3 wrong ways to clean the bottle, let the baby eat how much bacteria, parents don't make mistakes

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3 wrong ways to clean the bottle, let the baby eat how much bacteria, parents don't make mistakes

The development of the baby requires a healthy diet. Young parents are also very concerned about the baby's diet and try their best to ensure that the child's nutrition is balanced and adequate. However, many parents have overlooked one thing. That's the problem with baby's bottle cleaning. Xiao Pan is a novice mother, but Xiao Pan is very attentive to her baby and pays attention to her child all the time. However, even under the 360° supervision of Xiao Pan, the baby still had some digestive problems, so Xiao Pan hurriedly took the child to the hospital. As a result, after a series of examinations by the doctor, it was found that the child had digestive problems caused by eating unclean things. And when Xiao Pan heard this result, he was obviously a little lost, because the baby's diet is prepared by himself, shouldn't there be any unclean things? In order to avoid similar problems in the future, Xiao Pan described some of the cleaning and cooking processes of preparing food for the baby to the doctor, but the doctor did not find any problems. Afterwards, the doctor asked Xiao Pan how to clean the feeding bottle, and Xiao Pan's answer let the doctor instantly know the reason for the baby's gastrointestinal discomfort, that is, the feeding bottle was not cleaned properly. For the doctor's statement, Xiao Pan also felt a little disbelieving. He cleaned the milk bottle carefully every time, how could it not be cleaned?

Three wrong ways to clean baby bottles that many parents still make, have you been caught?

Looking clean doesn't mean it's really clean. In the eyes of ordinary people, Xiaopan's milk bottle is really clean, and it looks like a newly bought milk bottle. But Xiao Pan ignored one thing, that is, looking clean does not mean it is really clean. If you want to keep your baby's baby bottle really clean, you need to sterilize it after cleaning, so as to ensure that the baby bottle is in A very clean state. If it is not sterilized, once the bottle is cleaned, once some bacteria and nutrients (milk oil, etc.) remain in it, it may create an environment suitable for microbial reproduction, which will cause the bottle to become a breeding ground for bacteria and be used by the baby again. These bacteria can be ingested by the baby and cause health problems. [Correct practice]: After cleaning the milk bottle daily, mothers must sterilize the milk bottle to completely kill the bacteria remaining in the milk bottle, such as using a disinfection cabinet or high temperature sterilization to maintain the baby's health. Healthy diet. The cleaning was not thorough, and some details were not cleaned. When Xiaopan was cleaning the bottle, there was another habit that was not very good. Xiao Pan always feels that his milk bottle is very clean, but in fact this cleanliness only looks clean from the outside. You know, the baby's food is in the bottle, if the inside is not clean, the outside is useless. And Xiaopan always pays attention to the appearance of the bottle. As long as the place can be seen from the outside, Xiaopan always washes it very cleanly, but he ignores the hygiene of the inside of the bottle. For example, pacifiers, bottle caps, and anti-colic tubes, which are often overlooked by mothers, are actually typical places that are easy to hide dirt and dirt. If they are neglected for a long time, a large number of microorganisms may be produced. After being ingested by the baby, it will affect the baby's health. [Correct practice]: When mothers clean their baby's milk bottle, they must pay attention to cleaning some details inside the milk bottle. For example, when cleaning the pacifier, turn the pacifier over and clean it carefully so that the residual milk in the pacifier can be cleaned. When cleaning the bottle cap, you can use a brush to clean the dirt in the gap, etc. In short, don't miss any details, because every negligence may affect your baby's health. I didn't clean it in time, I like to leave it for a period of time. Some mothers may not clean the baby's bottle in time due to energy reasons or time reasons. This behavior is also very bad, because if the residual milk stays in the bottle for a long time, it will have strong adsorption and become less easy to clean, and if the mother does not pay attention, it may not be washed. Clean bottle. Moreover, milk is a very nutritious thing, and its retention will greatly increase the reproduction rate of bacteria in the bottle, which will cause the bottle to be filled with some pathogenic sources. These situations are not conducive to the thorough cleaning of the bottle, nor to the health of the baby. [Correct practice]: When the baby is finished using the bottle, the mother must clean and sterilize it in time, and do not leave the bottle with milk for too long to prevent the breeding of bacteria and reduce the attachment of food in the bottle. In addition, when we clean the bottle, there are still some problems that need to be paid attention to, otherwise the baby may suffer.

Pay attention to these points when cleaning the feeding bottle, otherwise it may affect the baby's health

①The material of the feeding bottle itself is different, and the disinfection method is also different. For example, glass baby bottles are suitable for all disinfection methods, but plastic baby bottles are not necessarily. If parents use the wrong disinfection method, the structure of the baby bottle may be damaged, resulting in deformation of the baby bottle. ② The nature of each component of the feeding bottle is different, so pay attention when cleaning and sterilizing. The properties of the parts of the milk bottle are not all the same, such as the glass milk bottle, the bottle body is glass, but the bottle cap is plastic, the nipple is silicone and so on. Therefore, when cleaning, pay attention to separate cleaning, and choose appropriate disinfection methods when sterilizing to avoid damage to components. ③Use special tools to clean baby bottles and avoid mixing them. For example, when cleaning the feeding bottle, the bottle brush will be used, so this brush should be specially used to clean the baby's feeding bottle, not to clean some adult things. To give an inappropriate analogy, this is the same as mopping the floor, but not for washing pots.

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Parents not only need to pay attention to their children's food health, but also to their children's tableware hygiene. Only food, cooking and tableware are hygienic, Babies can eat and drink with confidence. (The pictures in this article are all from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete)
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