Share five nutritious breakfasts suitable for children, make them for children after school starts, and don't bring heavy ones for a week

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Share five nutritious breakfasts suitable for children, make them for children after school starts, and don't bring heavy ones for a week

A nutritious and balanced breakfast can satisfy 30% of a child's energy every day. The importance of breakfast is self-evident, but many parents ignore it and feel that it is unnecessary. It is also ok to eat a few fried dough sticks and drink some soy milk. But you have forgotten that children are in a critical period of physical development. Such a breakfast is not nutritious and cannot meet the needs of growth and development. Mianmo makes breakfast for the baby every morning, either boiled eggs or fried eggs, with a pack of milk, and it is solved. Mumbling said, there are eggs and milk, isn't it good? But when I checked my son, the doctor said that he was undernourished and his height was low. This time I'm stunned. I usually eat vegetables and meat for my baby. Let's make breakfast simple. Does it have such a big impact? After understanding the situation, the doctor told her that the child's slow growth and nutritional deficiencies were at breakfast. Breakfast is very important, because there is a gap of more than 10 hours between breakfast and last night's meal. If the meal is not timely and the variety is not rich enough, the child's brain will be in a "starved" state, which is not conducive to growth. I hurriedly asked, how to arrange the child's breakfast? The doctor said that the variety should be rich, not only protein, fat, carbohydrates, but also minerals and vitamins. That is to say, breakfast contains at least four kinds of foods, and breakfasts with fewer types are generally unreasonable in structure, and will also affect the health and development of children. I also consulted a pediatrician about my child's physical development, and the answers they gave were basically the same as the doctor's, emphasizing the importance of breakfast. The doctor also said that many children's obesity, gastrointestinal diseases and memory loss problems are related to unscientific breakfast arrangements. So, today I would like to share with you that five nutritious breakfasts can be made for the baby in a different way after school starts.

Nutritious Breakfast "Three Notes"

China's 2016 Dietary Guidelines for Residents advocates a balanced diet based on cereals and a variety of varieties . A reasonable breakfast should be provided, about one-third of the energy and nutrients throughout the day. Note 1: Teachers who have many years of teaching experience have found that those children who are inattentive in class and listless all morning basically do not eat breakfast. Eating breakfast every morning is very important for children who are still in the growth and development period, and it is also the source of their resistance to learning in the morning. Note 2: Parents who add fruits and vegetables to breakfast are more concerned about whether their children are full, but ignore the intake of vitamins and dietary fiber, which are very important nutrients for promoting digestion, preventing constipation and reducing obesity in adolescents. So, add fruits and vegetables to your breakfast to help your child stay energized throughout the morning. Note 3: Extending the meal time The morning time is more tense, but at least 15 minutes of meal time should be set aside. Let the child eat slowly, chew the food fully, promote digestion and absorption, and fully combine the food and saliva, which can also play a role in assisting digestion.

5 kinds of breakfast combinations, not the same for a week

Cooking for the baby every day, mothers feel that they are running out of words, open the refrigerator, do not know what to take What did the baby do. Sometimes I make a table, and the baby may not like to eat it. So, share 5 nutritious breakfasts, with many varieties and complete nutrition, parents can make them for their children in different ways! My baby especially likes to eat okra, and the bread cubes made by myself, add a fried egg, it is really perfect. Add nuts, cheese, or fruit to your breakfast to give your child enough energy for the morning. I usually cook oatmeal with water for my children, but neither of them likes to eat them, so I add oatmeal with milk, and the child's lack of appetite is opened up, and everyone can drink a big bowl. Now is also the time to eat elm, you can prepare half of the corn for the baby, full of dietary fiber, don't worry about the baby's constipation. Fried buns and broccoli are the favorites of the two children. I also specially paired them with quail eggs, and one person ate three! Coupled with red dates, millet, quinoa and sweet potato porridge, a breakfast is full of nutrients and full of food. The child will start school soon, and five nutritious breakfasts will be served from Monday to Friday, with no heavy ones. If you want to give your baby a nutritious breakfast like I did, you can also get a copy of "Nutritious Breakfast for Primary School Students at Home". This is a "regular visitor" to my kitchen, and I have to go through it every day to take a look. This combination is paired with breakfast. I also followed the book to school, and then made inferences from one case to another, and made various combinations. It was full of nutrition and my children loved it. There are more than 100 nutritious breakfasts in the book. You can make them in different patterns every day. You don't have to worry at all, there is nothing to do for breakfast. After listening to my suggestion, a mother in the community also bought a copy of "Nutritious Breakfast for Primary School Students at Home". A week later, she announced the good news to me, saying that she now has a CD every time she eats breakfast. The teacher also praised the children for being active and serious in listening to lectures in class, and always being the first to raise their hands when answering questions. I also got a certificate of "Language Star". Eating breakfast is really helpful for studying! In addition to the introduction of breakfast recipes, the book also provides dietary advice on immunity, memory, vision, etc., to comprehensively care for the growth of children. I bought the book more than two years ago. The height and development of the children are increasing visibly to the naked eye. I took them for a pediatric examination. The doctor gave them a thumbs up every time, saying that the children were developing very well, and the scores were all Excellent, and asked if I was a nutrition expert? In fact, I just used the right "grab" to make breakfast for my baby. If you also want your children to be energetic in class, healthy and full of energy every day, bring a copy back. No problem from 3 years old to 18 years old, enrich your breakfast table!
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