"I'll hit you"! Parents suspect that their son is stealing money to treat guests, and angrily pours milk tea on innocent girls

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"I'll hit you"! Parents suspect that their son is stealing money to treat guests, and angrily pours milk tea on innocent girls

The data on family education of the All-China Women's Federation shows that about 50% of parents do not know how to educate their children. In the milk tea shop, a girl sat on the seat in horror and aggrieved, her hair and clothes were splashed with milk tea, and she did not dare to make a sound. If they didn't understand what happened, they thought it was the girl who made a mistake and was taught a lesson by the parents. After knowing the reason, everyone was angry.

Parents poured milk tea on their son's classmates, saying: I'll hit you!

Three teenage children in Guangdong were drinking milk tea in the store, chatting and laughing. Not long after they sat down, one of the boys' mother and father came to the door and came to the son's table angrily. Seeing that his son was talking and laughing with a girl, he stepped forward to beat the girl without saying a word. During the beating process, he shouted, "I'll beat you and ask you to spend my son's money. I'll see if you dare in the future." After beating the girl, the parents picked up the milk tea on the table and poured it on the girl, but none of the children responded. The girl couldn't resist the parent's behavior at all, she was overwhelmed with fright, and explained, "I bought the milk tea myself", but the boy's parents were still angry. The behavior of the boy's parents has caused dissatisfaction among the people. No matter from which point of view, the parent's education method is inappropriate.

Parents suspect that their son steals money to entertain guests, but educate other children

Occasional mistakes cannot be avoided, and parents really need to educate them in time , but pay attention to whether the education method is correct or not. First of all, when the child made a mistake and should not educate others, the boy's mother did not educate the son at the scene, but directly turned her anger on the girl without clarifying the facts. Not only did they fail to educate their children, but they harmed girls. To make the girl so embarrassed in public, she suffered a huge blow both physically and mentally. In doing so, the boy's parent raises the error to the adult's problem. The parents of the girl must be reluctant to let their children suffer, and the conflicts between the parents of the two sides will also escalate. Secondly, the way parents deal with their children's mistakes is inappropriate. Let's not say whether the parents have wronged the boy for stealing money or having a puppy love. Even if the boy takes the family's money to treat guests, it doesn't make any sense for the parents to do so. Whether the mother splashed the boy's ordinary classmates or his "girlfriend", it may be more uncomfortable for the boy than himself. This kind of behavior of the parents indirectly makes the child lose the friendship of the present and the future. In the longer run, it also causes boys to lose their "right to choose a mate" in advance. Many netizens have seen the shadow of the "evil mother-in-law" in this parent. When a son makes a mistake, he beats a girl, and netizens advise girls not to marry into such a family.

Suspect your child stealing money for a treat? The behavior of parents can easily push the child into the abyss

The survey found that about 60% of the children had "stealing money" before the age of 10, and the remaining 40% of the children, or their parents did not find the behavior of stealing money, and some parents Make it clear that the child is not stealing money. The concept of stealing money is relatively vague for a child. The first time he "takes" money behind his parents' back, it cannot be defined as stealing. It is precisely the best time for education. The child has no income. The reason behind his need for money is that he needs certain items, snacks and toys that he wants to buy, but he dare not tell his parents. The boy did not pay the girl to drink milk tea, but the girl was beaten and scolded innocently, and was also splashed with milk tea. If the child did not take the family's money at all, the parents wronged themselves for no reason, and hit their classmates again, the child is likely to complain or even resent the parents. The parents were relieved but lost the education and hurt two children at the same time, but the girl was the most innocent. Many people think that even if a teenage child invites a classmate to drink milk, it is a normal social interaction, and there is no need to be so radical. It is precisely because of this wrong education method that many children like boys dare not ask their parents for money when they have no money, and take money secretly.

Parents throw milk tea on innocent girls, which is likely to become a shadow for their children

Parents find that their family has less money and immediately doubt themselves children, indicating that the trust between parents and children is very low. The process of educating children is very applicable to a principle of dealing with the world - "discussing matters regardless of people". When children take money, parents understand their children’s psychology and needs, and let their children know about spending money. They can talk to their parents generously. And don't scold your child's character every time you spend money, so the child won't take money secretly. "Puppy love" is not a beast of a flood. It is normal emotional development for teenage children to have a good impression of each other by patiently explaining the pros and cons to their children. Puppy love is not a beast of a flood. If this girl is really as the parents guessed, it is the son's girlfriend. Parents throwing milk tea at girls, overreacting and forcibly breaking up will stimulate the child's rebellious psychology, that is, to be with each other. The candy mother said in her heart: if the child really did something wrong, he owes his parents an apology and must correct the mistake in time. But parents should also reflect on their impulsive behavior and owe the girl an apology. [Today's topic] What do you think of the practices of boys' parents?
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