Play can make children smart, "playing" is the key! Holidays to play more in these 6 areas

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Play can make children smart, "playing" is the key! Holidays to play more in these 6 areas

Some parents may question: Can you get smarter by playing? Playing will only make children "playing waste"! In fact, as long as you can "play", you can make your child smarter and smarter. For example, during the holidays, arrange some "play" activities that can make the child smarter.

Why do you say "play makes kids smarter"?

Play in a broad sense refers to all activities of children except classroom learning, that is, quality education, which also includes learning, but it is relatively free and can develop personality and hobbies. The father of lifelong education - French educator Paul Langland put forward the concept of "leisure education". He believed that "education should be linked with both labor and leisure time." For children, Good grades in homework do not mean all-round development, and social and cultural quality is equally important. The purpose of promoting leisure education is to cultivate individuality, cultivate beauty, and expand children's knowledge. Playing is a very purposeful behavior. This process helps to cultivate children's awareness of goals and endurance; it also helps to stimulate children's curiosity and thirst for knowledge, and cultivate children's innovative ability; it also cultivates children's ability to discover and solve problems; Play is still a form of cooperation and competition. In order to achieve the highest efficiency, there will be division of labor and cooperation, which will help cultivate children's awareness of respecting partners and opponents. These experiences will also make children smarter.

Children who play are smarter! Play more in these 6 aspects during the holidays

First: do more hands-on things. The Ministry of Education is promulgating the "Compulsory Education Labor Curriculum Standards (2022 Edition)" which points out: starting from the fall of 2022, the labor class will be officially launched. Become an independent course in primary and secondary schools. Nowadays, many children have weak hands-on ability, so they can take advantage of the holidays to let them do more practical things, such as cleaning the home, learning to organize and store, learning to cook, etc. A hot search before was a grade 2 elementary school student in Yangzhou, Jiangsu. Under the leadership of his father, he stayed at home for 70 days during the epidemic. He used this vacation to unlock new cooking skills, from learning to use kitchen appliances such as gas stoves, to Making dumplings, frying spring rolls, step by step, he has become a "master chef" who can cook 30 dishes. Second: Participate in more interest classes or club activities such as summer interest classes, summer camps, etc. Many institutions have such summer arrangements, you can arrange some for your children at that time, use a vacation to learn a skill, and use a vacation to participate in a summer camp to grow Knowledge and exercise comprehensive ability. If there is no suitable interest class or summer camp activities, you can also arrange some parent-child activities by yourself, such as taking the children to stay in a parent-child hotel with rich activity arrangements, and experience some things that have never been done before, such as printing and dyeing, tea making, picking, etc. It is also very good summer exercise. Third: Arrange more family leisure activities such as traveling, visiting museums, museums, art galleries, planetariums, botanical gardens, aquariums, etc. This kind of activity is more effective than children's participation in leisure education alone. The arrangement of these activities can increase parents' companionship and communication with their children and improve the parent-child relationship. Moreover, when children are in it, they can also naturally feel the heaviness of history, the beauty of art, and the wonder of nature. It is not only a good way to broaden their horizons and learn extracurricular knowledge, but also keep children curious and love the world. Only children who truly love life and are full of curiosity will take the initiative to acquire knowledge, think and explore, and be full of motivation on the way of learning. In mid-July, there was a news story that "a 10-year-old boy and his parents traveled from Xi'an to Guizhou to visit relatives", the child's father said: "The wife has not returned to visit relatives for two and a half years, and the child will also be at home during the summer vacation to check his mobile phone, so he wants to leave travel, giving children a different summer vacation and life experience." Some netizens said: Long-distance hiking is a kind of exercise of willpower, and it is very meaningful to experience the customs of different places in person! Fourth: Read more along the lines of interest. Qian Zhongshu said: "If you don't read, you will travel thousands of miles and you will be just a postman." For children, reading is not only a process of accumulating knowledge and materials, but also helping children broaden their horizons. , know where the "light" is; it can also make children confident and temperamental, the so-called "belly of poetry and literature", the password of spiritual growth, hidden in every good book. Therefore, taking advantage of the holidays, arrange some reading lists. After reading, you can also discuss and share with parents at the same time, and take fancy notes. It is not only a summary of knowledge, but also a cultivation of interest, and an improvement of comprehensive ability and self-confidence. In the summer vacation of 2021, Yin Liang, a 13-year-old girl from Fuyang, became popular on the Internet because of her reading role in the summer vacation. The teacher arranged to read the four famous novels and use the mind map to do the homework of reading notes. Yin Liang, who is very talented in drawing, combined painting and notes, and the characters of the four famous novels appeared on the paper, which made many parents sigh "other people". home child"! Fifth: Leave enough time for children to play freely In the "Report on the Development of Chinese National Mental Health (2019-2020)", a set of data on the "psychological status of adolescents and children" is shocking: in 2020, the average The detection rate of depression was 24.6%, the detection rate of mild depression was 17.2%, and the detection rate of severe depression was 7.4%. The detection rate in elementary school is about 10%, the detection rate in junior high school is 30%, and the detection rate in high school is close to 40%. The data shows that our children are not that happy. One of the causes of depression in children is "too little free play time". Appropriate and free play not only plays a vital role in maintaining healthy emotions, but also helps to cultivate children's intelligence. "Smart" means intellectual development. Intelligence, including attention, observation, imagination, memory, and thinking, are the basis for acquiring knowledge, and acquiring knowledge can improve intelligence, and after improving intelligence, it can create conditions for acquiring more knowledge. If children have enough free play time, they can fully do what they like and give full play to their imagination and creativity. For example, “games” that many parents avoid , play in moderation. Sixth: When playing, you must be able to "strengthen your strengths and make up for your weaknesses". Every child has strengths and weaknesses. For example, some children are outgoing and lively, so they can arrange some quiet activities appropriately. And some children are quiet and do not like sports, so they should stimulate their interest in sports. For example, enroll your child in a sports vacation class, or take your child to do some outdoor sports, such as cycling, running, and playing ball. School starts in more than 20 days. What did your children do during the holidays? How many of the above "playing games" that can make children smarter have been arranged in your family? Also welcome to share your child's holiday arrangements~
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