"Baby Health" N kinds of foods that should not be given to babies before the age of 1, have you collected them?

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"Baby Health" N kinds of foods that should not be given to babies before the age of 1, have you collected them?

In the past few days, I read a certain sound, but I saw a very annoying video-in the video, a grandma was coaxing a baby who looked 4-5 months old, and she was feeding chocolate while coaxing, and the baby was very happy. The comments below N kinds of foods that babies can't eat have exploded ↓@秋秋: Why don't you have some cola to eat? @美奇女: My child eats spicy strips at 6 months, and he can't lose at the starting line when he is a child! @qiqihaha: How can such a small child eat snacks, let alone chocolates, don’t eat them before the age of 3, the mother in the video can grow snacks, don’t let grandma feed them. After reading the editor, I feel sorry for my baby. I was fed these things by adults at such a young age. Hey! N kinds of foods that babies can't eat

Focus on n kinds of foods that should not be given to babies before the age of 1

Children under 1 year old The stomach is still very fragile, and many things cannot be eaten. If the main force with babies does not have this common sense and feeds the baby casually, a series of problems are likely to occur. Here, the editor lists some things that children under one year old are not recommended to eat. It is better not to eat, and not to let the danger find the baby. ☒Salt and other seasonings Salt, soy sauce, monosodium glutamate, sand tea sauce, tomato sauce, chili sauce, mustard and other seasonings, these seasonings are too salty and too sweet, and there are a lot of additives, Bao Dad eats a heavy burden on his stomach, which is not conducive to body development. ☒ Pure milk infants and young children have imperfect gastrointestinal development. Pure milk contains some macromolecular substances that are not conducive to children's gastrointestinal absorption, which will lead to children's gastrointestinal indigestion. In addition, the lactose of pure milk may also cause allergies to children. To be on the safe side, children should drink pure milk after the age of 2. N foods that babies can't eat☒Honey The normal flora in the baby's intestines within 1 year of age has not been fully established. If honey is eaten, it is easy to cause infection, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and other symptoms. ☒Egg white The protein molecules in egg white are small, and sometimes can directly enter the baby's blood through the intestinal wall, causing the baby's body to have an allergic reaction to foreign protein molecules, resulting in eczema, urticaria and other diseases. N foods that babies can’t eat☒Fish with high mercury content Many people think that fish is very nutritious and can be eaten by babies of small months. But did you know? Some fish (swordfish, sailfish, catfish, tilapia, goldeneye, and tuna) are high in mercury and may affect the human nervous system, making pregnant women, fetuses, and babies more susceptible. Choose fish food for children, try to choose some freshwater fish. ☒ Seafood Seafood is indeed highly nutritious, but shellfish such as crabs and shrimps can cause allergic symptoms in babies, and it is not recommended to feed them before the age of 1. ☒Vegetables that contain a lot of oxalic acid Vegetables are high in vitamin content and have good nutrition. However, some vegetables contain a lot of oxalic acid, such as spinach, leeks, amaranth, etc. Oxalic acid is not easily absorbed in the human body, and it also affects the absorption of calcium in food, which can lead to poor bone and tooth development in children. N kinds of foods that babies can’t eat☒Stimulant drinks such as cola, coffee, and strong tea should never be given to babies, because they are not only nutritious, but also contain too much sugar, which is easy to cause tooth decay, and caffeine can make children uneasy Difficulty falling asleep. ☒Snacks are best not to eat or eat less. Because most snacks contain food additives such as pigments, which are unfavorable for infants and young children. If you want to eat, try to buy some special snacks for infants and young children, sugar-free and no additives, so that the baby eats healthier. Most of the N foods that babies can't eat have been introduced to you here, and of course there are many more, such as: alcohol, tobacco, and some children with allergic constitutions should pay attention to allergens, etc. These require all mothers and fathers to make taboos for their own babies. If you have any other foods that you need to pay attention to, I hope you can tell them so that more parents and mothers can understand. thanks
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