"Sloppy ghost, eat booger", there are three reasons behind the child's "eccentricity"

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"Sloppy ghost, eat booger", there are three reasons behind the child's "eccentricity"

Introduction: Children of a few years old are called bear children, and it is not without reason. Some children are annoying because of personality problems, some children are always in trouble, and some children are unacceptable because of their own hygiene problems. When many parents observe their children's words and deeds, they will find such an unacceptable situation, that is, the child will put his hand into the nose without realizing it, and after taking it out, it will still be placed on it. in the mouth. To put it simply, children like to "eat" their own booger. Every adult gets a chill when they see such a picture. Some parents see that their child is always doing this action unconsciously, and they think that the child is pica, but after going to the hospital for examination, they find that the child is in good health. The last time Xiao Liu went to the school to hold a parent-teacher conference for his children, he found that a group of children pointed at their son and scolded him as "a sloppy ghost who eats booger." Seeing such a situation, Xiao Liu felt that his son was being bullied at school. After learning about the situation, he realized that his son was always eating booger unconsciously during class. In such a situation, Xiao Liu also felt very helpless, because his son not only likes to eat booger, but also likes to chew his nails. Xiao Liu attributed this to his son's ADHD. So, I can't control my little actions.

There are three reasons behind the "eccentricity"

Reason 1: Curious adults find it difficult to accept children eating booger , because it is common sense not to eat booger, but children who don't know the world obviously don't think so. In their world, everything exudes a light of curiosity. They will look at everything with a curious eye. Many children are driven by curiosity because they see the same table eating booger, so they want to taste what it is. It is because of curiosity that children love to explore, not only to explore their own nasal cavity, but also to explore any part of their body to satisfy their psychological satisfaction and curiosity. For adults, boogers are dirty secretions, but not for children. Reason 2: Habits are also influenced by some factors, some children begin to explore their nasal cavity, and gradually develop a habit, and do not reject the smell of their booger. Many children have the habit of eating booger when they are young. Booger is "salty, fudge-like thing, not unpleasant" to children. Many adults have difficulty understanding children's brain circuits, but this is how they think about problems in their world. Without the supervision and correction of adults, many such bad habits will arise. Reason 3: Psychological problems Of course, the child always eats booger, and it does not rule out that the child has a certain mental illness. Many children always pick their noses and eat booger frequently, which is actually a kind of obsessive-compulsive disorder. When the baby's mental state is unstable, there will be tension, anxiety, low self-esteem, and insecurity, and pica will appear. At this time, the child will appear to like to eat his own booger.

What should parents do if they find that their child is always eating boogers?

Many parents find that after their children eat boogers, they will sternly reject their children, shouting to their children, "No, no, it's too dirty." These restraints by parents are actually very ineffective, not only unable to prevent their children from being obsessed with boogers. cravings, and it also reinforces behaviors like booger-eating. Instead of educating your child like this, tell your child why you can't always pick your nose, and why you can't eat booger. Since most children eat boogers just to satisfy their curiosity, parents can tell their children about the structure of the nasal cavity and how the boogers are produced. Let the child know that booger is formed by the dust and dirt in the nasal cavity, which contains bacteria and viruses that are harmful to the body. Let the children know that booger is harmful. You can strengthen the child's image cognition through related cartoons. Through cartoons, let the child associate the boogers with harmful pictures, so as to correct the behavior of the child who always eats boogers. This kind of practice needs to be done gradually, and parents don't need to worry too much. After all, many children eat boogers, which is only a short-lived behavior, and they will improve on their own as they grow older. And don't worry too much about the fact that children eat boogers because they are too curious. Many babies eat boogers because they are too curious. If the child is not mentally ill and developmentally delayed, there is no need to worry. Talk to your children well and tolerate their shortcomings, so that children can slowly correct their bad habits. Parents should also help the baby to clean the nose to eliminate the bad habit of the child always eating boogers. Many babies love to eat boogers because there are too many secretions in the nasal cavity. However, because parents are too busy with work, they do not help the baby to clean up the booger in time, and the baby's nasal cavity is too uncomfortable, so they can only deal with it by themselves. In the process of processing, it is easy to be attracted by the booger, and the desire to taste it arises. After parents do a good job of cleaning the nasal cavity, the child will naturally reduce the action of cleaning the nasal cavity. Many babies don't know how to wipe their noses. After they have a runny nose, they wipe it with their hands, and the mucus from the nose is wiped all over their faces, which is very funny and unhygienic. When the child knows that it should be gently wiped off with toilet paper after having a snot, and wash hands in time after cleaning. After developing such a good habit, the child will not put the booger into the mouth, and will naturally eliminate this series of actions. When children are young, they must pay attention to the cultivation of the sense of ritual. Just like washing hands before meals, let the children know that they must be associated with toilet paper when they have snot, so that the baby will not always directly touch the nasal cavity with his own hands. It can also make the baby develop more good living habits, and parents don't have to worry about the child going to school and being called a sloppy ghost by classmates. In fact, you don't have to worry about such trivial things as the baby always eats booger. In fact, many babies will do more outrageous things in addition to eating boogers during childhood. The only thing a parent needs is constant tolerance and guidance. in order to keep children away from such inappropriate behavior. Small thoughts: When educating children, remember not to yell at them all the time, but let the children know why they can't do it, so that they will be willing to eliminate bad behavior. Do you also agree? (The picture in this article comes from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete it)
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