Parents object to pooling money for gifts and are advised to withdraw from the group. The response of the Education Bureau may be difficult to stop some people

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Parents object to pooling money for gifts and are advised to withdraw from the group. The response of the Education Bureau may be difficult to stop some people

A survey agency conducted random interviews on teachers' day gifts and found that more than 40% of parents said they would give gifts to teachers on Teacher's Day. As the teachers' festival is approaching, parents begin to tangle about whether or not to give gifts to teachers. In recent years, it has become more and more common for the whole class of parents to buy gifts for teachers through the AA system, but not every parent recognizes this.

Parents objected to pooling money to give gifts to teachers, and were advised to withdraw from the group

A group of parents from a school in Liuzhou, Guangxi discussed pooling money for teachers I bought a gift box of cosmetics and wanted to express my gratitude to the teacher. Gifts are purchased by the family committee on behalf of the teacher, just as a surprise to the teacher. The cost does not occupy the class fee, but is shared among the 56 parents in the whole class, and each person will get 40.72 yuan. One of the parents replied "I don't participate" directly, and then other parents in the group advised her to "leave the group" for reasons such as "our perspectives are different" and "we will be disturbed in the group". She was a little dissatisfied and asked why she was withdrawn from the group. A parent replied more bluntly, saying that most people follow the crowd, and she has objections that are naturally not suitable for being in a group. Regarding rumors on the Internet that she was "forced to withdraw from the group", some people said that the parent did not participate in any activities and did not agree with it. In addition to her, there are some parents who don't contribute money, and they all quit the group by themselves.

Giving gifts to teachers on Teacher's Day is a dilemma for parents

In response to the previous incident of the parent group, Liuzhou Education Bureau Make a public response: Call on the family committee to actively resist the evil spirit of inviting guests and giving gifts. If parents encounter a series of behaviors such as giving gifts and gifts to teachers under various pretexts, they can also report it. The Education Bureau encourages parents to express their gratitude to teachers through text messages, cordial greetings, or a home-school interaction. However, even with such an official response, it cannot shake the idea of ​​some parents wanting to send gifts. Charge phone bills, send couriers, and send gifts in less obvious ways. When it comes to giving gifts to teachers, most parents are in a dilemma. It seems insincere not to send it, and if it is given, I don’t know what to send it. It’s too expensive to give away, and it’s too cheap for fear that the teacher will dislike it. I don't know when it started, the Teacher's Day gift has changed from a greeting card and a painting to hundreds of thousands or even more expensive gifts today. But I can understand that parents feel the same way. While expressing gratitude to teachers, it is nothing more than wanting teachers to pay attention to their children and be kind to them.

What do teachers think about Teachers' Day gifts?

In Charlotte's troubles, the head teacher often hinted that the classmates "give gifts", and such teachers are very few in real life. Those who can devote themselves to the education industry must have a yearning and principle for "teaching and educating people" in their hearts, and usually do not treat students differently because of gifts. Coupled with the current regulations of the Education Bureau and schools, I dare not bet my career. Parents think that precious gifts can make teachers happy. In fact, many teachers feel more stressed after receiving gifts. Tang Mom's classmate is an elementary school teacher. Once, a parent sent her a bag worth more than 3,000 yuan by express mail in her own name. She wanted to return it, but the parents refused to accept it. In the end, she could only transfer the corresponding amount back to the parents. Many parents have already bought gifts, and returning them seems to be disappointing, but there are not many teachers who can really accept gifts with peace of mind. Telling parents directly in advance not to give gifts is easy to be misunderstood, which is a hint. It can be seen that teachers and parents are in a dilemma.

No matter how expensive gifts are for teachers, it is better to do these points

When Little Candy went to kindergarten, the teachers she met were generous Directly, let Tang Mom witness the relaxed home-school atmosphere. On the first Teacher's Day of the kindergarten, the teacher directly notified the parents in the group that the snacks and fruits received were distributed to the children, and the rest of the gifts were put in the children's schoolbags and brought back, and said that they would not need to give anything in the future. In fact, even if the parents give the most expensive gifts, if the children are not serious in their studies, mischievous and uneducated, the teachers will not be able to like them from the bottom of their hearts. On the contrary, even if only one card is given to the teacher, the children usually perform well in all aspects of study and discipline. The communication and cooperation between the parents and the teacher are smooth and the teacher will attach great importance to the child. Without the doping of gifts and gifts, parents and teachers do not have to worry about it, and at the same time, the fairness of education is maintained, otherwise the four words "teaching and educating people" will be deteriorated. Under the premise of not affecting the work of teachers, within the scope of their own financial ability, if they want to express their gratitude to teachers, this is the freedom of every parent. Parents who want to give gifts don't have to ask everyone to be like him, and they can't exclude parents who don't give gifts. Candy's mother said in her heart: After all, we have to be together for many years, and if nothing else happens, a teacher will also take a class of students from enrollment to graduation. If parents discuss the issue of gift-giving in private, causing conflicts and making things bigger, they will not only embarrass the teacher, but also easily embarrass their own children. [Today's topic] Do you think it is necessary to give gifts to teachers on Teachers' Day?
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