Is teething so painful for babies? 3 ways to ease baby anxiety

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Is teething so painful for babies? 3 ways to ease baby anxiety

When I saw the baby's first teeth by chance, I was really happy, and it was another moment to witness the baby's happiness. Everyone says that if the baby has teeth, it is a sign of health, and it also indicates that the baby is about to enter the growth stage of chewing food, which is very meaningful. But many mothers may find that the well-behaved baby who was not very noisy before became very irritable, drooling, biting what he saw, like crying, and suddenly woke up when he could have slept well , several times a night, really crazy, the next day collapsed dark circles. And the only time Yuanyuan experienced a low-grade fever was teething, and she was really worried when she first encountered it. Why does the baby behave like this, because she also feels uncomfortable in the mouth, which is probably the kind of soreness but not particularly painful, it feels like scratching and panicking, in short, when you have wisdom teeth, is it that? When the whole person is not well, the baby can't say it, and can only use these actions to express. Babies usually start teething at 4 to 7 months. If you feel that there are no other symptoms, you can wash your hands and check the lower gums. If some of the gums feel different from others, or are small and pointed. As an old mother of a 13-month-old baby, there are naturally some ways to relieve the baby's teething pain, which can be roughly divided into the following points:

Cold compress

In summer, I tried to buy ice cream The gutta-percha, with a layer of hydrogel in the middle. Because ice is known to numb pain nerves and reduce swelling, it can relieve discomfort. Otherwise, you can also cook the fruit and vegetable strips and put them under ice for the baby to chew on.

Pressure Dafa

If the weather is too cold, don't use cold compress Dafa, just buy ordinary teether. As long as it is safe, clean and hygienic, you can let the baby bite, and prepare a few more, so that you will not feel uncomfortable because there is nothing to bite. Putting pressure on the gums can make the baby feel comfortable, just like when we adults have a toothache. It will also reduce pain. There are no less than 7-8 teethers in my house, some she likes and some she doesn't like, burning money. . By far the best banana gum.

Toothbrush biscuits

Toothbrush VS teether What is the best way to use a baby's teeth? Teething biscuits can relieve the discomfort of teething and can also be used as a small snack to supplement nutrition. In addition to molar sticks, what other puffs are there? Melting beans are nutritious, but I don't think you should give too much to your child every day. If appropriate, it will not affect the main meal and drinking milk. I didn't know much about it when I bought it at the beginning, I always thought it would be good to eat it, but! ! Later, I found out that if the baby can't eat or bite after trying many times, she will simply throw away the molar stick. In this way, it is a waste! ! To sum up, three points: don't choose too hard! ! It should be moderate, so that it can be eaten and can protect the teeth. It is not too long. Instead, I think the oval and wide flakes are better (it seems to be Wangwang, hhh) I have to try it myself, and don’t eat heavy flavors. For me . I have bought 3 types of molar biscuits, and Xibei has two types, one is a cake type and the other is a stick; I also bought a Heinz stick; the hardest of the three Bellamy’s sticks is Heinz, I eat it myself Haven't eaten in a long time. . These brands all contain salt, but the salt content of these molar sticks is within the allowable range, and everyone should decide for themselves. I think older babies can eat ovals, which are rice cakes

Finally, a warm reminder:

1. For details on cleaning the baby's mouth, see this article I wrote: 1 and a half-year-old rotten teeth! Just because my parents ignored this action since childhood, I thought it didn't matter at first. Later, I immediately paid attention to the case of my relatives. From the beginning of the teeth eruption to the deciduous teeth, the baby's mouth is very sensitive during this period, and it is easy to be infected by bacteria. When I usually finish eating, I will feed a few mouthfuls of warm water at the end, which is equivalent to gargling her mouth. If there are too many teeth, you can also wrap your fingers with gauze and gently wipe the baby's teeth, which is the most careful. 2. The baby's teething time Remember that the teething time is different for each baby. When you are about 18 months old and still have no teeth, you need to worry. You can look at the table, no matter which tooth it is, the difference between the earliest and the latest eruption time is quite large. Baby teeth are well protected, permanent teeth will be more beautiful! Come on for your baby's health and beauty! !
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