Children who "love bare feet" and "wear socks" don't have to wait for them to grow up, and the difference in physique is obvious

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Children who "love bare feet" and "wear socks" don't have to wait for them to grow up, and the difference in physique is obvious

At 13 months of age, Dangdang started her "walking journey". Naturally, Dangdang's mother couldn't hold back her joy, and recorded many wonderful moments of her baby son's stumble and toddler. When she posted the video of her child's learning to walk to the "Blind Date and Love Family" group, something unexpected happened. Not long after the video was released, Dangdangma received a call from Dangdang's grandmother. On the other end of the phone, the old man was so anxious that he scolded his head and face: "How can Dangdang walk barefoot? You will catch a cold, and the cold will come from the soles of your feet. Get up. Hurry up, put socks on my precious grandson, and don't say anything to let him go barefoot..." When Dangdangma heard these words, she didn't know how to respond for a while. Although it is autumn now, but the weather is still very hot, Dangdang is naturally reluctant to wear socks. Every time when a mother has to spend a lot of effort to coax the child to put on socks, but after a while, the child is already playing with the socks that have been taken off. Dangdang mother thought, anyway, the weather is still quite hot now, and the child is fine to walk barefoot at home, so she gave up the idea of ​​putting on socks for him again. Unexpectedly, it was this video of Dangdang walking barefoot that made Dangdang mother the "target" of the elders of the family. In addition to Dangdang's grandmother, several of Dangdang's aunts are also in the group, and you blame Dangdang's mother every word for not giving her children bare feet. Although Dangdang was ashamed, she found that her son had become accustomed to walking barefoot, and he was very happy with it. He was in good health, and there was no sign of catching a cold. The question of whether to wear socks for children has always been controversial. Some parents are more "old-fashioned". Even in the weather of 40 degrees, they will still put socks on their children. Because they believe that the cold will enter the body from the soles of the feet, and protecting the child's feet is as important as protecting the child's tummy, so children should not be allowed to walk barefoot in any case. On the other hand, the parents of the other group are more "Buddhist", and their concept of raising children is not so refined. If it's hot and kids don't want to wear socks, they'll leave their little feet bare. In many cases, the outbreak of conflicts stems from the existence of parents of these two factions in a family at the same time. In such a family, the question of whether children should wear socks cannot be left in the air, but should be resolved urgently. So, can children go barefoot? In fact, there are many benefits for children to walk barefoot. There is an obvious difference in physical fitness between children who often walk barefoot and children who always wear socks. Parents should not be confused and know what to do.

Children who "love bare feet" and "wear socks" don't have to wait to grow up, the gap in these areas will become more and more obvious

※Children's level of intelligence A child will have a completely different experience when walking with shoes and socks and walking with bare feet. Walking barefoot, the child can better perceive the world. He can feel the softness of the sand, the smoothness of the floor, the muddyness of the soil, and the neural response points of the child's feet will be stimulated to a great extent. Because the process of walking with bare feet is the process of perceiving the world, and it is also the process of obtaining benign stimulation for the child's brain. It can be said that children who walk barefoot will get smarter and smarter. ※Children's disease resistance Now parents pay more and more attention to the hygiene of their children, for fear that their children will get sick because of contact with unclean things. Even indoors, some parents require their children to wear socks all the time for hygiene reasons. In fact, this approach by parents is "overprotecting" their children. Children walking on the ground with bare feet will not only be less likely to get sick, but will enhance their ability to resist disease. When a child walks barefoot, the blood circulation of the sole of the child's feet will be accelerated, and the child's resistance will also be improved. Unlike many parents who are afraid that their children will catch cold with bare feet, some countries have specially launched "barefoot education", in order to encourage children to play and exercise with bare feet, and to improve children's disease resistance. ※The child's coordination ability is in the toddler stage, and the child walks with bare feet more securely than wearing any so-called anti-slip socks. When the baby walks barefoot, the friction between the soles of the feet and the ground will make the baby walk more steadily, and enhance the self-confidence and fun of the baby. In addition, in the process of bare feet in contact with the ground, the baby can more quickly judge the changes of the ground road conditions, adjust his pace, maintain the balance of the body, the child's brain judgment, the sensitivity of the sense, the coordination of the body You can get a good workout in the process. ※The child's foot shape Another advantage of walking barefoot is that it allows the child to have a beautiful foot shape unconsciously. A beautiful foot shape is of great help to enhance the child's self-confidence and enhance the child's "face value". Some children may have problems such as X-shaped legs, flat feet, varus and valgus due to inappropriate shoes and incorrect walking posture during the growth process. For children who often walk barefoot, their feet are often shaped naturally and will not be affected by shoes and socks. The probability of foot deformities in these children is also relatively low.

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After learning about the benefits of walking barefoot, parents should feel comfortable letting their children explore the world barefoot. But there is one thing that parents must pay attention to. Letting children walk barefoot needs to be under a safe premise. Parents should ensure that the road they walk on is free from sharp stones, small pushpins and other dangerous objects. In addition, it is best to let children walk barefoot in the hot and warm season. In case of cold weather, parents still have to do a good job of keeping the feet warm for our little ones, so as not to cause the baby to catch a cold and get sick. (The pictures in this article are all from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete)
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