Smile, stare, cry, baby expresses love you 7 reactions, don't say baby doesn't know love

time:2022-12-09 author:Make one's mouth water
Smile, stare, cry, baby expresses love you 7 reactions, don't say baby doesn't know love

Who says babies don’t understand love? Have you received the 7 responses of babies expressing love what about? In fact, in the communication between people, in addition to language, there is also body language, a look, a movement can express one's emotions, of course, babies are no exception. Today we'll take a look at how non-talking babies express their love:

1. Watch

just born Although the babies of 100% have poor eyesight and belong to a "patient" with high myopia, they still like to stare at the person they like and observe the facial contour, facial features and eyes. If your baby likes to stare at you, it means that he loves you very much. Moms might as well pick up their little hands and touch their face, so that the baby can get closer to you, which will help to establish and cultivate a good parent-child relationship.

2. The body turns to you

Everyone who has pets at home knows that when cats and dogs are willing to expose their stomachs to you, it means they love you very much . The same is true for babies. When they often turn their bodies to you, it means that they love you and want to be close to you. Mom can make noises around your baby to see if they turn towards you. If your baby turns his body to you quickly, it means he loves you very much.

3. Open mouth

Sometimes mothers find that babies always like to open their mouths, which is what they find by smell What about mom. No matter if the mother smells or smells, as long as the mother smells, they will feel kind and safe. When you hold your baby and they open their mouths, it means that the little one is having a good time with mom.

4. Relax

Only in front of the closest and most trusted family members and friends will people put down their pretense and become their original self. The same is true of babies, who have just come into the world and are unfamiliar and terrified of everything around them. Only when you are in the arms of the people closest to you will you be relaxed and at ease. If the mother is holding the baby, he is as free as melted in your arms and sleeps peacefully, it means that the baby loves you very much.

5. Smile

Aside from language, a smile is the most friendly language. For babies, a smile is their only expression of love. If your baby smiles a lot when mom and baby interact, it means they love being with you.

6. Making sounds

Although babies can’t speak, they can still make sounds. When the baby makes a talking-like sound, it means that he has the will to talk to you, and the mother should respond even if she doesn't understand. Babies are happy when they get a response from their parents.

7. Crying

Crying is a language that children communicate with their parents before they can speak. demand. Of course, there is another kind of crying that is caused by separation anxiety. In short, the baby is reluctant to leave the parents and is very dependent on the parents. Therefore, sometimes the child's crying is not to grind people, but to express their love for you.
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