"Chicken baby" has a 6-hour interest class a day, suffering from tics! Do you still dare to sign up for the summer vacation interest class?

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"Chicken baby" has a 6-hour interest class a day, suffering from tics! Do you still dare to sign up for the summer vacation interest class?

Every year when summer vacation comes, it's not a holiday, but a critical period for "chicken baby" - because parents say that summer vacation is the best "curve period" for overtaking.

"Chicken Baby" had a 6-hour interest class a day and suffered from tics.

A parent in Hangzhou, Zhejiang said that during the summer vacation, she gave The child signed up for 4 courses, namely Go, swimming, English, and calligraphy. These interest courses alone take 6 hours a day. During this time, the child's eyes will turn up involuntarily. After going to the hospital for examination, the doctor diagnosed tics. Maybe when you see this, you will have the same question as Jing Ma: If there are too many courses, will you still have tics? The doctor said that it may be related to the child's academic pressure. "Tics" is more common in preschool and school-age children, among which children aged 5-10 are the most common, with an incidence rate of about 1%-7%. After seeing what the doctor said, I can understand it. I remember that I just graduated from an outpatient clinic. One of the teachers I worked with was a Chinese medicine practitioner. At that time, many children with tics were brought by their parents to take traditional Chinese medicine to adjust their pulse. At that time, I didn't have children, so I didn't feel that much. Now that I am a mother, I am very sensitive to any questions about my children. The topic of "whether it's a chicken baby" is often discussed, especially in the days when the results of the college entrance examination and high school entrance examination were released a while ago. Looking at the admission scores and the educational experience sharing of various Haidian mothers, I, a mother who has always raised children in a free-range manner, has always Looking anxious, I have some doubts and ask myself: Do you want a chicken baby?

Will the "chicken baby" harm the child?

I think of the video I watched last year in which host Yang Lele said she "chickens" her little Mumu. Yang Lele moved from Changsha to Shanghai in order to give his children a better education. When the child was interviewed at the elementary school, he found that the child's English proficiency requirements had reached the level of the fourth and fifth grades in Changsha, and he even had to write an English composition. As a mother, she is also anxious. In the interview video, she said that she enrolled her child in 8 classes, and the schedule was full every day. As a result, after three months, her son collapsed and said to her, "Mom, can you let me have A day off?" It was only then that she realized that she had pushed the child to a particularly tiring point. Because of the mental pressure, she finally escaped from the magic capital and returned to Changsha. In fact, educating children is not an "arms race". Compared with our childhood, why are today's children unhappy? It has a lot to do with parents, thinking about letting their children rank among the best in their grades, letting them shine, and letting them go to the best colleges, but ignoring their need to have a carefree childhood, and ignoring their own feelings. The happiness in a child's heart is very simple. It may be a favorite toy, a meal of pasta, the company of parents for a day, or something that interests him. Happiness is a psychological feeling, not a "success" in the mundane sense.

Is the interest class registered or not, and how?

Most parents will enroll their children in interest classes. Although they won't win, they will not be able to lay flat. There is a lot of vacation time, so you can sign up for interest classes appropriately, which will not only pass the time, reduce children’s mobile phone use, but also learn some skills along the way. ① Interest is always more important than effort! Interest classes are for children to learn and cultivate their interests, so the choice should also be based on children's interests. If the child is interested and wants to learn, sign up for a try. If the child is not interested at all, don't force the child to learn. My son has also attended a lot of interest classes. Usually, I sign up for a trial class first, learn about the child's interests, and finally discuss with him to make a decision. "Interest is the best teacher." To do anything, children must be interested first, before they can devote themselves to it, and it is easier to persevere, and to find confidence and pride in this matter. ② Less and more precise effect is better. If you schedule all the time for your child to the full, the child will be very tired. In this state, the child will lose interest, and will be in a coping state in class. unfavorable. Especially for children of preschool age and lower grades of primary school, many parents think that "children can't lose at the starting line", and enroll their children in many interest classes, one after another, the children not only have no time to play freely, but also Overwhelmed and overwhelmed with a lot of negative effects. In fact, no matter whether the chickens are free-range or free-range, as parents, we do our best. For example: prepare a school district room within the child's ability; find out the child's interest, and let him have one or several skills. Another important point is to provide the child with a rich, relaxed, fun and warm family environment, with as many parents as possible to accompany him, so that he has enough security and confidence to study and do other things; Having a good teacher or friend can not only help him academically, but can also have a positive impact on the child in other ways. Do you think you should sign up for many summer interest classes for your children? What should you pay attention to when applying for interest classes? You are also welcome to share your views and suggestions.
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