Wang Shiling went to the UK to study abroad, and the accommodation treatment was "unusual", Li Xiang posted photos of the dormitory

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Wang Shiling went to the UK to study abroad, and the accommodation treatment was "unusual", Li Xiang posted photos of the dormitory

As of 2021, the number of Chinese students studying abroad has exceeded 700,000 per year. Some time ago, Li Xiang and Wang Yuelun showed up at the airport with their daughter. It was the first time the two were in the same frame after their divorce, which caused speculation among netizens. Sure enough, they met for business. Li Xiang shared Wang Shiling's new developments on the Internet. In addition to getting thinner and more beautiful, the little girl has attracted attention, and the treatment of studying abroad is also enviable.

Wang Shiling went abroad to study, and the accommodation treatment was "unusual"

The second generation of stars rarely attended ordinary schools, or in China Schools with high tuition fees, or study abroad early. This time, Li Xiang took a photo with the text: "The beautiful campus life has begun, and the school has kindly arranged for the little girl, the room where Annie lived in that year." It can be known that Wang Shiling went to study in the UK and lived in a dormitory that was the only daughter of the Queen of England and the room where Princess Anne once stayed. Since it was specially arranged by the school, the teacher must have attached great importance to the arrival of Wang Shiling. Different from netizens' impression of the dormitory, Wang Shiling's room is spacious and luxurious, with all kinds of furniture and equipment, warm and ancient. Giving her daughter such good conditions for studying abroad is indeed Li Xiang's style. Wang Shiling sat quietly at the desk, she liked the dormitory in front of her very much but she was very calm. I have to say that she had been raised by Li Xiangfu and her eyes had already opened.

Wang Shiling is famous for studying abroad, and Li Xiang's choice is controversial.

Princess Anne's alma mater is also the best boarding school in the UK, and tuition fees are naturally not low. From the photos posted by Li Xiang, it can be seen that the school is not only luxurious in the dormitory, but also has a very beautiful campus environment. It is no wonder that Li Xiang has a good aristocratic atmosphere. September is the school season in China. In foreign countries, Wang Shiling also began to prepare clothes and school supplies. After she lost weight, she became more beautiful in British school uniforms. Li Xiang is very happy that her daughter can enter this school, but her choice has also caused a lot of controversy. Most people think that Wang Shiling is still young and there is no need to rush to study abroad. Wang Shiling, who was born in 2009, was only 13 years old on October 13 this year. She was in the stage of adolescence and some ignorance. She wondered whether studying abroad was her own will. Looking back on Wang Shiling's growth, some people speculate that she can also live well in studying abroad. Not because of the "confidence" of the family's wealth, but her own advantages.

Wang Shiling studied abroad because her mother was rich? She was raised but not spoiled

Since Wang Shiling appeared in "Where Are You Going, Dad", her growth has not been easy, and every move of the second generation of stars has been supervised by the public. Because of her chubby figure in her early years, she often carried expensive bags, wore various jewelry at a young age, and had a ladylike temperament. She was once complained by netizens that she was "disabled and disabled". But Wang Shiling was not defeated by these voices, and Li Xiang did not change his education method because of doubts and opposition. Now Wang Shiling has grown taller and thinner, and her appearance has continued to improve, and she is very independent in life, and her academic performance has not fallen behind. She used her strength to overthrow everyone's negative evaluation of her. In fact, Li Xiang is not only financially rich to her, but Wang Shiling has gradually gained high praise in terms of personality, specialties and life skills. It can be said that Wang Shiling was well-fed since childhood, but not spoiled. As early as she was 10 years old, she set a goal for herself to study at Oxford University in the future. She is fluent in English, and now she is studying in the UK, and the experience she has gained over a few years can be regarded as laying the foundation for her future study at Oxford University.

Wang Shiling is about to start her study abroad life, looking forward to a better future for her

It is often said that Li Xiang likes to show off her wealth, so that Wang Shiling has grown up from an early age Enjoying a luxurious life is the wrong way to educate. Think rationally, she has such economic strength after all, maybe the "showing off" photos she posted are just normal life photos in her eyes. Most celebrities live this life, but they are all on the bright side. For Wang Shiling, there is nothing wrong with knowing the real economic conditions of the family. On the contrary, it is the kind of way that the family has money, but deliberately cry to the child to be poor, which will make the child's character too twisted. Li Xiang once commented on his daughter, who loves sports and is very self-disciplined. I don't know if Li Xiang will choose to "study with him" in the UK after he sends his daughter to school, or will he continue to work in China to earn money. But I hope that in the upcoming study abroad life, Wang Shiling will become better and better and keep getting closer to her dream. Candy's mother said in her heart: Parents want to give the best to their children, but studying abroad may not be suitable for every family. In addition to sufficient economic conditions as support, the child also needs to have a certain "strength" and conform to the child's character characteristics. Otherwise, even if you study abroad, you will have difficulty in language communication, and you will not be able to adapt to your life style. [Today's topic] If you have the conditions, would you let your child study abroad?
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