the end, it turned into a contest between adults and did not focus on children. The old man does not have to force the child to make a choice, otherwise the child's original pure love will easily become "conditional" in the comparison of adults. Candy's mother said in her heart: the children's parents don't have to be selective when they treat the elderly. How parents treat the elderly at home hides the way the future children honor themselves. [Today's topic] Do the old people around you like to compare their position in the hearts of children?
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