Post-00 girls have been bridesmaids 41 times. Why would they rather invite strangers than married friends when they get married?

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Post-00 girls have been bridesmaids 41 times. Why would they rather invite strangers than married friends when they get married?

Data shows that from May 1st to 5th, 2021 alone, the transaction volume of "rental bridesmaids" on the Internet is more than 20 times that of the same period of the previous year, and the transaction volume of "rental bridesmaids" is only 25% of that of bridesmaids. What are the regrets of "early married people", not being a bridesmaid and best man is mostly one of the regrets. Usually, after a girl has been a bridesmaid 2 or 3 times, she is about to enter the marriage hall. And a girl in Zhejiang, So far, she has been a bridesmaid 41 times, and has not stopped.

After 00, it only took a girl 2 years to be a bridesmaid 41 times

/h1> It is said that the post-00s are very powerful in the workplace. Nowadays, many 00s are still going to school and looking for jobs, and some people have already started their own businesses. Xie Yuke, a girl from Zhejiang, used to be a bridesmaid, so she found this potential market demand, She chose to be a professional bridesmaid. In 2 years, she has been a bridesmaid 41 times, earning an average of 500 yuan each time, and the highest one earned 1314 yuan. Coincidentally, at a wedding, Xie Yuke met " "Professional best man" boy, started a sweet love after some contact. Now Xie Yuke still focuses on professional bridesmaids, and founded a bridesmaid and best man rental company, with nearly 80,000 professional bridesmaids and best men joining it. Many people in life I don't want to be a bridesmaid and best man too many times, but Xie Yuke believes that it is a good experience to be able to witness the happiness of so many newcomers. Being a bridesmaid so many times, although being married may mean that she will be "unemployed", but Xie Yuke is still looking forward to the day when he and his boyfriend will be "ceremonious" in the future.

The current situation of the newlyweds' wedding, can not find the "unmarried bridesmaid" "I would rather not use

Sugar Mama. I have attended many weddings of friends and classmates, and it is obvious that the further back you go, the harder it is to find bridesmaids and best man, because familiar people are gradually getting married. Some newlyweds will invite unmarried relatives. Or a colleague comes to be the bridesmaid and best man, but the relationship between them is not very close. No matter how good the relationship is with the newlyweds, married people may be directly excluded from and have no chance to discuss. Even if the young people don't care, the elders in the family I wouldn't agree either. If I can't find an unmarried person, I would rather not use it, nor let the married person be the bridesmaid and best man. But in the whole wedding process, the bridesmaid and the best man can play a big role, so that the professional bridesmaids and best men can be used. Gradually there is a bigger market.

Why do newlyweds prefer to spend money on strangers rather than married friends?< /h1>Some people may question, isn't it more reliable to use someone you know than a stranger? New people prefer to pay for professional bridesmaids and best man, mainly for the following reasons. The traditional "pay attention" can't believe it, not married people are Traditional customs in most areas, especially bridesmaids must use unmarried girls, single is better . The reason is nothing but "good luck", good luck and other meanings. Young people may be very trendy in other aspects, but they can't believe these "specialty" in important life events, and would rather spend money on people they don't know well. In fact, it is because married people may have already seen the truth of marriage, and they will not be easily moved by the sweetness and vows at the wedding, and even tell the newlyweds some "disappointing" truths. Single and unmarried people are bridesmaids and groomsmen, and the atmosphere is more in place. Those who have attended weddings will know that single boys and girls are more open when picking up relatives or playing small games, and the atmosphere is more lively. And "married people" some games are inconvenient to participate in, less interactive, difficult to mobilize the atmosphere. In the later stage of the wedding industry, people who have worked in the wedding industry revealed that a small part of the reason why they still emphasize that bridesmaids should use unmarried people is that the money of "married people" is not easy to earn. However, the wedding is a major event in life, and the parents of the newlyweds don't care how much money they spend, but more about whether the wedding is smooth, happy and "auspicious". If there are unmarried friends around, if not, married people can also be bridesmaids and best man.

Married friends can also be bridesmaids and groomsmen, but pay attention to the following things

Sugar Mom was once pulled by friends after marriage When she went to be a bridesmaid, she said that she and her family were not so "special". Whether it is a familiar friend to be the bridesmaid and best man, the things to pay attention to at the wedding scene are the same. First of all, be careful not to steal the limelight from the bride and groom. It can be seen that when professional bridesmaids are introduced on the Internet, the conditions listed are specially emphasized. It's something that some people care about but are too embarrassed to say. If the best man wants to make a festive proposal at the wedding scene, or has other plans, he should discuss it with the newlyweds in advance. Otherwise, it will not only steal the limelight, but also disrupt the normal progress of the wedding and delay other people's "lifelong events". Secondly, pay attention to the character and trustworthiness of the bridesmaids and groomsmen. The wedding scene involves the bridesmaids and groomsmen helping to collect red envelopes, and may also keep important items such as wedding rings, so that it is more reliable to have a trusted person around. Play the game with scale and not sour face. While the newlyweds take care of the bridesmaids and groomsmen, the bridesmaids and groomsmen also need to set off the atmosphere of the wedding. Candy's mother said in her heart: Nowadays, far-off and late marriages make it more and more difficult to find bridesmaids and best men, and there are still many people who need professional bridesmaids. They need to be used as temporary substitutes and familiar with the marriage process. For the post-00s, it is difficult to find a job these days, and there are many unfair workplaces. Being a bridesmaid and best man makes money by taking action, and it is also convenient for newcomers in need. It is also a good job as a profession. [Today's topic] Have you ever seen a professional bridesmaid and best man?
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