The popularity of "condoms" is getting sluggish, and the reasons behind it are worth pondering

time:2023-02-07 author:Maternal-Child Nursing
The popularity of "condoms" is getting sluggish, and the reasons behind it are worth pondering

Introduction: As one of the most well-known brands of "condoms" in the world, Duxes has an annual revenue of hundreds of millions, and even during the Double Eleven event, it achieved sales of nearly 200 million in just a few days. Now, declining sales are forcing its largest manufacturer to convert some of its production lines to gloves. The "condom" industry, which should be booming, has taken a nosedive. Why is there such a puzzling phenomenon?

Why everyone is reluctant to buy "condoms", in fact, husbands and wives all understand

1. The epidemic caused the family economic crisis and the epidemic began Since then, all walks of life have been hit. Especially every time the epidemic counterattacks, many industries need to temporarily suspend work. Factories shut down, schools shut down, restaurants closed, and even many industries related to people's livelihood had to reduce production lines. This situation has led to a significant reduction in the income of many people. In this case, the family atmosphere is bound to be full of anxiety and unease, and the precarious life makes people lose interest in intimacy. 2. The thinking of young people has changed. Many young people are no longer obsessed with married life, and even respect the doctrine of non-marriage and refuse to fall in love. They like to spend most of their time socializing online, not going out, not making friends, let alone getting married. Even many young people refuse to have sex and respect spiritual love. With this wave of thought, people are no longer obsessed with intimacy. 3. The fear of marriage brought by the we-media era is now very developed. As a result, as long as there are negative news related to unhappy marriages, unharmonious relations between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, domestic violence, etc., it will quickly rush to the hot search, making many young people feel unhappy about marriage. Fear occurs, and there is resistance to marriage. New marriages and families cannot be formed, which naturally leads to a decline in the sales of "condoms". 4. The release of second and third children is the opposite of the situation of unmarried people. Now my country encourages childbearing. Therefore, with the release of the two-child policy, many parents have decided to have two or three or even four children. Plans are on the agenda. In this case, it is too late for parents to get in touch with each other. Of course, there is no need for "contraception", and "condoms" are useless. This is also one of the important reasons for the decline in sales of "condoms". 5. Sub-healthy physical condition Modern people have a fast pace of life. After the young couples go home after a day's work, they are busy with various activities to relax themselves, especially playing mobile phones and games. People's lifestyles lack exercise, and they like to stay up late and eat irregularly. After a long time, everyone's body is in a sub-health state, and many times they are unable to cope with the intimate life. Of course, contraceptives are not just "condoms", such as emergency contraceptives, long-term contraceptives, menstrual cycle avoidance and so on. These also share a lot of "condom" use opportunities. Moreover, "condoms" are not 100% safe, and everyone should take an objective view of condoms.

Use "condoms", everyone needs to know this

First, contraception is not 100% effective. "Condom" is also an industrial product, as long as it is a product, there is a certain pass rate and unqualified rate. If you buy cheap and low-quality products cheaply, the quality is even more insecure. In this way, many "condoms" are likely to be damaged before they are used. This will not only fail to prevent effective contraception, but also cannot guarantee safety. Many infectious disease pathogens can be transmitted through condoms. Secondly, it is safer to bring several layers. This is a very big misunderstanding. Many young couples feel that wearing a few more layers of "condoms" can not only be safer, but also lower the G-spot, allowing them to play longer and gain more pleasure. In fact, after wearing too many layers of "condoms", the friction between the "condoms" will be greater, but it will cause damage, and the contraceptive effect and safety performance will be greatly reduced. Again, there are certain health risks. At present, "condoms" are made of natural latex, polyurethane and polyisoprene. These three substances are relatively safe for the human body and generally do not cause health problems. However, some people have certain allergic reactions to "condoms" made of various materials. In particular, many people are allergic to latex materials, which will not only affect the life of husband and wife at this time, but also bring great hidden dangers to their own health. If it is some inferior condoms, it is very likely to use substandard materials, such as excessive bacteria. These have certain safety hazards to health. Finally, there are health concerns with added lubricants. Lubricating ingredients are one of the most common additions to "condoms," including oil-based lubricants, water-based lubricants, and silicone-based lubricants. Oil-based lubricants are the most commonly used and are inexpensive and provide the best lubrication. However, it is easy to have residues, which will have a great impact on women's health. The water-based lubricant is mainly hyaluronic acid, which has the best affinity with the human body, but has a short action time and is more expensive. Silicone-based lubricants combine the best of both worlds and are more friendly to people with allergies, but are expensive and less easy to clean. Tips: No matter what kind of material, the more additives, the higher the quality requirements. In this way, the technical requirements of the product are more stringent. Once a small brand or a low-priced counterfeit product is selected, the above additives will become the culprit of harming health. Tip: Do you not need to wear "small clothes" after taking birth control pills? Many newlyweds with little experience always feel that as long as they take contraceptives, they don't need to wear "condoms". As everyone knows, many people have different levels of sensitivity to drugs. Many people eat it, but it may not be 100% contraceptive. At this time, you still need to bring a "suit". Tips: The role of "condoms" is not only contraception, but also can isolate germs, prevent the spread of infectious diseases, and improve the safety and quality of sexual life. Therefore, don't think that you don't need to wear "small clothes" after taking the contraceptive pill. Whether it is for contraception or for safety, even if you are taking the pill, it is best to bring "condoms". Conclusion: The little "condom" also has so much knowledge. I hope today's article can help everyone's happy life. (The picture in this article comes from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete it)
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