"Magic Reveal" How old did the baby start to dream?

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"Magic Reveal" How old did the baby start to dream?

Many mothers have complained that since having a baby, a good day is gone. They are either woken up by the crying of the child in the middle of the night, or they accidentally make their hands full of "feces and urine"; but there are also many mothers who report that , There are also some surprises and warm scenes in this "incredible" day. When the baby sleeps, he always grins unconsciously. No, my "baby madman" friend Xiao Liu just posted another picture of the baby sleeping. The little guy is fair-skinned and pink, which is particularly attractive. When you look closely, the little guy grins unconsciously when he sleeps. Is it possible that such a small baby can also dream? I believe that when mothers take care of their children, they have encountered such a scene: when a baby who is only a few months old is sleeping, he grins involuntarily. There are also many mothers who say that when they see the baby laughing at themselves like this, they even want to cry, and they feel very warm and moved in their hearts, and how happy it is to have this baby. When the baby sleeps, he always grins unconsciously. So while mothers feel happy and warm, maybe everyone will wonder if such a small baby can also have "dreams"? Take a look.

When does my baby start dreaming?

Many people are curious, babies who are just a few months old often smile when they sleep. Is it difficult for them to have any sweet dreams? Research shows that the baby's nervous system is basically developed before birth, which means that when the baby is in the mother's womb, about 8 months old, the baby has already begun to dream. When the baby sleeps, he always grins unconsciously. At this time, the emotional changes of the baby have a lot to do with the daily habits of the expectant mother. If the expectant mother is in a good mood during pregnancy, the fetus is also more active, and may even encounter problems during the obstetric examination. At the same time, the mother's eating habits also have a great impact on the baby's neurodevelopment, so pregnant mothers should eat more vegetables and fruits during pregnancy to ensure the supply of vitamins; try to eat less food with high fat content and avoid high salt . If your physical condition allows, it is best to maintain a moderate intensity of exercise. Baby sleeps and grins involuntarily

What else is related to baby dreaming while sleeping?

1. The degree of deep sleep of the baby Usually, when the baby sleeps lightly, it is easy to smile. This is because the baby's light sleep is easy to be disturbed by the outside world, such as music, mother's voice, etc. All can stimulate the baby's auditory nerve, make it respond accordingly. If there is a sound that your baby likes, the little one may smile. In addition, when the baby's body is stimulated by the outside world, such as touching, it will also cause the baby to have a similar situation. For this reason, if you find that the baby laughs when he sleeps, it means that he has not fallen asleep. When the baby sleeps, he always grins unconsciously. 2. The baby's physical condition The baby's smile when he sleeps indicates that her body is very healthy. Newborn babies are often "specially" cared for by their parents. Under the careful care of their parents, the little guy's mood will naturally not be very bad, which will lead to a happy mood, and even dreams are happy. For this reason, in life, the mother should always pay attention to the baby's mental state. If the baby is often frightened and crying while sleeping, it means that the baby's physical condition is not good. At this time, the baby should be fully checked to determine whether the baby is sick. . When the baby sleeps, he always grins and sees these involuntarily. Now you know why the newborn baby sleeps with a smile on his face? For young mothers, due to lack of corresponding parenting experience, they may be in a hurry; therefore, they can usually read more related books, increase their knowledge, and at the same time be able to better judge the status of the baby. Have you ever seen your baby grinning while sleeping?
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