The members of the family committee are "rich or expensive", are they pure snobbery? Inclusion criteria are not easy

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The members of the family committee are "rich or expensive", are they pure snobbery? Inclusion criteria are not easy

China Youth Daily conducted a survey on 2,004 parents, and the data showed that about 56.1% of the parents had joined the family committee, and 70.3% of the parents said that the family committee had caused them trouble. Home-school communication is very important to children's learning and development in all aspects. In addition to a parent group, most classes will also form a family committee. After watching "Thirty Only", you will know that it is not so simple to enter the family committee, and the situation shown in the TV series also exists in real life.

Parents committee members are "rich or expensive", are ordinary parents not qualified?

The main reason why parents want to join the family committee is to make their children "happier" at school while doing their part. In the past, it was only in junior high and high schools that the family committee was more important, but now the places for primary school students and kindergartens have to rely on competition. However, not all parents will take the initiative to fight for this place, nor can they be elected casually. Mom Tang has seen the family committee of a school, and the members can be described as "rich or expensive". The members of the family committee of a primary school in Suzhou have been disclosed. The identities of the 17 parents, 4 of them are the chairman of the board, and various CEOs and general managers. Among them, the parents who are considered to be not high in rank are also the section chiefs of the tax bureau. . Many parents, who were fighting for their education before, now seem to have a decent job or an important position. After reading it, a parent said that his business has an annual income of several million, but he can't get on the stage in the group of children's parents, just because he has no "identity", and ordinary working parents are even more stressed. There are dragons and crouching tigers hidden in the small family committee. Tang Mom sees that someone is suspicious. Is it a school snobbery? Are ordinary parents not eligible to enter? Actually it's not quite like that.

Each family committee has different selection criteria. Generally, these types of people are selected.

A good family committee is indeed It can be convenient for the child while cooperating with the teacher, but parents please rest assured that the family committee is a minority after all, and the teacher will not ignore the child's parents because they are not among them. The selection criteria of the parent committee for each school and each class are different, but there are usually the following categories. Parents who have the ability and expertise can’t escape even if they want to hide. The high-quality family committee is not in name only, and often needs to do home-school communication. Parents with strong organizational and communication skills are the most convincing. If there is an event or need to get creative, parents with special skills can help with ideas. When such parents become family committees, they can communicate and solve problems between home and school in a timely manner. Even if he did not take the initiative to join the family committee, he was discovered by teachers and other parents and would recommend him to run for election. The parent committee of parents who have a low position or no job, but have enough time pay attention to "work efficiency". Some parents do work well, but they don't even have time to eat when they are busy. Therefore, there are still a large number of family committees, which are held by full-time parents, full-time mothers, or parents who are not busy with work. They have time to participate in activities, and the efficiency is not low.

It is not entirely "snobby" to want elite parents to be the home committee

After Little Candy went to school, the school asked parents to fill in the Looking at jobs and positions, it is clear that parents with better jobs write more in detail. One of the parents who opened a factory filled the children's reading corners without saying a word when the school started. The family committee discussed how much each child would have to pay to buy a printer, and he sent one directly to the class. Although Xiaotang's class does not have as many elite parents as the primary school in front, it can be seen that parents who only want to occupy a place to pass the "Guan Yin", but have no ability and dedication, are difficult to enter the parent-teacher conference. Even if they have a good job and a great identity, it can be difficult to convince the public, and it will make the home-school relationship worse. Therefore, it is not entirely because of snobbery that they choose parents with good identities and jobs, but more because they have the ability and thinking corresponding to their identities and positions.

What kind of parent committee really helps children? The following points are very important

if the parent committee is good, it will be recognized by everyone. If it is not good, not only the parents will be dissatisfied with other people, but the children may also be implicated. 1) Do not require everyone to have a different economic situation per family based on their own economic conditions. Family committees with good family conditions should take into account the economic level of most families when purchasing items for the class or charging for the class. The main work of the family committee is to gather the feedback from all parents to find the most suitable solution, rather than make decisions based on their own identity regardless of the feelings of others. 2) It is possible to adopt the method of changing the term on a regular basis, regardless of the fact that the family committee is not a very important position in the society, and most of the time it is just busy with some chores, but there are still many parents who do not hesitate to send small gifts to everyone to canvass votes. In fact, it does not play any role for parents to enter the family committee through "means", and teachers are well aware of it. On the premise of not giving "small gifts", it is only fair that teachers and parents elect the family committee, and it is only fair that they can "change the term" every semester. Candy's mother said in her heart: The family committee is very important, but not necessary. If there is no suitable candidate, or if there is a family committee, it will be more troublesome, and the principle of preferring shortage is still to be followed. [Today's topic] Do you think classes and schools must need a family committee?
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