As the saying goes, "children raise three qi", parents want their children to become dragons, first of all, they must nurture their children's "three qi"

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As the saying goes, "children raise three qi", parents want their children to become dragons, first of all, they must nurture their children's "three qi"

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The older generation always said that children need to have three qi, and women need to have three appearances. In fact, every child has a different personality, and there are many differences between raising a daughter and raising a son. Parents should always adjust their educational methods, not only for each individual, but also for their personality, to find the best educational method. As parents, we all want our children to become talents, so no matter how difficult the road to education is, we always insist on it. They are willing to grow up with their children, hoping that while seeing their children's progress, they can also comprehend a lot of the truth of life. In fact, when dealing with boys, we must pay attention to cultivating a sense of responsibility. After all, we will have to take on family responsibilities in the future. Those with a sense of responsibility will have great prospects in the future, at least they will not lead such a mediocre life.

Hope your son will become a dragon, and your son will raise three qi

1. A daring boy must have a brave heart and not be timid in doing things, so that in the future unexpected difficulties, he will also be able to Can be easily faced. Boys will be the head of the family in the future, so they cannot be without courage. There will be many challenges in the future. Boys with courage will be full of strength. No matter how hard or rich their future life is, they can be treated indifferently. 2. Ambition As a boy, ideals are as important as life. What kind of career you want to do in the future, what kind of person you want to become, you must make a final analysis on yourself. If there is no ideal in life, the motivation in life does not know where to go, and the daily struggle does not know what it is for. Having an ideal life will appear very practical, because every time you do something, you will set out for your own goal. Boys with ambition are full of charm, because they will use all their efforts to achieve it, and they will not appear to be confused, as if all their efforts are in vain. 3. Atmosphere In fact, everyone has a different personality, and sometimes it is impossible to ask others to think the same as oneself, so it is inevitable that conflicts will arise when getting along with others. Some children will choose to argue about high and low, want others to obey their own ideas, and completely deny others the opportunity to express themselves. In the face of conflicts between people, we should respect other people's ideas and deal with the differences with others. When others make mistakes, you need to be more generous and have a heart of tolerance to make the future road smoother.

There are boys in the family, and the 3 qualities that parents should teach their children the most

1. Have a sense of responsibility for the family and take responsibility for things Many parents pay more attention to their children As long as the child's academic performance is excellent, he will not be too mischievous at ordinary times, just follow the teachings of the parents and be obedient, so the cultivation of the child's character is neglected. For boys, as parents, we must educate children to have a sense of responsibility, no matter what we do, we must have our own persistence and responsibility. When encountering difficulties, you can't just give up. Parents should accompany their children to explore together and find solutions in setbacks. Some boys have no sense of responsibility in doing things. When they encounter problems, they will directly put the responsibility on others. They think that it is the fault of others that leads to such results. They never find problems in themselves and analyze the reasons for failure. . Such a boy will not have a sense of responsibility for his family in the future, and will only attribute the responsibility to his wife or parents. The same is true at work. He will not take the initiative to bear the consequences, but will only let others bear the burden, and he will hide behind his back and ignore it. In fact, when parents are educating boys, they should not do everything for their children. They should let their children have more exposure to difficulties, try to overcome difficulties through their own strength, and guide their children to take responsibility. 2. Face life firmly and face the future bravely. Many times, parents spoil their children too much, resulting in children not being able to bear pressure. When they encounter a problem they don’t understand in their studies, they give up without thinking. That’s because they are afraid of failure and the hard work in the process of solving the problem. Parents should guide their children to learn to persevere in time. Because the future is full of thorns, if there is no strong heart, life will not go on, we must face the challenges bravely and cannot escape. Parents should not impose too many restrictions on their children's education. They should let their children make their own choices. After many challenges, they will form a strong heart and face the future life firmly and bravely. 3. Self-control should be strong, and life should be regular. Many children have no rules in their lives. They don't know how to allocate time for work and rest, and they prefer to play. This will lead to the development of a procrastination character in the future, and it will be hot for three minutes. It will not take long to be patient, and the concentration will be relatively poor, and it will be difficult to achieve great things in the future. For the education of boys, they should pay more attention to their self-control training. Also, parents should ask their children to exercise more and train their children to have a strong physique, so that they can protect themselves and their families.
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