The old professor taught his grandson a coup. The child's changes are changing with each passing day. This method is worth learning.

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The old professor taught his grandson a coup. The child's changes are changing with each passing day. This method is worth learning.

Many novice parents have been stumbling and stumbling on the road of parenting, either on the road of exploration or on the road to healing. As a thoughtful and independent life, a child is growing all the time from the moment she is born. Growing up with a child, many people refer to it as a parenting process. Parenting is easy to say, but very few can actually be done well. After all, being a parent is also selfish. Not only do you want your child to have a healthy physique and a healthy personality, but you also want your child to have a high IQ. Especially in terms of learning, many parents advocate that education starts from children. There are two main ways of early education for many parents, one is relying on educational institutions, and the other is relying on their own experience. The former's parents lose money, while the latter's parents lose their energy. In general, a lot of manpower, material and financial resources were spent, but the final result was unsatisfactory.

The old professor has a great way to teach his grandson. This method is worth learning.

I watched the news two days ago, and a retired old professor from Tsinghua University brought his grandson at home Reading idle books, children progress with each passing day. To be honest, seeing such news, I always feel that it is a gimmick of "Tsinghua University" to gain attention. After all, 'Tsinghua University', as an institution of higher learning in my country, is the dream school of many people. I opened the news attention with curiosity and doubts, and I was startled when I saw it. A five-year-old child can read more than 3,000 words and know more than 500 kinds of animals and plants. These are the results of reading "Xianshu". In fact, if you read the whole article carefully, you will find that the so-called "Xianshu" is not idle at all, and the old professor is under the premise of following the laws of children's development. I will choose some books that can stimulate children's interest, so that children can naturally master knowledge in happiness, and finally let children achieve a qualitative leap.

Grasp the law of children's growth, parenting will be more effective

0 to 3 years old, children's oral language development period, during this period, children The language input is completed by the parents, and the child is in the position of passive acceptance. At this time, the main job of parents is to cultivate children's ability to speak. Many parents have such a misunderstanding: the children of this period are "unforgettable" and try their best to teach their children ancient poetry and so on. In fact, at this time, smart parents are teaching their children how to speak and how to express themselves logically, rather than simply showing off their skills. 4 to 5 years old is the golden age for children to learn written language. When children have strong logical expression ability, parents can take their children to learn written language together. Reading is undoubtedly the best way to do it. However, due to the limited literacy of children, the company of parents is particularly important. Parents can choose books that their children are interested in, read more to their children, and stimulate their imagination. With the improvement of imagination, children's desire for knowledge is improved, and children start to learn naturally! From the age of 5 to 6, when children master vocabulary, after a long period of accumulation, children not only have a wealth of knowledge reserves, but also naturally begin to explore the unknown world. At this time, the child's thirst for knowledge is very strong, and all the information he contacts will be integrated and summarized in his own way. At this time, when parents choose books, they can appropriately deepen the breadth and depth to satisfy their children's growing thirst for knowledge. Only by respecting the law of children's development can children be filled with infinite fun in the process of exploring the world, and can children become real high-quality babies.

There is a lot of knowledge in choosing books, try this

Choose books with clear themes. There are many kinds of books on the market. With the development of the Internet, various book recommendations can be seen everywhere. Many parents are inevitably dazzled when they choose. In fact, the world of children is very simple. When choosing books, they must go through layers of fog and choose the ones that are suitable for their children. Books with clear themes can be selected, children can intuitively feel the interest of books, and parents can also master their children's learning level. When choosing interesting books, many parents have entered a misunderstanding, thinking that reading is equal to learning. Therefore, when buying books for pre-school children, they are more inclined to books on ancient poetry, English, mathematics, etc. Children's limited ability to accept, many parents think that their children do not like to read. Children can choose rich and interesting stories, such as fairy tales. It can not only stimulate children's interest, but also increase their knowledge. Choose regular books. There are many types of books on the market. Sometimes, on the express train of the Internet, some publishing houses will choose multiple people to promote them to attract consumer groups in order to make a profit. But in fact the content of the book itself is empty and uninteresting and of no use to the child. Therefore, whether it is enlightenment or interest stimulation, we must choose the works of regular publishing houses, so as to have the most basic quality assurance. Conclusion: There are no small things for children, and reading will benefit children for life. If parents want to raise their children successfully, they must not grow alone. They must follow and respect their children's growth laws, so that their children can be used for life. Topic of the day: What book would you choose for your child?
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