Second-child family children fight is inevitable, what should parents do? Keep the "721 Principles" in mind

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Second-child family children fight is inevitable, what should parents do? Keep the "721 Principles" in mind

Wen|Yingma According to the data released by the National Bureau of Statistics, in 2021, there will be 10.62 million births in the country, and the proportion of second children will increase from 30% in 2013 to 43% in 2021! So there are quite a few families who want a second child! Many mothers say that they want their children to have a second child when they grow up, but many mothers find that these two partners are together, that is, they quarrel and even fight every day! Maybe they just said something unpleasant, and the two of them started fighting, or they started fighting again for a toy that two people don't usually play with! It was a very headache for mothers. At this time, no matter which child was helping, the other child would be unrelenting and feel aggrieved. If your mother persuades, divides every day, and makes sense every day, you will find that the two children's left ear goes in and the right ear goes out. The mother herself is exhausted and paralyzed, but the child looks at you innocently. In a family with a second child, when two children fight, don't think that something big happens, you must deal with it calmly, otherwise the mother herself is the one who is tired and angry!

Second-generation families fight, and mothers keep in mind the "721 Principles" to make their children get along more smoothly

70% of them are just observers That is, when two children are fighting, the mother should only be an observer for 70% of the time. The observer is when the children are fighting, the parents are calm, and they see it and pretend not to see it. As long as the child is not seriously injured, you are watching. In fact, the fights of children are not the same as the fights in the eyes of parents. Children fights are often a way of venting their excess energy and solving problems. The child is still fighting at this moment, and the next moment may be cooperating because of other problems, so the child's fight is just to vent, and there is not too much hatred in it. Parents intervening too early can lead to a deeper conflict between the two children, allowing them to play freely and be more conducive to problem-solving. ★20% as a mediator Most of the time, the children do not need to mediate when they fight, but if the children fight a little too much, for example, it is dangerous to hit the head with a sharp object, then the parents should go forward in time to stop and mediate . Or one of the kids is being beaten so hard that the parent needs to step in too. ★10% referee When children fight for a toy, parents can intervene when the children are almost fighting. Tell the child to take turns playing the toy, alone for 10 minutes, or with everyone, or even with parents.

The family has a second child, parents do not need a bowl of water, but should focus on the boss

Humans are born to Young people have a sympathetic mind, so after giving birth to the second child, many parents will put all their energy on the second child, and even feel that the second child's baby is relatively small, so everything should be dominated by the little baby. As everyone knows, this is not a kind of harm to the boss! You must know that the eldest eldest has begun to understand, he has possessed all the love of his parents for a period of time, and in his heart, he feels that my parents should love me, and only love me. Suddenly, a small creature came to compete with him, and his parents focused on this little creature. The boss is prone to "degenerate behavior". He used to go to the toilet on his own, but started to wet the bed. He would have eaten by himself, and started clamoring for his mother to feed him! When the second child is born, parents must focus on the eldest, and when buying things for the second child, they must also buy things for the eldest, and they must first give them to the eldest. Spend a fixed time with the boss every day and tell him that your parents love you. When playing with the boss, you can often tell the boss, you see, your mother can play this game with you, but the younger brothers and sisters are too young, they don’t understand anything, they can’t play anything, and you are still the best. Comforting the boss and wearing a high hat can make him feel that his parents still love him, so as to avoid the boss's psychological gap and psychological problems. (The pictures are all from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete)
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