"One cry, two smiles, three recognitions", how old can a baby recognize its mother? so warm

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"One cry, two smiles, three recognitions", how old can a baby recognize its mother? so warm

From the moment you conceive a baby, your heart is full of babies; from the moment you give birth to a baby, your eyes are full of babies. Being a mother is probably the case~ But for babies, when did they start to know their mother? Do you want to know too. Some people think it is in the womb of the mother, because during prenatal education, the mother will move very happily when she speaks, but will not move when the father or other people speak. Some people think that it is at least half a year old after birth.

It turns out that this is how the baby recognizes his mother. After reading it, the defense is broken!

There is a heart-warming public service advertisement from CCTV. The content of the video is about a crying and restless baby who can't be coaxed by anyone who holds it. Whether it is a kind grandma, a gentle pregnant aunt, a sunny uncle, or a lovely sister, none of them can calm him down. Finally, in the arms of an unfamiliar bearded uncle, stop crying and slowly smile... The reason is that a few months ago, his mother's heart was transplanted to this uncle, and when the baby heard the familiar heartbeat of his mother again, gradually I stopped crying, and smiled at my uncle. I touched my uncle's nose with my little hand, and grabbed my uncle's fingers... Some netizens said: The baby stopped crying, but I did. The one-and-a-half minute video really made me cry over and over again. Human cubs are really magical beings. At such a young age, "mother" doesn't even know how to cry, or even doesn't understand anything, but when they hear the heartbeat of "dong dong dong", they know that the voice is very familiar. , will make him feel safe, make him smile happily, that heartbeat is mother's heartbeat.

"One cry, two laughs and three recognitions", how old does a baby start to recognize his mother?

Yes, little babies don't understand everything. Just like the baby in front of me, I heard the familiar heartbeat and knew it was my mother's heartbeat. We also know that in nature, many small animals regard the first animal they see after birth as their mother. However, the newly born human babies have incomplete vision development, not only the distance they can see is limited, but also the things they see are black and white, including their own mothers. Therefore, they will use other methods to judge whether it is a mother before remembering the mother's face. Next, let's take a look at how the little baby recognizes its mother step by step. 0-3 months: I have seen a warm video in the delivery room through my mother's heartbeat, smell, and voice. It is a newborn baby. When the nurse was holding him, she cried a lot, but when the nurse put him next to her mother, she said Saying "Kiss, Mommy worked hard". The mother touched the baby's little face with her hand, and the crying baby stopped crying immediately, and lay obediently beside her mother. Some netizens said: "The newborn baby is so smart!", "Only mother is good in the world". In the chapter "Human Nature Awakened by Emotions" in Teacher Li Meijin's "Psychological Raising", it is written that children first recognize people by smell. As early as during pregnancy, the first development of the fetus is hearing. After birth, the sense of smell develops before the vision, and the sense of smell is the earliest way for a child to recognize people. Since the mother's heartbeat rhythm and body odor are remembered when it is in the mother's womb, the baby will be very safe when held by the baby and by the mother's side, smelling the familiar smell and listening to the familiar heartbeat. Feeling, will stop crying and become very good. Another way to judge is to listen to the sound. The baby's hearing begins to develop around the 5th month of pregnancy, and in the next few months, the mother's voice will be heard every day, which is naturally familiar. After he was born, he would still remember his mother's voice. When his mother talked to him, he knew that he was by his side, and he would become quieter and more at ease. 4-6 months: After the mother is born, it starts to distinguish by the eyes. With the gradual development of vision, the baby sees things more and more clearly, sees farther and farther, and gradually has color in the eyes, cognitive ability It also gradually develops, and it begins to recognize and remember mother through vision. During pregnancy, I am inseparable from my mother every day. After birth, my mother takes care of me every day. Breastfeeding, changing diapers, changing clothes, coaxing me to sleep, etc., the baby will be more familiar with the mother. Coupled with the development of vision, at about 4 months, the baby can slowly identify the mother through the eyes, and already smile at the mother. 6-12 months: Begin to learn to recognize people. At about 6 months, the baby's eyesight further develops, and he can clearly see the people and things in front of him. Not only can he recognize his own mother, but also which ones are familiar Who are strangers, that is, there is a performance of recognition. Facing the mother who gets along day and night, she will become more and more dependent, and always like to stick to her mother, but if someone wants to take him away, there will be obvious resistance and crying, but it is not so easy. Is the baby at this time obviously "smart"? At the age of 7-9 months, the baby who talks early will call the first "mother", a milky "mother", which can make the mother cry. The front is the process of the baby getting to know his mother step by step. After reading it, do you think this little baby at home is amazing! It seems that there is not much change every day, and it seems that they don't understand anything, but in fact they are trying to grow up every day. For mothers, watching these changes in the baby is worth it, no matter how hard or tired. I also hope that the baby can grow up healthy and happy. Finally, I would like to recommend a parenting column for babies under one year old: "Baby development, feeding and nursing for 0-12 months, very detailed, novice parents raise their babies according to the month". This column is in the form of a video, a detailed and systematic monthly explanation of babies 0-12 months, each month: growth and development characteristics, feeding and nursing focus, parent-child early education methods, toy recommendations, etc. It is very practical. Novice parents can raise their children on a monthly basis, reduce anxiety and pit children, and buy a study if necessary. How old is your baby, when do you think your baby started to know his mother, and you are welcome to share the heartwarming moments in the process of bringing your baby. Related reading recommendation 1: The day is hot and the child wakes up frequently at night, and the parents are tired. In fact, the baby also has difficulties. It is very important to find the reason. Parents can easily bring their baby
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