Private schools are expensive, but attract many "children from poor families"? Parents are suffering

time:2023-02-02 author:Cry
Private schools are expensive, but attract many "children from poor families"? Parents are suffering

Someone once asked 100 children why they dropped out of school early, 40 of them were because they had no money to study, and 25 were left behind because they were addicted to online homework. 30 of them were tired of studying, and 5 were because their parents were divorced and left undisciplined. Compulsory education has solved the problem that many children cannot read because of poor family conditions, but some parents have different concerns about school. After Little Candy graduated from kindergarten, her family enrolled her in a public school, and the parents of several children in the class had already studied private primary schools.

Private schools are expensive, but there are many "poor children"

As you all know, private and public schools There is a big gap in the cost of living, so people who don't know the truth mistakenly think that only families with good conditions will send their children there. In fact, in private schools, some children's family conditions are not good. Parents and even parents go to work together, tightening their belts for their children to study. On the contrary, children in public schools have better family conditions. Every time it was time to go to and from school, the school gate was blocked by all kinds of cars from parents. Take Xiao Candy’s classmates as an example. After sending their children to a private primary school for a year, parents often lamented that they were under financial pressure, physically and mentally exhausted, and some regretted it. It is particularly difficult to transfer their children back to public primary schools. This phenomenon is very common. Parents are willing to spend money for their children's learning, but also consider the actual situation of the family. Why do people send their children to study when they know that private schools are expensive? There are many reasons.

Why do "children from poor families" choose private schools?

Learning is not the only way out, but not learning is absolutely impossible. Especially in elementary and junior high schools, it is usually up to parents to decide which school their children go to. There are several reasons for choosing private schools. 1) Thinking that private schools "teach better" Most private schools focus on their own teachers and "high enrollment rate" when promoting, and it seems that the top students go out from there. While public schools seem to be more Buddhist, the teaching progress is steadily progressing and there is no urgency to catch up, and parents are anxious. Parents hope that their children will win at the starting line, and that their academic performance will continue to improve. Even if they are tired and hard, they will carry it over and let their children go to private schools. 2) It is precisely because of "poor" that private schools are chosen. Public schools generally enroll students from the area near the school, and the number of places is limited, and parents need to have a house in the school district. However, the house is not bought as soon as it is said to be bought. Some families with poor conditions are really struggling to buy it, and eventually the children do not meet the admission requirements, or go to school as a "borrower". Therefore, some parents feel that if they can't afford a house for the time being, it is better to spend the money on their children's education first, and grit their teeth and send their children to private schools. Is there really such a big polarization in sending children to private and public schools? Parents need to think rationally.

Private schools are so attractive to parents, but they are not the only option for their children

In the end, learning is what parents care about most. Private schools and public schools, which one is better in teaching, cannot be judged one-sidedly. Some teachers in private schools are famous for their good teaching, and the children they have been brought are indeed excellent, but there are also some teachers who go there for "high wages". The learning atmosphere in public schools does not seem tense, but it does not mean that the teaching is not good. Teachers who can enter public schools must hold a teacher's qualification certificate, and their professional level and teaching ability are not bad. There is a saying that is very realistic. No matter how good a school is, there will be one or two bad teachers. No matter how bad a school is, there will be good teachers. You can’t just look at the school. In addition, because private schools are usually far from home, children either get up early every day to rush on the road, or live in schools since elementary school, which adds a lot of trouble. Children are more stressed and insecure. Parents cannot decide which school their children go to study from their own point of view. In some cases, children are not suitable for private schools.

Private schools are not only a problem of high cost, parents do not have to be too obsessive

In many private schools, there are indeed hardware facilities and teaching They are all very good, but not every family can afford the cost of tens of thousands. First of all, don’t blindly follow the trend. If your child meets the admission requirements for public schools, gets a place, and the school’s reputation is not bad, there is no need to enter a private school. Otherwise, the quality of life of the family will be reduced because the children go to school, the parents will be too tired, and the children will have to live frugally in school. Once the tuition fee cannot be afforded halfway, the child and the parent are in a dilemma. Secondly, considering the child's personality characteristics, he may encounter unfamiliar faces in private schools, as well as accommodation and other situations. Children with stronger adaptability can adapt faster. For sensitive and timid children, the unfamiliar environment and the highly tense learning atmosphere will not have the effect of exercise, but will easily fail to adapt and delay learning. Public schools are close to home, and you can meet neighbors, kindergarten classmates and good friends. Children enter the new environment with a relatively relaxed mood and enter the state faster. Candy Mama's heart: How to choose is the parent's right, as long as it is not blindly impulsive and too stubborn. No matter what kind of school a child enters or what kind of teacher he encounters, self-effort and conscientiousness are the essential conditions for becoming excellent. [Today's topic] Do you think your child must go to a private school?
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