There are college students at home, and parents follow the "7 don't" principles before the test to ease their children's anxiety before the test

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There are college students at home, and parents follow the "7 don't" principles before the test to ease their children's anxiety before the test

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As the college entrance examination approached, candidates except for In addition to being prepared intellectually, you also need to be prepared mentally. In fact, when the college entrance examination is approaching, the mentality of parents is equally important. Parents' normal heart will relieve their children's anxiety before the test, and it will be more helpful for their children's college entrance examination.

The college entrance examination is imminent, but the mentality explodes. Parents follow the "7 don't" principle, and the child gets good grades in the test

Baoma Xiaohong shared her parenting experience. When Xiaohong's son was approaching the college entrance examination, Xiaohong knew that her son was under enormous mental pressure. If Xiaohong also panicked at this time, it would be very unfavorable for her son's mentality. At this time, Xiaohong did not show excessive concern for her son, but took care of her son with the usual attitude. At the same time, she did not urge her son to review quickly, but would take him out to relax properly. At the end of the college entrance examination, Xiaohong's son achieved good results. He is very grateful to his mother for helping him when the college entrance examination was approaching. If his mother did not do those things at that time, then he would not be able to calm down and face the college entrance examination.

Parents follow the "7 do's before the test" principle, and the child's test will be smoother

1. Don't show excessive anxiety When the college entrance examination is approaching, many parents will be very worried The state of the child, therefore, is in disarray and appears to be excessively anxious. Especially when the child gets bad grades in the assessment, the parent's mentality will become worse and worse, and sometimes they will get angry with the child directly. The excessive anxiety of parents will directly affect the child's mentality and increase the pressure of the child. This is extremely bad for the child's college entrance examination. 2. Don't be overly concerned about children When the college entrance examination is approaching, parents must pay attention to and care about their children in moderation, and they must not be overly concerned about their children. Some parents will show a very urgent psychology when their children are reviewing, and will always send some milk and fruits to their children from time to time. It seems that they are caring for their children, but they are actually supervising their learning. It is not wrong for parents to hope that their children will get good grades, but they need to grasp a certain degree of care for their children, otherwise it is very likely that the extremes will be counterproductive. 3. Don't expect too much from your children Some parents have too high expectations for their children, hoping that their children can be admitted to famous universities, win glory for themselves, and prepare their children for the future. However, parents who set these high goals for their children may put great pressure on their children and dampen their self-confidence. Therefore, parents should understand the actual level of their children, do not put excessive pressure on their children, and maintain a normal mind as much as possible. 4. Don't compare blindly. When the college entrance examination is approaching, some parents may worry that their children will not be able to get into a good school, so it is easy to use other people's children's good grades to stimulate their children. But such an approach will only backfire, increase the child's rebellious psychology, and make the child fear learning. 5. Don't do excessive tutoring. When the college entrance examination is approaching, parents must not arrange too much tutoring for their children. The most important thing at this time is to let children calm their minds and review knowledge at their own pace. The parents' rush will only make the child too nervous, but let the child suffer a bad influence. 6. Don't lack communication with your children. When the college entrance examination is approaching, parents must make time to talk with their children as much as possible, so that the children understand that they will support them unconditionally. In this way, children will have more confidence in the college entrance examination, and at the same time can calm down more. 7. Don't chatter out of concern for the child. During the review process of the child, some parents will always chatter in the child's ear. For example, urging the child to eat quickly, to review quickly, and to say in front of the child how important it is to be admitted to a good university. Parents' chatter is the most disgusting thing for children, and even intensifies family conflicts.
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