"There is no money to have 2 children", Bao Ma posted a high admission fee bill, dispelling the hope of having both children

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"There is no money to have 2 children", Bao Ma posted a high admission fee bill, dispelling the hope of having both children

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It is the wish of many parents that both children and children are born. Therefore, the opening of the two-child policy has enabled many young couples to plan to have a second child. But in modern society, raising a child is not easy, and having a second child requires a lot of courage.

"I can't have a second child", a post-90s mom's late-night Moments resonated with countless people

Post-90s mom Tingting and her husband After giving birth to his son, he quit his job to concentrate on raising the child at home. Tingting's husband has a good job and a relatively high salary. Even if Tingting doesn't work, the family of three can live a good life. When my son was 4 years old, he happened to catch up with the opening of the national two-child policy, and saw that other people's children were very envious, so he also planned to have a second child. In order to better prepare for pregnancy, Tingting also specially bought folic acid to supplement the body's energy. But when she sent her son to the kindergarten to study, she was frightened by the high admission bill. The maximum fee for her son in the kindergarten for a month was more than 8,000, not including other miscellaneous charges, which made Tingting very dumbfounded. To this end, Tingting also gave up her wish to have both children. Even if her husband's salary was good, she could not afford two children. After that, Tingting said in the circle of friends: I really can't afford to have a second child. Unexpectedly, it also resonated with countless people.

Why are today's kindergartens charging more and more?

1. There are more and more tricks in kindergartens. Now there are more and more tricks in kindergartens. In addition to letting children learn in school, they also organize various summer camps, winter camps and other activities. And if parents don't know how to choose or reject these activities, they will spend more and more money. 2. Parents do not want their children to lose at the starting line Nowadays, more and more parents are beginning to pay attention to their children's education. They do not want their children to lose to other children, and do not want their children to lose at the starting line. Therefore, when parents choose kindergartens for their children, they often choose schools such as bilingual kindergartens and international kindergartens. The tuition fees of these schools will definitely be higher.

In addition to economic conditions, what other issues need to be carefully considered for having a second child?

1. The conflict between Dabao and Erbao Before the birth of the second child, parents put all their energy and love into Dabao. After the birth of the second child, the second treasure will definitely take part of the love from the parents and get used to the big treasure. At this time, it may feel a little unaccustomed, thus rejecting the arrival of the younger siblings. If parents neglect to care for Dabao because of taking care of Erbao, then Dabao will have more serious resistance, which will seriously stimulate the contradiction between Dabao and Erbao. 2. Mother's contribution to the family Mother's contribution to a family is often the greatest. If there is only one child in the family, most mothers can work and take care of the child at the same time. But if there are two children at home, then the mother may need to quit her job and concentrate on taking care of the children at home. It takes several years to raise a child, and when the child grows up, it may become more difficult for the mother to pick up her own career. 3. Unequal contributions of men and women lead to family conflicts. When a child is born, parents need to take care of the child in every detail, and every move of the child requires the careful care of the parents. If the mother quits her job at this time and concentrates on taking care of the children at home, while the father is busy outside every day and does not help to share the burden at home, it will easily lead to a series of family conflicts, and the relationship between husband and wife will also be affected. .
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