What does a child's ideal parent look like?

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What does a child's ideal parent look like?

Many times we as parents do not know what our children think. Take how to be an ideal parent in the eyes of a child, most of the time we still follow our own imaginations, thinking that doing so is the ideal parent in the eyes of a child. Do kids really think so? According to a study abroad, both boys and girls prefer "friend-like mothers" rather than pampering their mothers. In real life, most of their real mothers are "busy mothers", which disappoints children. Boys and girls differ in the role of fathers. Boys prefer an athletic father, and girls prefer a father who is used to themselves. The type of father they dislike is the "omnipotent father". Surprised? Of course, each family has its own traditions, values ​​and worldviews, which cannot be unified. But a relationship-friendly home environment is extremely important. Children learn how to get along with others, caring for others, understanding their needs, self-confidence and courage to face challenges from the care of their parents.

What kind of parents does the child want?

01 Parents respect each other. Any disrespectful dialogue or behavior between parents is seen by children, and they will act on it. So look at your own behavior before hitting or scolding your child. 02 Mutual care between parents. Parental intimacy and caring for each other lead to happier and better children. Showing love and compliment to each other in front of children is very important for children. 03 Parents spend time with each other. Contrary to our intuition, children want their parents to go out on a date alone, which makes the family feel stable and happy. 04 Children especially want to see their parents match each other. Not only temperament match, but also appearance and achievements match. This will make them feel more secure. Although adults feel that good education and living conditions for children are crucial, children may not see it that way. No one is perfect, although we cannot fully meet the needs of children, but understanding children's thoughts is the foundation of everything.
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