The devil is still the devil! The atmosphere of fireworks in Shanghai remains, and the high-end service quality of Xiangdao Travel remains unchanged

time:2022-12-02 author:Make one's mouth water
The devil is still the devil! The atmosphere of fireworks in Shanghai remains, and the high-end service quality of Xiangdao Travel remains unchanged

In the first ten days of July, the high school and college entrance examinations in Shanghai were successfully completed. Young people can spend the summer vacation with joy, and the magic city is even more lively and energetic. After all, since the orderly opening of dine-in restaurants at the end of June, consumption in Shanghai has gradually returned to its former vigorous characteristics. The Japanese food store was crowded, young people lined up in front of the Internet celebrity coffee shop, and the taverns in Wutong District floated the fragrance of wine and laughter... Everything has not gone far, the charm of Shanghai is still the same, and the passionate summer has begun!

Changes and changes in the city

The vivid picture of life unfolds slowly, but it must be said that there are still Many things cannot be restored to the way they were before. Although it is possible to dine in now, it is not possible to have dinner together, and the time for eating is also limited. The theaters have limited flow measures for epidemic prevention, leaving some regrets on this summer that should have been a carnival. Although the current epidemic situation is still repeated, everything is developing for the better. Shanghai has retained countless bright spots of life with its unique urban heritage and urban spirit. It is the kindness of the neighbors, the delicacy that the street shops have always inherited, and the comfort and leisure of the "great rich and long" roadside... It is precisely because there are many unchanging beauty in life, so even if life is temporarily There are difficulties and twists and turns, but hope is always there, and the future is even more worth looking forward to. Equally unchanged, there is the consistent care and care of Xiangdao Travel. As a strategic mobile travel brand under SAIC Motor, which is trusted by locals, Xiangdao Mobility has quickly invested in the new journey since the day it resumed work, bringing a full sense of security and safety to Shanghai users with constant high-quality services. Feel at ease.

Enjoy the road trip and see it with high quality

Do you still remember the scene on the day of resumption of work on June 1? The newly restored capacity is still a little nervous, and the familiar morning and evening peaks bring more uncertainties to travel. At this time, did you immediately think of enjoying the road? Facing the very strong travel demand at all times of the day, Xiangdao Travel efficiently responds to the demand for car-hailing and provides sufficient capacity guarantee. Many users caught the signal of "Shanghai is back" on Xiangdao Travel, which arrived on time. Since its establishment in 2018, Xiangdao Travel has adhered to the original intention of "safety" and "quality", and has always provided users with a high-quality travel experience. Even after two months of temporary rest, Xiangdao Travel quickly entered the working state after resuming work, bringing passengers the same warmth and kindness as always. After experiencing the peak of a wave of resumption of work, in the face of a new wave of market challenges after the opening of dine-in restaurants, Xiangdao Chuxing has delivered a dazzling answer with high-quality and efficient services. According to the data of Xiangdao Travel, from June 27 to July 3, the order volume of Xiangdao Travel in the Shanghai area increased by 16% compared with the previous week. Among them, the order volume on the first day of dine-in resumption on June 29 was the same as last week. The segment increased by 22%, and the number of orders during the dinner period on the same day increased by 45% compared with the same period last week; during the period, weekend business orders increased by 22% compared with the previous week, and weekend night travel orders increased by 20.3% compared with the same period last week. It is not difficult to see that the resumption of dine-in has triggered a strong recovery of social life, and in every travel scene related to it, there is a figure of Xiangdao travel. No matter what the working conditions are, Xiangdao Travel has always been there. It brings passengers the thoughtful service and the peace of mind of arriving on time. It is natural for the number of orders to increase steadily.

More services, more exciting

At present, Xiangdao Travel will carry out in-depth disinfection and Safety maintenance testing, coupled with comprehensive protective measures such as "one guest, one disinfection" and "one guest, one ventilation", as well as the exclusive "site code" inside the vehicle, masks prepared in the car, and disinfectant alcohol, etc., to protect the health of users. Build a solid guarantee for travel. It is precisely because Xiangdao Travel has continuously refined its services and created a "quality assured car", so it has become a strong support for the lives of the people in Shencheng. During the recent Shanghai College Entrance Examination, Xiangdao Travel’s product focusing on commuting to and from school, Xiangxue Small Car, launched the college entrance examination assistance plan to create a smooth way to send the test, which has been well received by students and parents. The Shanghai that we are familiar with has never left, and Xiangdao Travel makes people feel at ease and at ease with the continuously upgraded quality service. To add more brilliance to the "Oriental Pearl" with constant protection, Xiangdao Travel will always be with this city!
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