Taking care of children should pay attention to six problems, parents should pay attention to them, and they should learn early

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Taking care of children should pay attention to six problems, parents should pay attention to them, and they should learn early

Presumably all expectant mothers have already heard the experience of many people who have come here: "Don't look at being pregnant now, eat well, sleep well, sit and lie down, it will be even more uncomfortable when the baby is born." This is the truth, don't look at the softness of newborns Cute and cute, holding a small ball in his hand. Novice parents may not be able to cope if they are not prepared in advance. Neighbor Xiao Li just gave birth to a baby, and the lack of milk after giving birth made him devastated. Through various channels of understanding, Xiao Li learned that breastfeeding will enhance the baby's resistance, so insist on breastfeeding the baby. However, the continuous lack of milk, the baby is not enough to drink, always hungry and crying. For this reason, Xiao Li and his wife were very nervous. The confinement sister-in-law who took care of Xiao Li's confinement child tried to use various methods as much as possible, but Xiao Li did not dare to try the methods that lacked the doctor's advice. For fear of affecting the baby's resistance and normal development, Xiao Li is particularly resistant to milk powder. In desperation, Xiao Li and his wife had to seek medical advice. After a professional examination by the doctor, it was found that Xiao Li's breasts were unobstructed, but due to excessive tension, the milk supply was insufficient, and he entered an infinite loop. The doctor reminded that the negative emotions of mothers will also affect the secretion of milk. After accepting the doctor's advice, Xiao Li gradually calmed down, adjusted his nervousness and anxiety, and used some recipes that help to secrete milk. With the help of a professional prolactinist, Xiao Li's milk secretion finally became normal. She said that since she was a mother for the first time, a little unhappy will cause emotional fluctuations in a hurry. Like many new parents, Xiao Li and his wife, due to lack of preparation, will get angry when they encounter a situation.

6 Common Questions About Feeding Your Newborn

One, is there enough milk? Novice mothers are feeding, and most of the newborns find that breast milk does not seem to be enough, and it is impossible to judge whether the baby is full. In fact, to determine whether the milk is sufficient, just observe the following points: When breastfeeding, mothers can hear the baby's swallowing sound, which proves that the breast milk is sufficient. When breast milk is sufficient, the baby's mental state will be particularly good, and their eyes will be particularly flexible. It is also possible to judge whether the milk is sufficient by the change in weight. Babies within 6 months gain faster weight, which is particularly easy to judge. Novice parents may wish to make a chart of their baby's weight growth. Newborns usually have more bowel movements, so parents may wish to remember the number of bowel movements their babies have, so that they can scientifically judge their gastrointestinal conditions and whether they are full. Second, does the baby need to be woken up when she falls asleep while breastfeeding? As we all know, babies who are in infancy maintain two states of eating and sleeping for a long time, and only when they sleep well will they develop fast. But for a feeding frequency of every two hours, many babies are still asleep while feeding. At this time, some mothers are in trouble. If they don't wake up their babies, they are afraid that they will starve; if they wake up their babies, they are afraid that their normal sleep will be affected. In fact, in the face of such a situation, parents do not need to be obsessed with the frequency of feeding every two hours, they may as well follow the natural growth laws. The baby is in a sleep state, indicating that the energy in his body is sufficient to support the normal operation of the body. If they are hungry, they will naturally wake up. Therefore, when it comes to feeding time, the baby is still resting, and parents do not need to wake up, but may wish to wait for the baby to wake up naturally. Third, spitting up milk after drinking milk is a physiological phenomenon for most newborns. Many parents have found that even after burping the newborn after feeding, the phenomenon of spitting up will still occur. In response to this problem, parents do not need to over-interpret and be anxious, and may wish to observe whether the baby has other conditions, such as whether it is crying a lot, whether the mental state is declining, etc. Once the newborn's spitting up is jetting, or the baby has a negative mental state, or even has a fever, it proves that they are sick and need their parents to lead to medical treatment in time. Fourth, the newborn's body is particularly sensitive and fragile, their digestive ability is usually weak, a little carelessness will cause abdominal bloating, and even more, there will be colic. In fact, when the baby has abdominal distension, let them lie down, with the navel as the center, and the parents massage the baby clockwise. Of course, in order to relieve the baby's flatulence problem, novice parents can also gently hold the newborn's ankle with their hands, and repeatedly curl their calf to show the action of pedaling a bicycle. Parents can also use a towel soaked in warm water with a layer of clothing to warm the baby's belly. In fact, in order to alleviate the problem of neonatal flatulence, the fundamental solution is to try to prevent the baby from inhaling air when breastfeeding. When breastfeeding, lift their heads slightly. When feeding formula, keep the mouth of the bottle below the bottom of the bottle. Fifth, how to improve the baby's sleep quality? In order to improve the baby's sleep quality and make the baby sleep more peacefully at night, parents should try their best to let the baby develop regular work and rest habits, add some soft music during naps during the day, and try to be quiet at night, so that they can distinguish the daytime. difference from night. During the daytime feedings, parents can talk to or play with the baby for a while; but at night, after feedings, sleep immediately and keep the room dimly lit. In fact, if you want to improve the quality of your baby's sleep, you can also use the 5S coaxing method, wrap them up loosely and gently tap them to sleep. Sixth, pay attention to the sudden death of newborns. The strength of newborns is extremely weak, and a little carelessness will lead to sudden death. In the room where the baby sleeps, try to avoid placing too many plush toys or extra quilt pillows, so as not to cover the baby's mouth and nose. Tips: Parents should not cover the same quilt with the baby, so as not to press the baby due to deep sleep.

Caring for children to grow with them

The process of caring for children must be full of countless heartache and fatigue, but it is also because of this that parents can Deeply comprehend the deep love in it. The influence of parents on their children is produced through subtle influences, and it is only by taking care of children that a sense of responsibility is passed on to them. Even if novice parents have read a large number of parenting books and learned a wealth of parenting experience, as long as they do not practice it themselves, it is difficult to know the truth. Only in the process of taking care of children can parents feel the innocence of their children and grow together with them. Conclusion: While bringing joy to the family, the newborn brings many care problems to the family, especially for novice parents, any detail should be carefully paid attention to. At the same time, parents should also take their babies for regular check-ups to keep abreast of their growth and development status and help their babies grow up healthily. (The picture in this article comes from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete it)
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