The 1-year-old son only likes to drink the milk made by his mother-in-law. It is found that he is in a hurry to take the child to the hospital for examination

time:2022-12-05 author:Common phenomenon
The 1-year-old son only likes to drink the milk made by his mother-in-law. It is found that he is in a hurry to take the child to the hospital for examination

The parenting concept of children often becomes the fuse for quarrels between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, and even the method of foaming milk may be very different. A novice mother complained that her 1-year-old son prefers the milk made by his mother-in-law. I was so anxious to take the child to check it out, it has already affected the health! A new mother, who usually takes care of the children with her mother-in-law, gets along well, but the only concept of foaming milk makes her unacceptable. Every time my mother-in-law made milk, she would "add 2 more spoons". The mother was worried that the baby's milk powder would be too strong and would cause physical discomfort, but many persuasion was ineffective. The milk must be brewed according to the proportion" to persuade the mother-in-law. But after the incident, the 1-year-old son still only likes to drink the milk made by his mother-in-law, driven by curiosity. After tasting it, she was surprised that the taste was very strong and sweet. After asking her mother-in-law, she admitted that in addition to adding 2 more tablespoons of milk powder, she also I would "add 1 tablespoon of sugar", so I was so angry that I quickly took my son to the hospital for a health check. Sure enough, because of excessive sugar intake, it caused gastrointestinal indigestion! Generally, milk powder is divided into small spoons and large spoons. For small spoons, add 30c.c of water, and for large spoons, add 60c.c of water. Some parents and elders worry that their children are not nutritious enough, and often accidentally soak the milk powder too thick, which can easily lead to overfeeding and overnutrition. In order to achieve a balanced state, the baby's stomach must expel water from the body, which will lead to diarrhea. Not only will it cause a burden on the kidneys, but it will also have a negative impact on the digestive system and blood health.

Too much sugar is poison for babies!

The milk that is too thick has already caused a great burden to the child, let alone added sugar! Sweetness can please the tongue and make people happy, but ignoring this sweet taste, there are unexpected health risks lurking, and what is even scarier is that it is easy to make people more addicted! In particular, excessive intake of sugar will have even more negative effects on developing children, including chronic diseases, childhood obesity, loss of vitamin B, increased risk of tooth decay, heavy taste, emotional instability, hyperactivity, allergies and other risks.

The correct way to foam milk

1. Pay attention to the instructions on how to foam milk on the bottle, usually put water first, then put Milk powder, for example: if the baby drinks 60c.c milk, put 60c.c water first and add milk powder, which can make the milk powder dissolve better. However, each brand is different, and it should be determined according to the instructions on how to foam the milk on the bottle. 2. Please follow the package label for the amount of milk powder. Generally, one level spoon of milk powder can be soaked in 30c.c of water. Do not adjust the concentration by yourself. 3. After soaking the milk, rinse the bottle with running water, let the milk cool a little (about 40 degrees Celsius) before giving it to the baby, or drop a few drops on the inside of your wrist to test the temperature, and you can feed it if you feel it is not too hot. baby drink.
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