After giving birth to a child, confinement, mothers should keep these 9 taboos in mind and stay away from confinement diseases

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After giving birth to a child, confinement, mothers should keep these 9 taboos in mind and stay away from confinement diseases

Wen|After Jingma gave birth, our body was in a state of urgent need of recovery, so we needed confinement, but confinement does not mean that we just lie down every day. #讀 Zero Zero Plan# There are certain taboos for confinement. If the taboo is violated, the mother is prone to backaches, or confinement diseases such as spleen and stomach disorders.

Postpartum confinement, mothers should avoid these 9 taboos in order to stay away from confinement disease and recover better

Taboo 1: every day Lying in bed In fact, when I was in the hospital, on the second day of the caesarean section on the day of the natural delivery, the nurse would urge my mother to get out of bed and move around. Because when we give birth to a child, in order to avoid heavy bleeding, the coagulation of blood is very strong, and the strong coagulation of blood can stop bleeding very well, but at the same time, there is also a disadvantage that blood is prone to thrombosis. Therefore, it is necessary to get out of bed as soon as possible after giving birth to avoid thrombosis. Postpartum confinement should often get out of bed and move around, not only to avoid the formation of blood clots, but also to make our gastrointestinal motility better. Taboo 2: Holding the child for too long When the child is young, breastfeeding, changing diapers, and coaxing to sleep all need to be held. If it is all held by the mother, it will be very detrimental to the mother's physical recovery. The mother's uterus is at the waist, and the strength of the waist will be used when holding the child. If you hold the child frequently, it may cause uterine vaginal prolapse and affect the recovery of the body. Therefore, it is recommended that during the confinement period, the mother only needs to breastfeed the child. When breastfeeding, it is best to sit on a stool, and then put the child on the knee to reduce physical exertion. Changing diapers and putting the baby to bed is best done by someone else in the house. Taboo 3: Do not eat vegetables There are some places that suggest mothers not to eat vegetables during confinement, because they feel that vegetables are cold. As everyone knows, this is also very detrimental to the mother's physical recovery. Not eating vegetables leads to insufficient vitamins in the mother's body, and insufficient dietary fiber can easily cause constipation. It can even lead to insufficient vitamin K in the mother's milk, causing the newborn to bleed easily. Taboo 4: Eating too much meat In our mother’s generation, because of the poor living conditions, they all felt that confinement confinement had to eat a lot of meat, so there is still a tradition of confinement like this, and mothers eat big mouths during confinement. Meat, drink soup in big gulps. But in fact, during the confinement period, the mother does not need to eat too much meat every day. According to the "Balanced Diet Pagoda for Lactating Women in China", only half a catty of fish, poultry, eggs and meat is eaten by mothers every day during breastfeeding. There is no need to give mother a chicken every day, or eat 10 8 eggs, which is a great burden on the mother's body, and even causes the mother's mastitis. Taboo 5: The confinement child cannot be blown off. Before the confinement, there was a mother in Shandong who was wearing thick clothes during the confinement day in June. As a result, there was a problem with the confinement, and there was no way to send it to the hospital for rescue. When a mother is confinement after giving birth, it is not recommended to blow too much cold air, but it is not necessary to cover it too tightly. The air conditioner should be turned on when the air conditioner should be turned on, and the window should be opened when the window should be opened for ventilation, as long as the mother does not stand on the air vent. Taboo 6: Mothers who do not brush their teeth will feel that their gums are more sensitive after giving birth, and they may bleed easily when brushing their teeth, but they should pay more attention at this time, because during the postpartum confinement period, the mother eats more food meals, and at this time, it is more important to Pay attention to brushing your teeth every day. Buy a toothbrush with softer bristles and brush sooner or later. Taboo 7: Don't wash your hair and take a bath Before, it was said that my mother couldn't wash her hair or take a bath when she was confinement, because there was no hair dryer before, and when my mother took a bath, she always sat in a bucket to wash. But now we all stand and use the shower head to shower, and there are hair dryers, so my mother can wash her hair and shower about a week after giving birth, but dry it as soon as possible after washing. If you don't take a bath for a month, the mother is prone to folliculitis. Taboo 8: Breastfeeding only on one side. Some mothers have more breast milk. When breastfeeding, they only feed on one side, which can easily become a big breast. Therefore, if a mother has a lot of breast milk, she can feed this side this time, and the other side next time, as much as possible. Avoid varying breast sizes. Taboo 9: Wash the breasts with soap before breastfeeding Breastfeeding is a kind of bacterial feeding. There will be some bacteria around the mother's breasts that are beneficial to the child's intestinal health. If you wash the breasts with soap, these bacteria will be removed. , but is not conducive to the health of the child's intestines. Therefore, before breastfeeding, if the mother sweats a lot, you can wash it with water a little, and there is no need to use soap. Postpartum confinement stay away from these taboos, the mother can stay away from confinement disease. (The pictures are all from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete)
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