7-month-old baby food supplement plan! New mothers print and paste refrigerators to follow, safe and non-allergic

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7-month-old baby food supplement plan! New mothers print and paste refrigerators to follow, safe and non-allergic

After about 1 month of diet, the baby has adapted to the complementary food a lot, and gradually changed from liquid food to a thicker paste. The picture above is my baby's supplementary food record in July. Mom can refer to the principle of supplementary food addition in July.
  • There are two meals that can be added to complementary food (10-11 am and 5-6 pm)
  • Add fruit puree after nap, around 3 o'clock
  • Add meat supplements: chicken, pork, liver, beef
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  • Complementary food is slightly thicker than in June, exercise chewing
❗Do not add new complementary food in case of vaccination or discomfort. The daily meal schedule consists of two meals a day, lunch and dinner. As in the initial stage, before breastfeeding, wake up at 6:00, milk 10:00, complementary food + milk 14:00 milk 18:00 complementary food + milk 22:00 milk❗The ratio of complementary food and milk for each meal is 3:7.7 months + baby, while eating complementary food, should maintain 600ml of milk per day, drink milk 4-6 times a day, 1 complementary food is recommended for 7 months + baby food: red meat puree such as: pork, beef , pork liver. In addition to iron-containing rice noodles, beef and pork liver are rich in iron, which can help babies supplement iron and prevent anemia. Spinach and pork puree 1. Wash spinach and blanch in boiling water. 2. Wash and cut pork and cook in a pot. Remove the floating end 3. After cooking, use a cooking stick to puree the tomatoes and pork liver 1. Cut the tomatoes into crosses, blanch them with boiling water, peel and cut into pieces 2. Soak the pork liver in lemon for an hour in advance, and then rinse it repeatedly Cook it in the pot 3. After cooking, use a cooking stick to puree it with the tomatoes. I use the Shanweier cooking stick, which is very easy to use. -About 4 tablespoons ▪️Noodles: choose special noodles for children ▪️Non-salted grain noodles, shredded noodles, star noodles ▪️Porridge: ten times porridge: ratio of rice to water 1:10❣️Yam carrot porridge 1. Wash rice and millet , Peel and slice yam 2. Cook yam, rice and millet together 3. Peel and mash carrots, add yam, rice and millet and cook together ❣️Carrot and silver cod porridge 1. Steam cod and carrots separately and mash them 2. Wash the rice and cook it into porridge 3. Put the carrot and silver cod puree into the medium porridge❣️Shuangmi red jujube gruel, remove the core of the red dates, steam them, peel and mash them into a puree, boil the small and small rice into porridge, and pour the jujube puree into the porridge❣️Yellow croaker puree Green vegetable porridge 1. When making porridge with rice, you can put the small yellow croaker on it and steam it together 2. After 1.5 hours, take out the small yellow croaker and pick the thorns and keep the meat and then crush it. Cook the porridge for a few more minutes. 4. Boil the porridge and put it into the fish and stir evenly. Remarks: Begin adding meat in July. The red meat has a high iron content. The white meat is easy to absorb. 800ml milk volume, first eat complementary food and then milk at one time, you can add snacks or fruit puree at noon
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