The girl spent more than ten yuan for three days, and her mother was punished for "smashing" her mobile phone, saying that her brother did not spend as much as her

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The girl spent more than ten yuan for three days, and her mother was punished for "smashing" her mobile phone, saying that her brother did not spend as much as her

Someone once distributed the "My Pocket Money" questionnaire to 292 primary school students in the fifth and sixth grades in two schools. It was found that about 10% of the children had no pocket money, and 71% of the students had pocket money within 60 yuan per month. Most of the parents around Sugar Mom choose to give their children pocket money after they enter primary school. It's okay to have one child in the family, but if there are two or three children in the family, the amount of pocket money seems to be a little difficult to distribute. A treasured mother complained about her daughter spending money on the Internet, and it is good to educate her children about reasonable spending, but when everyone saw the amount, they felt that the parent was making a big fuss.

The girl spent more than 10 yuan in 3 days, and the mother smashed her mobile phone in anger

A mother of three children disclosed on the Internet Tucao, my fifth-grade daughter spends money, and the mother and daughter also have a conflict about this. The reason is that the daughter got a pocket money of 400 yuan, and bought plasticine and drinks without her consent, and spent more than 10 yuan in 3 days. The mother thought that she was spending money indiscriminately, and immediately confiscated all the remaining pocket money, telling the rest of the family not to spend money on her daughter. The girl refused to accept the softness at first, and shut herself in the room without eating. The mother was even more angry when she saw it, and smashed her daughter's mobile phone directly. The mother also said that she is not a son over women. The younger brother in the family has only 100 yuan of pocket money, and the elder sister spends more than the younger brother. I have never treated my daughter badly, and this punishment is because she spends money indiscriminately. Afterwards, the girl apologized to her mother, and the woman also took a hard look at the netizens who reasoned with her. Perhaps her approach has had a short-term effect, but the problems are also obvious.

Daughter was punished by her mother for spending 10 yuan for 3 days, and some netizens complained for the girl

The fifth grade children are already 11~12 years old, It's time to have some pocket money. Tang Mom saw that many people were questioning: "How much is more than 10 yuan for 3 days? Nowadays, it is difficult to buy eye-catching items for 1 yuan, and the cheapest drink in a milk tea shop is 4 yuan. Yuan. Since she has given the pocket money to the child, she has the right to control." "You can tell the child to spend money in a planned way, and what items are not necessary to buy, but it is not right for the mother to smash the mobile phone without collecting the money."" Sisters and younger brothers need to buy different things, girls and boys have different expenses, and the amount of pocket money they need is different at different ages, so it can’t be compared like this.” From the perspective of educating children, confiscating pocket money should not be given all at once. More is a solution. But smashing the phone is nothing more than another loss, and it doesn't mean much for educating children.

The girl was punished by her mother for spending more than ten yuan. When will the pocket money be given?

Many parents think that their children are too young to manage their own pocket money, and even their children's clothing, food, housing and transportation are the responsibility of the parents, and they do not need money. In fact, after the child goes to primary school, you can start trying to give him pocket money. Children of this age have some concepts about money and begin to have their own preferences and needs. Giving the child pocket money in time can cultivate the child's money concept and financial management ability as soon as possible, and is beneficial to the child's interpersonal communication. Otherwise, when friends of the same age have money to spend, but they never have a penny, it will not only make children feel inferior, but also prone to secretly taking money. Keeping kids out of money, or deliberately controlling spending very little, doesn't teach kids about saving. This is like excessive "poor parenting" in childhood, which either makes children "poor-hearted", or causes them to be unsatisfied when they are young, and spend money in revenge when they are a little capable.

Feel like your child is spending too much? Parents don't be in a hurry to be angry

The premise of giving children pocket money is that they have taught him about money and what different amounts of money can buy. At the same time, in order to avoid children's random flowers, the following methods can be used. "Small and many times" giving children pocket money Sugar Mom met a 6-year-old girl in the community some time ago. After she got 100 yuan of pocket money, she turned around and went to the supermarket for herself and her friends, and bought one for 12 yuan each. "Ice Cream Assassin". It can be seen that for children with weak self-control and younger children who have just started to manage their own pocket money, it is more appropriate to give less each time, and then give after all the money is spent. Weekly or monthly allowance of pocket money Let the child know that the child's pocket money may not be a fixed amount every day, but there must be an upper limit for each week or month. For example, this week, the child has set a allowance of 30 yuan for pocket money. If he spends 20 yuan on the first day, he can only spend 10 yuan in the next 6 days, and there is no room for negotiation. If the child's pocket money is still left after that, parents can continue to give it, and tell the child that the remaining money can be saved as savings every week. It not only allows children to learn restraint when spending money, but also guides the habit of "saving money". It is better to teach children how to spend money correctly and in a planned way. There are multiple children in the family. If the two children are not too different in age, try to be average. There is a big difference in age, and the distribution is based on the actual situation, and the children cannot be compared all the time. The candy mother said in her heart: the child's concept of how much pocket money is slowly established, and it is different from the parent's concept. When a parent thinks a child has bought something useless, try to look at it from the child's point of view. [Today's topic] Do you think that a fifth-grade child spends more than 10 yuan in 3 days?
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