Feeling out of control after becoming a parent? Compared with disobedient children, it is the parents who are "not sensible"

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Feeling out of control after becoming a parent? Compared with disobedient children, it is the parents who are "not sensible"

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Many parents have expressed that they are in a predicament. On the way to educate their children, when they refresh their instinctive understanding of their emotions, sometimes they simply cannot Control your emotions, the frequency of losing your temper is always on the rise. But as a parent, have you ever thought that everyone is a parent for the first time, why others can educate talented people, but what they teach is a bully. Sometimes you should reflect, or it is not the child who is ignorant, maybe it is yourself.

What are the typical behaviors of "unintelligent" parents?

1. Your opinion is always right. Many parents always think that they have rich experience and solid handling skills. Many times, they are inexplicably confident in their opinions. They think that their children are still young. Too few, the child should listen to the parents. When children express their own opinions, they will directly deny them without serious thought after listening. Children are sometimes more sensible than their parents imagine, and their creativity and imagination are not all empty talk. It's just that they are still young and do not know how to express their ideas in words, and they will not find ways to realize them by themselves. Parents will only deny their children, which not only makes children lose confidence in doing things, but also makes children habitually doubt themselves, thinking that their ideas are wrong, and naturally bury their talents. 2. Never admit your mistakes. Parents will not admit their mistakes even if they make mistakes. In fact, parents never thought that their children would tolerate their own mistakes. If parents do not admit their mistakes, they will mislead their children into thinking that this is correct, which will affect their children's judgment of right and wrong in the future. Parents who do not admit their mistakes will be considered by their children as not being responsible enough, and the children's trust in their parents will continue to weaken in the future. 3. Thinking that other children's children are strong parents. In the eyes of parents, other children's children are always strong. They will always magnify the advantages of other children, but they like to magnify the shortcomings of their own children, and then make comparisons between children. This is a big deal. A common problem for most parents. In fact, children also need an encouragement from their parents. The advantages and disadvantages coexist. Parents should be good at discovering the advantages of their children and affirming their children more, so as to shorten the distance between parents and children.

How should parents and children communicate effectively?

1. Parents should learn to think in a different position. People are habitually thinking about problems from their own perspective, especially parents, who always follow the concept of being good for their children and think that adults can think comprehensively, just stand on their own side. angle to educate children. Sometimes, you should learn to look at problems from the child's point of view and not be too rational. 2. Parents should learn to respect their children. Children also have ideas and self-esteem. Parents cannot ignore this. As parents, they should respect their children and let their children feel their parents' love for them. In particular, some parents are quite indifferent to their own mistakes, thinking that these mistakes should go with the wind, and never make a review in front of their children, so that children will think that they are disrespectful to themselves. 3. Parents must learn to let go of their children. No one can escape the fate faced by one person on the road of growth. Parents should face up to the problem of letting go of their children, and pay less attention to their children's nostalgia and their own affairs. Let the children hit the wall more by themselves, train the children's ability to face setbacks, don't be a controlling family, and bury the children's potential.

How can parents bring their children closer together? These three points are the key

1. Recognize the importance of communication. Many parents have the same commonality, that is, they do not like to communicate with their children. In their eyes, the children are ignorant. I am willing to share with my children when I have something on my mind. In fact, such a parent-child relationship will make the child feel a sense of lack of family. Parents should treat the child in an equal relationship, let the child share their own difficulties, form a cooperative relationship with the child, and negotiate how to deal with the problem. When dealing with children, you should change your perspective more, don't blindly think that children are just children, and change your position so that children are also "good" for their parents. 2. Effectively accompany the child In fact, accompanying the child more is the easiest way to shorten the distance with the child. Many parents are not willing to spend ten minutes with their children after they go home, either busy or playing with their mobile phones at all times. Some experts have said that in fact, efficient companionship only takes ten minutes. Parents only need to accompany their children to read a book for ten minutes, or play games, chat and study. As long as they are accompanied attentively, they can enhance the parent-child relationship. 3. Care for children should be in place. Many parents only care about their children in a formalistic way, and care about their children's health in a perfunctory manner, and whether the study is completed smoothly or not. More emphasis is placed on teaching children. Once a child is not ideal in exams, or if he is acting like a mischievous person, it is totally unreasonable to teach the child directly. Parents should focus on their children's education and care for their children. They should not always treat their children with the attitude of "I am a parent". Trying to be friends with children is also a good way of parent-child interaction.
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