When the baby enters the anal desire period, parents should keep in mind the "three nos", and don't make a mistake to cast a shadow on the baby

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When the baby enters the anal desire period, parents should keep in mind the "three nos", and don't make a mistake to cast a shadow on the baby

When the baby enters the stage of "everything can be eaten", parents and mothers may realize that their baby has entered the legendary "mouthful period". Many novice parents know something about the "oral stage" because the characteristics of the baby entering the "oral stage" are very obvious, that is, the baby will put all the things in his hand into his mouth to chew, and there is really nothing. Chew, and nibble his own little hand to relieve boredom. In addition to the well-known "oral desire period", the famous psychologist Freud also proposed four other stages of human development, which are "anal desire period", "sexual desire period" and "latency period" and "reproductive period". Generally speaking, when the child is more than one year old, the child's habit of exploring the world with his mouth will gradually disappear. When the child ends the "oral period" stage, it will enter a "anal period" stage. Many novice parents will be at a loss when they first hear the word "anal period". The baby's "oral period" is relatively easy to understand, and the performance is very obvious, so what kind of period is the "anal period"? Compared with the "oral period", the performance of the baby entering the "anal period" is sometimes not obvious, and it also varies from person to person. Some babies get through this period quickly and smoothly, while others leave a psychological shadow during this period. How the baby spends the "anal period" actually has a lot to do with the attitude of the parents. The little walnut has been able to go to the toilet on his own when he is more than one year old, and the parents of this little walnut are very gratified. The reason why the little walnut can learn to go to the toilet so early is due to her grandmother. In order to save her grandson from the sweltering heat of diapers, her grandmother began to guide her child to the toilet very early on. By the age of 2, the little walnut has been able to sit on the toilet very skillfully. Just when the parents thought that there was no problem with the child's autonomous toilet use, the little walnut somehow began to wet the bed frequently, and even pulled the stool on his pants several times. Little Walnut's "regression" performance in toileting made Walnut's parents very puzzled. The grandmother thought that her grandson was too naughty, and deliberately pulled the toilet on her body, thinking it was fun. For this reason, my grandmother beat and scold Xiao Walnut a lot, hoping that this method can calm Xiao Walnut so that he will no longer do bad things. However, the development of things was not as everyone imagined. Under the beating and scolding education of grandma, the little walnut was even more resistant to the small toilet. Many times, he would rather wet the bed than sit on the small toilet. Several times, the little walnut blushed because of the shit. Could it be that his son entered the so-called "rebellious period" so early? Little Walnut's parents were very troubled by this, and so did her grandmother. In fact, both parents and grandma wrongly blamed "Little Walnut". His behavior was not intentional, nor did he enter the so-called "rebellious period". The "degradation" of his toileting ability actually entered the "anus period". a typical performance. When the child enters the "anal period", he will like to obtain a kind of physiological "pleasure" by holding back feces and urine. This is an instinctive expression of the child, not "shame". Children will repeatedly test the limit of their ability to control urine, so children will often experience "incontinence". The average child will experience the "anal period" between the ages of 1-3 years old. The performance of each child's anal period is different, and the length of time it takes to successfully pass the anal period is also different. When the baby enters the "anal period", novice parents should not be confused, but keep in mind the "three no-do" principle, otherwise it may leave a shadow on the baby.

The baby enters the "anal period", parents should keep in mind the "three nos", otherwise it may leave a shadow on the child

If you don't do it: If you don't beat or scold the child, the child who could have been obediently urinating on the toilet suddenly begins to pee and urinate indiscriminately. In the face of changes in children, many parents will find it difficult to accept, thinking that the children are being naughty and deliberately mischievous. In the spirit of wanting to cure the "bear child", novice parents can use "beating and scolding" to solve the problem, which is a very wrong approach. At this time, what children need more is the patience and guidance of their parents, rather than rude beatings and scolding. Parents who beat and scold their children blindly will not correct their children's habits. Instead, they will make children more afraid of going to the toilet and make it more difficult for children to pass through the "anal period". No. 2: Don't poop and urinate your child. Some parents will want to pee and pee their child after they find out that their child doesn't go to the toilet properly and always peeing his pants. You must know that putting feces into urine is very harmful, not only is it not conducive to the cultivation of children's ability to go to the toilet independently, but also increases the probability of children developing hemorrhoids, and can seriously damage the child's spine and hip joints. Therefore, even if the child is unwilling to defecate properly, parents cannot use the method of "piss and pee" to solve the problem. Three do not do: do not force the child to accept the toilet into the "anal period". The child likes to get pleasure by holding back the toilet. Therefore, if the parents always force the child to use the small toilet, he may be resistant to the small toilet. The "regression" of the child's ability to go to the toilet is actually not because the child can't use the small toilet, but a manifestation of his psychological development. Therefore, when the child is going through this special stage, parents must not resort to persecution. These rude practices may leave a shadow on the child. Parents should be able to guide the child patiently. Parents can also turn to diapers if their child is urinating too often.

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In general, a child's "anal period" does not last long, and most children will be able to Go through this stage successfully. The anal desire period is actually not embarrassing. If there is one thing that can help children pass the "anal desire period" smoothly, it must be the patience of parents. (The pictures in this article are all from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete)
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