Stomach pain, nausea, discomfort, "excuse" for children not wanting to go to school, experts say it's true

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Stomach pain, nausea, discomfort, "excuse" for children not wanting to go to school, experts say it's true

Staying in bed, crying, feeling uncomfortable, facing children who don't want to go to school, 4 tricks to deal with school start syndrome However, the goblin mother wants to remind everyone: in the first few days of school, the children will use the "excuses" of staying in bed, crying, and even stomachaches and headaches, in an attempt to get away with it and avoid going to school. There is a little boy in the neighborhood who is in the second grade of elementary school. Every morning, I can hear him crying. It's either stomachache or stomachache, or it's nausea and vomiting, and in short, he doesn't go to school. Even if his parents dragged him to the school gate, he would cry and shout not to enter the school. It's okay if the child doesn't want to go to school for a day or two. If it goes on like this, no one can stand it. So, the neighbor couple took the child to see an expert, and the expert's answer was beyond their expectations. Experts say children's excuses for avoiding school aren't all fake, some are real. Going to school is pleasant and exciting for some children, and the start of school is naturally a good thing; there are some children who cannot adapt to school life because of their poor self-care ability and social skills, so they will be depressed and refuse to go back to school. The reason why children have the phenomenon of "regression in schooling" is because the school opening syndrome is at work.

So what is start-of-school syndrome?

School opening syndrome generally refers to children's emotional changes and physiological problems caused by the end of vacation and the imminent start of school. Professionals believe that this kind of adjustment disorder caused by the opening of school is called school opening syndrome. The following will reveal the characteristics of school opening syndrome, which is convenient for parents to identify: 1. Physiological characteristics Children will have gastrointestinal problems such as headache, stomach pain, constipation, loss of appetite and other reasons because of depression and tension. 2. Psychological characteristics Children often suffer from depression, anxiety, irritability, irritability and crying because of their fear of school. 3. Behavioral characteristics In addition to physical and psychological characteristics, some behaviors of the child can also indicate that the child is under the influence of the school start syndrome, such as staying in bed, being late, inattention, procrastination, etc. Looking at the characteristics of the school opening syndrome above, is it very similar to your own child? It doesn't matter,

The following will introduce the method of treating this "disease". There are only 4 steps, which can be easily imitated

1. Prepare a calendar and let your child mark the date of the day with a cross every day, so that you can clearly understand the start time of school and prepare yourself mentally in advance. If it is a young child, the mother can take the child to familiarize himself with the route to school and practice the pick-up and drop-off process, which will help ease the tension and discomfort of the child's school. Doing so will not necessarily make the child fall in love with school, at least it will not contradict it. 2. Reassurance Guarantee It is very important for children who are about to enter primary school to be familiar with the campus. Parents can read some school-related story and picture books with their children, and discuss together what to do when they encounter difficulties in school. When the children are familiar with these plans, they can deal with problems easily after entering school, and they can quickly adapt to the new campus life. 3. Adjustment of work and rest During the dozens of days of summer vacation, children sleep late and get up late, and use 3C devices for a long time. Naturally, it is difficult to adapt to the work and rest time after school starts. One to two weeks before the start of school, parents urge their children to use less mobile phones, go to bed early and get up early, so that children can adapt to the school schedule in advance. Once the child has adapted to the school schedule, there will be no problems of staying in bed, procrastinating, and even avoiding the curse of the child getting sick as soon as school starts. 4. There is a saying in the school opening ceremony that "life needs a sense of ritual", and children's school opening is no exception. Why did we look forward to the New Year when we were children? Not for new clothes, delicious. Parents can raise their children's expectations for the start of school through a sense of ritual, just as we looked forward to the New Year when we were young. Before school starts, we buy some new clothes, new shoes, and of course new schoolbags and stationery for our children. We should treat the start of school like a holiday, and the children will naturally look forward to it. Did you know that most children are afraid of starting school because they have not finished their homework during the summer vacation, so they will naturally reject starting school. Therefore, parents should urge their children to do homework during the summer vacation to avoid problems of not finishing homework and rushing homework. Back-to-school syndrome is a mental illness that most children adjust within days and weeks after school starts. If parents find that their child's symptoms have not improved, but have become more serious, it is recommended to consult a psychiatrist as soon as possible.
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