Without these 4 conditions, don't dig earwax, it will cause irreversible damage to the baby's photo

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Without these 4 conditions, don't dig earwax, it will cause irreversible damage to the baby's photo

Let me tell you a shameful thing. I was splashed with water when I was bathing my child. I didn't pay attention to it at the time. Guess what happened? One ear can't hear! It's not that you can't hear it instantly, it's the kind of inaudible frog that is boiled in warm water. After half a month, Xiao Nan tried to use a baby cotton swab to dig his ears. Hey, what's going on, the feeling of a copper wall? Quickly throw away the cotton swab and go to the otorhinolaryngology department. It is indeed a big lump of super hard earwax. It takes 4 times to clean it out. When the last big piece of earwax is sucked out, I feel refreshed instantly. Here comes the highlight: the doctor mocked himself for "becoming a shit shovel officer again", and then told Qian Qian: Don't take out the earwax next time, adults and children, don't take it out, just find us. Why do doctors not recommend earwax removal unless there are special circumstances? Let's take a quick look at the news first: Does earwax need to be removed? Earwax, scientific name "cerumen", is mainly the secretion of sebaceous glands and cerumen glands in the external auditory canal, mixed with a little dust and dander, which can protect the ear canal internally, and externally can "dissuade" flying insects by smell, and its existence is very valuable. . Most people have dry ear wax, which is dry and flake-like and will fall off on its own; a small number of people have oily ear wax, which is not easy to fall off. It is normal whether dry or oily. So, don't take it lightly. There is a condition in the ear, and you don't dig it out? Basically do not pay! But in these cases, don't let earwax play tricks in your ears, or ask a doctor to dig it out.
  • Some children have more glandular secretions than others, which leads to faster generation of earwax.
  • Some children's earwax secretion is normal, but the external auditory canal is deformed, narrow, and scarred, and the earwax is not easy to discharge, and it is "traffic" in the ear canal.
  • If the fresh earwax is not expelled in time after drying, it is not impossible to block the ear canal over time.
  • The presence of earwax must be brushed. Press the tympanic membrane at every turn to cause dizziness, tinnitus, and hearing loss; press the skin on the back wall of the external auditory canal, stimulate the vagus nerve, and cause reflex cough; When the water swells, it completely blocks the external auditory canal, causing ear fullness, tinnitus, and sudden hearing loss (Xiao Nan was hit). [1]
  • Learn about the correct posture of picking your ears: in special circumstances, you can pick your ears ≠ you can pick them out if you want, and you can do it as you feel comfortable. In this way, the ears are safe: 1. The ears are really itchy, wash your hands, and gently scratch your ears twice with your fingers. Key points: only fingers, not sharp objects such as keys. 2. If the itching is often unbearable, it may be eczema of the external auditory canal. Go to the hospital. 3. Wear earplugs + go to a clean swimming pool if you are afraid of water entering your ears or ear inflammation when swimming. 4. When swimming, the ear gets into the water. After going ashore, turn your head to the side of the water, and then gently pull the ear back and upward. You can hop on one foot or tap the ear lightly to let the water flow out early. 5. When water enters the nasal cavity when swimming, do not blow your nose hard, otherwise the water will easily flow into the middle ear and cause otitis media. 6. What the hell is dripping ears with vinegar or alcohol? It will only make the infection worse. [2] Of course, many parents say that "the eyes are good, but the hands are not." If the child has a lot of earwax and is also infected, he still needs to go to the hospital to control the infection first and then solve the earwax. If the child has frequent embolism or obvious embolism, it is still necessary to go to the otolaryngology department regularly to "check in" and "shovel shit" in time to prevent the next embolism. [3] In short, Xiaonan tells you one thing from personal experience: if there is a condition in the ear, going to the hospital is the only way. References: [1] Gu Zehao. It is not that simple to remove "earwax". Jiangsu Health Care: Health Care Today, 2017(2): 48-48. [2] Wang Xiaohuan. Fang Yuan, 2019(24): 8-8. [3] Wang Qian. What should I do if my child's earwax is too much and hard. Healthy Life, 2008(2): 35-35.
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