The bear child did not do his homework well, and was punished by his mother to eat in a "small bowl", netizens: the effect is three

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The bear child did not do his homework well, and was punished by his mother to eat in a "small bowl", netizens: the effect is three

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When it comes to helping children with homework, presumably Many parents feel a headache. The good temper of many parents has been defeated by the problem of their children's homework. So what should parents do when their children don't like to do homework?

"I only eat one bowl", Xiong baby was fined to eat in a small bowl for not doing his homework, his wit is convincing

There is a bear child, because of his The witty move went viral online. Bao's mother was very troubled by the problem of her son's failure to do his homework, so he set up a punishment system. If he did not do his homework well, he would have to eat in a "small bowl". The bear child directly accepted the punishment from his mother for not doing his homework. The mother's original intention was to let the child eat from a small bowl and not be full, so that the child would do his homework obediently, but he didn't expect that this bear child was very witty. Judging from the picture, he did eat from a small bowl, but the rice in the small bowl was piled as high as the pyramid, and it looked like there was more rice in the big bowl. The bear child's behavior seems to show: "I only eat one bowl, but I won't let myself go hungry." The mother originally wanted to punish her son, but she was convinced by his witty behavior. Netizens sighed: little boy The emotional intelligence is really high, and the effect is top three.

Children don't like homework, parents learn 2 tricks to guide them correctly

1. Encourage children The reason why many children do not like homework is because homework is too difficult. When it comes to topics that I can't do, I think about retreating. When children make mistakes and encounter problems in the process of homework, parents should encourage their children in a timely manner, build up their self-confidence in homework, and give them certain rewards after they finish their homework. When children are recognized and praised by their parents, they will feel that homework is a pleasant thing for them. 2. Let children experience the pain of not reading With the development of society, knowledge occupies an increasingly important position in this society. Although reading does not guarantee a child's future success, it can change the child's connotation and thinking and enrich the child's thinking ability. It is normal for children to not realize the importance of reading when they are still young. Parents can let their children experience the pain of not reading, and let them understand that reading is very important to them.

What should parents do in the face of their child's "smart" behavior?

1. Don't beat or scold your child. When many parents find out that their child has made a mistake, they will easily beat and scold their children in a fit of rage. When children think that they will only be scolded by their parents when they make mistakes, they will no longer dare to admit their mistakes with their parents, but avoid responsibility by "playing smart". Therefore, parents must not beat and scold their children at will. Violent education methods are not desirable. 2. Protect your child's self-esteem When children hide their behavior through clever tricks, they feel that their behavior is reasonable and desirable. At this time, parents must not be cynical about their children's behavior, but should protect their children's self-esteem, encourage them to tell the truth, and guide them to realize their mistakes. 3. Satisfy children's reasonable demands Some parents often say "no" to some of their children's demands in order to motivate their children when educating them. In such a situation, it is easy for children to meet their own needs by "playing smart". Therefore, when a child makes a reasonable request to a parent, the parent should appropriately satisfy it. 4. Let the child bear the consequences of being clever When a child acts "smart", parents should let him bear the consequences, so that the child can realize how inappropriate his behavior is.
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