After the white dew, pregnant women and children should keep in mind the "three principles" in daily care, avoid getting sick and stay healthy

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After the white dew, pregnant women and children should keep in mind the "three principles" in daily care, avoid getting sick and stay healthy

Text | Ying's mother Bailu is on the autumnal equinox night, it's cold all night long! After the white dew, the cold air moves south frequently, the weather turns cooler, and the temperature difference between day and night becomes larger! In the season when the temperature difference is relatively large, pregnant women and children who are relatively weak become the focus of health care! # rumor zero zero plan # Because their constitution is relatively weak, the temperature change is easy to cause illness, once sick, it will affect the health of the body, the sick pregnant woman will affect the health of the fetus, the sick child will affect the intake of food, and affect the height. increase!

After the white dew, there are pregnant women and children at home, so pay attention to these principles

Principle 1: Autumn is freezing and spring is good Covering the Autumn Frozen" is the way of health preservation left by the ancestors. That is, when autumn arrives, don’t be in a hurry to wear thick clothes, because when the weather just turns cold, our human body has the ability to self-regulate, and the pores automatically close to avoid cold. This is the self-regulating ability of the human body. But artificially wearing too thick clothes will make the pores open automatically if it is hot. Once the pores open, cold air will enter the body from the opened pores, causing our sweat to evaporate and the body to become hot and sweaty. The leakage of yang qi is not conducive to the internal storage of yin essence in autumn, and the inner guard of yang qi. So at the beginning of autumn, it is recommended to freeze a little, but when Bailu is actually the third solar term of autumn, you can't freeze too much at this time, and you should use slightly thinner clothes to resist the cold, especially Add a coat in the morning and evening. The three parts of pregnant women and children should not catch cold: one is the head, the head is the convergence of all yang, the head is cold, and the yang is easy to disperse. It is not recommended to shave the child's head in summer, because the child's hair will fall in autumn. If it doesn't grow, it can't play a role in resisting the cold. The second is the belly button: the belly button is our digestive tract. Once our stomach and intestines catch a cold, the peristalsis of the intestines will speed up, which is easy to cause diarrhea. The third is the feet: Traditional Chinese medicine says that cold starts from the feet, there are many acupoints on the feet, and the feet are also relatively afraid of cold. So in the fall, you should pay attention to keeping your feet warm, especially pregnant women can soak their feet in warm water at night, which can not only relieve the fatigue of our day's walking, but also sleep better, and also prevent the feet from catching a cold. become better. Principle 2: Protect the respiratory tract. Children are particularly prone to coughing and colds in autumn, and pregnant women are also prone to feel dry and itchy throat in autumn, because the temperature fluctuates in autumn, which is a kind of irritation to the respiratory tract itself. Coupled with the fact that there is a lot of pollen outdoors in autumn, it is also easy to cause pollen allergies. In addition, the climate is relatively dry in autumn. Insufficient humidity in our room will lead to less moisture in our respiratory tract, resulting in less mucus, which is not conducive to the adhesion of bacteria and viruses. It is easy for bacteria and viruses to enter from the respiratory tract and cause respiratory tract infections. If you have asthma, you are particularly prone to the disease in the fall. In autumn, pregnant women and children should not eat fried, fried, and barbecued food, drink more water, and pay attention to strengthening the spleen and docility. It is recommended to wash your face with cold water in the morning, which can well adapt the oral and nasal cavity to the cold air. If you have rhinitis, you can use salt water to wash the nose. Principle 3: Nourishing yin and moistening the lungs If you want to be healthy in autumn, you must prevent autumn dryness. Preventing autumn dryness is nourishing yin and moistening the lungs. Eat more white foods in the diet, such as pears, lilies, sage, white radish, white fungus, almonds and other white foods can play a role in nourishing yin and moistening the lungs. Usually, children can use lily tremella pears to boil sugar water to drink. When cooking food in daily life, it is mainly steamed, try not to fry it, let alone fry it. We should pay attention to eating less and more meals, eat some soft and warm food, do not eat too hard, too cold food, in order to better prevent our stomach from accumulating food, the stomach does not accumulate food, and we can eat a lot in autumn to stick to autumn fat. Make your body healthier. Pregnant women and children are the key protection groups. After Bailu, you should pay attention to the "three principles". (The pictures are all from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete)
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