How to communicate effectively with teachers and understand children's performance in school! 4 methods are effective

time:2022-12-09 author:Fever
How to communicate effectively with teachers and understand children's performance in school! 4 methods are effective

Text | Ying's mother has parents who say that they never communicate with the teacher. As long as the teacher doesn't look for him, it means that the child has no problem at school. No news is good news! Some parents say that they were very afraid of teachers when they were young, but now they are parents, they are still very afraid of teachers! So I usually pick up the child when I see the teacher and just say hello and leave. The children are at school from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. The teacher gets along with the children day and night every day, and is much more aware of the children's performance than the parents. However, the teachers face dozens of children every day, if the children do not have too many problems, Usually they don't take the initiative to talk to their parents. Therefore, as a parent, you should take the initiative to find a teacher to understand your child's situation, in order to better understand your child's learning and life in school, and through the cooperation of the home can promote a better learning and life of the child. Teachers are usually very busy with work, and parents do not dare to waste too much time on teachers, so when we communicate with teachers, we must keep in mind effective communication, and never talk nonsense, such as teachers, how our children are doing in school how? Such a vague open-ended question will make it difficult for teachers to answer! And the teacher doesn't have that much time to talk to you about the child's situation in detail.

How parents can communicate effectively with teachers can be done from these 4 aspects

Aspect 1: Children's usual performance in class Do you sit upright during class? When the teacher asks a question, does the child answer the question positively? When parents ask these explicit questions, teachers can easily recall their child's performance in class. Moreover, when parents communicate with teachers, the next time the teacher will subconsciously observe their children's performance or intentionally ask the children to answer more questions, which actually makes the teachers pay more attention to their children. The second aspect: learning methods, such as the speed at which the child completes the homework, the quality of the homework, etc., are related to the child's learning method. To understand the child's understanding of the knowledge explained by the teacher, so as to understand the child's learning progress, learning ability and so on. For example, the teacher will tell you that its pinyin is better in Chinese, but the understanding of phrases will be weak. Parents can educate their children in this regard at home. The third aspect: Interpersonal communication Can the child play with his classmates? Are you gregarious? Some children will tell their parents which classmates they play with in school, or which classmates they don’t want to play with, but many children, especially boys, basically don’t mention school when they come home. At that time, parents can understand the child's personality by communicating with the teacher. For example, they are more cheerful and can play better with their classmates. Or I am usually more introverted. After class, I just sit there and read books by myself and rarely play with my classmates. You can also ask the teacher for a personality like my child, does the teacher have any suggestions? As a professional educator, teachers have seen a lot of students, so they will give parents a general direction so that parents can better educate their children. The fourth aspect: athletic ability A child's athletic ability is related to his proprioception, balance and other aspects. Usually, parents may take care of their children's food at home, and go out to exercise relatively less. However, in school, teachers require students to Taking physical education classes together will have a reference for children of the same age, so that you can understand whether the children can keep up with the progress in physical education classes, and here you can learn about the children's athletic ability. If the child's athletic ability is relatively weak, then parents should also strengthen the child's physical exercise at home. A responsible teacher will also pay great attention to his students. If the parents of the students are very attentive to their children, the teacher will also be very happy. After asking about the child's situation from the teacher, parents should talk to the child in a targeted manner, let the child take classes, and answer more questions from the teacher, so that the teacher can pay more and more attention to your child, and make the child more and more like going to school. Classes are getting more and more active. Do you usually communicate with the teacher? What is the general exchange?
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