From Jia Baoyu's growth, see the serious consequences of contradictory parenting between two generations

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From Jia Baoyu's growth, see the serious consequences of contradictory parenting between two generations

The pictures came from the Internet. In the past few days, I suddenly started to revisit "Dream of Red Mansions". This is really true for the classic old books. As your age increases, your experience changes, and your understanding of the characters in the story will also vary. This review, I am deeply touched. Nothing is more than the grandmother of Jia Baoyu, the ancestor of the Jia family, and Jia Zheng, the father of Jia Baoyu, the actual head of the Jia family. The education of Jia Baoyu is very similar to what we do today. Children are taught differently by grandparents and parents in the family. How does this education affect children? The picture comes from the first time I saw "A Dream of Red Mansions" on the Internet, I only saw the lively atmosphere of Jia's house cooking oil and Yingying Yanyan; I was attracted by the love story of Brother Bao, Sister Lin and Sister Bao; The wives and young ladies in the house are all pampered and the nobles who are wealthy and longevity are sighed; and the male characters of the Jia family, except for the protagonist Jia Baoyu, are disdainful, and even Jia Zheng, who beat Jia Baoyu, is even more disdainful. utterly disgusted. Now that I am a mother, I read it again and found out that facing Jia Baoyu's education problem, it is precisely because of the disharmony between grandparents and fathers, and the incompatibility between father and mother, that this Jia Baoyu finally came about. The picture comes from the Internet

First of all, let's talk about Jia's mother, the ancestor of the Jia family.

Jia's mother was born noble. The eldest daughter of the Shi family, one of the four major families, married the Jia family, one of the four major families, as her daughter-in-law. With the early death of her husband, the actual ruler of the entire Jia family is the ancestor of the Jia family. The whole family, men and women, young and old, all follow orders and follow orders. By the time the story of "A Dream of Red Mansions" unfolds, Jia's mother has changed from a young lady to a white-haired old lady, and from the actual helm of Jia's house to a hedonistic grandmother. Not much else to say, just for her precious grandson Jia Baoyu, a set of principles pursued by Jia's mother is: grandsons are the most likable, do the right thing, and everything should be done with grandsons Lord, if it is contrary to the above, it is someone else's fault, and no one can say that Baoyu is wrong. The picture comes from Baoyu, who was born in Zhongding's family on the Internet. He was born with auspicious signs: he was born with Baoyu in his mouth; as far as his own family is concerned, there is a biological brother on the top, although he was very good, but unfortunately died young; the following is A half-brother, who is really unsatisfactory and embarrassing. Baoyu himself is extremely intelligent since childhood, with a good image and good temperament. Of course, he is loved by everyone. Even if he is laughed at by his biological mother as "the devil of the world", it does not affect his unique weight in grandma's heart. What's more, there is a saying of "intergenerational relatives", how could the ancestors not take care of them? It's really a treasure in the palm of your hand, no one can tell or provoke it; it's only there to protect it. This kind of doting, or indulging, has created Jia Baoyu, who "has never seen only one person in ancient times and modern times (Zhi Yanzhai Review)". His deviance, his cynicism, his extraordinaryness, and his "feelings" are inherent in the deliberate actions of the author Cao Weng, and it is hard to say that it has nothing to do with the doting of the ancestors in the story. The picture comes from the Internet

Then Jia Zheng, Jia Baoyu's father.

The Jia Zheng in the story is a very classic scholar. Among the many male masters in Jia's house who rely on officials, do evil, greedy for alcohol and sex, and are reckless, he also establishes his image of being upright, upright, humble and kind. It is a follower and defender of very decent traditional feudal ethics. As Jia Baoyu's biological father, in the face of his "unruly" son, Ben has high expectations for him. How can this parent-child war of "different ways and different aspirations" be rare? From the time when Jia Baoyu caught Zhou when he was a little baby, he caught the "pink hairpin ring", the father was full of complex emotions of "angry and indisputable" towards his gifted son; even before the imperial concubine saved relatives, Jia Baoyu When Daguanyuan's inscriptions and poems were still quite successful, they were still "expelled" because of their disagreement with Jia's father; in the classic "Baoyu beating" plot, it was even more the moral conflict between father and son. an outbreak. The picture comes from the Internet Jia Zheng beat his son, annoyed his mother, hurt his wife, cried a group of girls at home, and was finally deprived of his son's "education right" by his mother. Under the care of Jia's mother, although Jia Baoyu, who was beaten, accepted the pain of flesh and blood, but a blessing in disguise has more free space, so he is more indulgent, more deviant, and more ignorant. . For Jia Zheng, who is a "sandwich cake", filial piety to his mother is his duty and obligation as a son, so his mother hates her for being too hard on her son, so she has to listen and suffer; for her son, because of "love" "Deepness" leads to "deep hatred", I hope that he will be able to shine and honor his ancestors, but he has to witness him "degenerate" and not become a good person. As a father, there are too many middle-aged people who can't deal with the suffering of outsiders. The picture comes from the Internet "Dream of Red Mansions" is a story after all, and when it is false, it is true and false. As readers, we can interpret, appreciate and study from different perspectives. But as parents, we must stay awake at all times, and use Jia Baoyu's experience to remind ourselves: raising children requires communication and communion between the two generations. On the premise of reaching a consensus on educational concepts and ideas, Only by jointly cultivating children and accompanying them can they maintain a childish heart, grow up healthy and optimistic, and not be confused. #headline creation challenge#
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