"Female Laiyue, male born early"? Those who give birth before the due date are most likely to be these three types of expectant mothers

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"Female Laiyue, male born early"? Those who give birth before the due date are most likely to be these three types of expectant mothers

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After a woman is pregnant for a period of time, the doctor It can roughly estimate the due date of delivery based on the physical condition of the woman. Presumably the family hopes that the child will be born at the "appointed" time, but accidents happen from time to time, and some mothers are prone to premature birth. What is the cause?

"Women depend on the moon, boys are born early", most of the premature births are boys? Wrong, most of these three types of expectant mothers

In the older generation, there is such a saying about the birth time of the baby: "women are born in the moon, men are born early". That is to say, if a mother gives birth to a baby before her due date, most of the premature births are boys. Bao's mother, Xiaohong, gave birth to a son for the first time. 5 days before the due date given by the doctor, Xiaohong showed signs of giving birth. After a long period of time, Xiaohong gave birth to a son early. When Xiaohong was pregnant with her second child, she showed signs of giving birth before her due date. When she was expecting to give birth in the hospital, Xiaohong joked with her husband: "Do you think this is a daughter or a son? If it is a daughter, you will do housework for a year." The mother-in-law on the side said: "This child is born early again, it must be a Boy. It would be great if it was a daughter." I didn't expect Xiaohong to actually give birth to a daughter later. It seems that it is not accurate to say that it was a boy who was born prematurely.

Compared with ordinary pregnant women, these 3 types of expectant mothers are more likely to give birth prematurely

1. Pregnant women who are not at the optimal reproductive age The optimal age for childbearing is around 23 to 30 years old. Women earlier than this age, the development of various functions of the body is not perfect, and it is easy to have premature birth. Women who are later than this age group have gradually weakened body functions, and are also prone to premature birth. 2. The due date given by the doctor for pregnant women with poor physique is calculated based on the time of the mother's menstruation. If the pregnant woman is usually in poor physical condition and irregular menstruation, then the given due date will be deviated. In this case, the real birth time of the fetus may be much earlier than the expected date of delivery. 3. Pregnant women with multiple births If a pregnant woman is pregnant with multiple births, the fetuses are basically fully developed by the 38th week of pregnancy. At this time, if the fetus continues to grow, the mother may not be able to bear such a burden. In such a situation, premature birth can easily occur.

What are some ways to prevent preterm birth? These 3 points are very important

1. Regular pregnancy check-ups are the best way to prevent premature birth. In order to avoid premature birth, mothers must go to the hospital on time for prenatal check-ups during pregnancy. In this way, we can learn more about the growth and development of the baby, and at the same time, the doctor will give the most reasonable advice according to the mother's situation. 2. Avoid overwork during pregnancy. During pregnancy, mothers must ensure that they have sufficient rest, and at the same time, they cannot perform overworked activities, especially gravity activities. When mothers perform gravity activities, the abdomen may be involved, and in such a case, it is easy to cause an accident to the fetus. In addition, mothers should also pay attention to avoid long-distance bus rides during the third trimester of pregnancy. 3. Stabilize your emotions during pregnancy The emotions of pregnant women will directly affect the development of the fetus. To effectively avoid premature birth, expectant mothers must maintain a relaxed and happy mood. This can better promote the development of the baby's nervous system and ensure the smooth birth of the baby.
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