The child's blemishable skin is enviable. How to properly care for him in the dry autumn?

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The child's blemishable skin is enviable. How to properly care for him in the dry autumn?

The picture comes from the Internet Last night, Xiaobao invited a few good friends to play outdoors with him. Several children got together and played, fought, and made trouble. Everyone was sweating and having fun. And return. When I got home, Xiaobao took a bath, and I found a red nail print on the side of his cheek and the skin next to his ears. In retrospect, it should be that several children were accidentally caught while playing together. I hurriedly dealt with him, and looked at the red mark with distress, I couldn't help kissing Xiaobao's cheek, the child's skin was soft and delicate, it was so touching Envy, too cute! The picture comes from the Internet

How much do you know about the baby's skin that can be broken by blows?

The skin is the largest organ in your baby's body. It can protect the baby from external stimuli, regulate body temperature, act as a protective layer to prevent harmful bacteria from invading, and protect other important organs in the body. However, it takes about 3 years for a baby to fully develop its skin after birth. What a long process! The thickness of the stratum corneum of a baby's skin is only 1/3 of that of an adult's. Faced with the invasion of harmful substances, the resistance is weak! The picture comes from the Internet Even if the water content of the baby's skin is higher than that of the adult, the sweat evaporated from the pores is twice that of the adult, the loss of water is more, the fibrous tissue is thin, and the ability to resist the dry environment is weaker! The baby's skin has poor ability to control acid and alkali, and can only rely on a layer of acid protective film on the skin surface to protect the skin. Because bacteria are afraid of acid, if you destroy the protective film on your baby's skin, it will make them vulnerable to bacterial infection. So ah, the baby's skin is delicate and delicate, but it needs the care of parents, especially in this dry autumn. The picture comes from the Internet

How to better care for baby's skin in autumn?

1. Choose suitable toiletries The characteristic of autumn is that the weather is dry, and the baby's skin will become more dry, dehydrated, and even reddened. It will be chapped as soon as winter arrives, which makes people feel distressed. Therefore, it is necessary to choose suitable toiletries for the baby, which do not contain fragrance and alcohol, and can protect the moisture balance of the baby's skin. In addition, the baby's skin care products should not be replaced frequently. Every time it is replaced, the baby's skin will have to make corresponding adjustments to adapt, increasing the risk. The picture comes from the Internet 2. Don't ignore the power of autumn mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are really a very annoying species. This year, relevant experts said that they will not suck blood when the temperature is above 40 degrees. However, in the crisp autumn season, mosquitoes have been implementing their last "crazy". Two days ago, I wore big shorts outdoors for about half an hour, and I was bitten by 20+ mosquito packs on my legs. I really hated them and couldn't do anything about them. The delicate skin of children is the preferred target of mosquitoes. Once the babies are bitten by mosquitoes, many children will have a red and swollen skin on the skin, and it will take a long time to disappear. Therefore, when you go out, apply mosquito repellant to your baby and wear light long shirts and trousers to properly avoid mosquito bites. Don't try to be convenient or cool for a while, let the baby run out to play in shorts and skirts, especially in places with lawns, it will be ravaged by mosquitoes, and mothers will regret it. The picture comes from the Internet 3. In autumn, it is still necessary to protect the baby from sunscreen. "Autumn tiger" is very powerful, not only the autumn mosquitoes, but also the autumn sun. Although it is not as scorching as summer, it does not lose the slightest in terms of the distribution of ultraviolet rays. The baby's skin has fewer pigment cells, and the pigment layer is thinner, which makes it easy to be burned by ultraviolet rays in the sun. But the baby can't help but go out. Only by basking in the sun can it be conducive to the healthy growth of the body and the supplementation and absorption of calcium! Therefore, it is very important to apply special sunscreen skin care products for babies. In addition, the autumn sunshine will also make the baby grow prickly heat and eczema! This is because the child's sweat glands and blood circulatory system are still developing, and the immune system has not fully started to work, resulting in a weak ability of the baby to regulate body temperature. problem. Pictures from the Internet

Finally, let's talk about children's skin care products.

In adult skin care products, some functional ingredients are allowed to be added, such as whitening, anti-aging, etc.; therefore, adult skin care products are not suitable for the delicate skin of babies, and these added ingredients that are popular with adults will also stimulate the baby's skin. skin. Therefore, the important function of baby skin care products is to moisturize and moisturize. Usually babies have very good skin, and skin care products are just the icing on the cake. Like southern cities, where the climate is warm and moist, baby's skin is nourished, and skin care products are optional. In northern cities, where the climate is often dry and the wind and sand are heavy, you should pay more attention to your baby's skin moisturizing care and choose suitable and safe ones. , professional skin care products are essential.
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