After the white dew, parents should pay attention to "two preventions and three nos", children will grow taller with fewer diseases

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After the white dew, parents should pay attention to "two preventions and three nos", children will grow taller with fewer diseases

Wen|Jing Ma September 7th is the third solar term Bailu in autumn. There is a folk saying: Bailu is white, and all are bedridden. After the White Dew Festival, the mornings are cold and the nights are cold and sometimes hot. Children are particularly sensitive to changes in seasons. If they are not careful, they will easily get sick. Once a child is sick, it will affect the child's appetite, affect the child's sleep, directly affect the child's nutritional intake, and affect the child's growth.

After the white dew, it will slowly enter the Mid-Autumn Festival. Parents in the late autumn should pay attention to "2 defenses and 3 nos"

Second defense: preventing autumn Dry, anti-allergic (1) To prevent autumn dryness In summer, we turn on the air conditioner. It is recommended to put a humidifier in the room, because the air conditioner will absorb the humidity in our room, but in autumn, we don't need to turn on the air conditioner, and the indoor humidity also feels very high. Low. #2022School Season# The climate itself is relatively dry in autumn, and when our indoor humidity drops to 50%, the human body will feel uncomfortable, because the air we breathe in is relatively dry, which will lead to insufficient humidity in our nose and mouth. . Insufficient humidity will cause viruses and bacteria to enter our respiratory tract, which is easy to stick to the respiratory tract, and it is not easy to discharge and cause illness. [What should parents do] Don't give your children some fried foods, which will make the autumn dryness worse. Usually, you should not only give your children water, but also soak them in some Luo Han Guo water, or use Tremella lily Sydney for your children. Come and boil water for the children to drink. In particular, there will be mucopolysaccharides in white fungus. Drinking white fungus soup can make the water stay longer in the child's body and effectively prevent autumn dryness. When you go to bed at night, you can hang a few wet clothes in the room, or put a basin of water to prevent drying in autumn. (2) There are also some plants blooming in the anti-allergic white dew season, such as sunflowers, and these pollen can easily stimulate allergic reactions in children with allergic constitution! In addition, the autumn is relatively dry, and once allergic children are most likely to have allergy symptoms such as watery eyes, runny nose, itchy throat, and even itchy ears. [What should parents do] Wear a mask when taking your child out. If your child is allergic, you should pay more attention to letting your child drink some warm water. In the morning, you can give your child some oatmeal or millet porridge. Food for the lungs. Avoid going to places with a lot of flowers. Three don't: don't show your chest and back, don't let your child go barefoot, don't stay up all night and the weather will turn cold slowly after the white dew, so parents should also pay attention to three don't when raising their children. ①Don't show your chest and back. Now children's fashion is also very fashionable. There are also cropped navel and backless clothing, but after Bailu, try to wear less of these clothes for children. It is not recommended to catch a cold, as it is easy to get sick in these places. ②Don't let children go barefoot Chinese medicine says "cold starts from the feet", that is, there are many nerves and acupoints in our feet. If the feet catch a cold, it is easy to cause the child to get sick. Therefore, the floor will be slightly cold in autumn. When walking for children, try to wear small socks and small shoes, and do not let children walk on the ground barefoot. Don't wear sandals when you go out with your child, put on small shoes and socks for your child. It will take another half a month for Bai Lu to reach the autumnal equinox, so it is still possible to freeze the child a little at this time. But when freezing the child, be careful not to freeze it, that is, the upper back and stomach should be kept warm, and the child can wear shorts so that the calf can be exposed. ③ Don’t stay up late Many people will find that if they stay up late on the second day, they will feel bad breath and throat discomfort, because staying up late will reduce the body fluids in our bodies. In particular, it is recommended for children to go to bed at 9:30 in the evening. If they can fall asleep at 10 o'clock, they will be able to secrete our growth hormone well, which will help children grow taller in autumn. After Bailu, we will enter the late Mid-Autumn Festival, and there are still taboos in raising children. (The pictures are all from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete) For more exciting content, please click: Autumn is the golden period for growing tall, stay away from these foods that will steal height, children will grow taller and eat more quickly. fat? Because the child's bone age is advanced! These 3 categories are the nutrients for long-term growth
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