How to make a one-year-old have fun? You need to know these skills

time:2023-02-03 author:Baby care
How to make a one-year-old have fun? You need to know these skills

When you suddenly have to take care of a one-year-old baby, how do you make him/her have fun with no experience? Here are some practical experiences to get you started quickly!

Build a bond with your baby

Play the stacking game. The stacking game is a favorite game for many babies and toddlers, and this game can be played anywhere without the need for additional baby toys. You just need to prepare any possible small items, stack them together, and then push the stack down. Babies can also have fun on their own. Of course, this game is best done with toy blocks, but you can use anything you can find, just make sure it doesn't break when you push down. You can use plastic cups, small boxes, soft sponges and even food, and other small items you can find in your home. Toy blocks are cheap, readily available, and easy to store, so if you have young kids in your home every now and then, you can have a set. At the same time, you should also pay attention to the baby's movements, and do not let the baby put small objects in the mouth. Let your baby play in the bathtub. A full sink or bathtub can keep your baby entertained as long as you're there to keep an eye on them. You also don't need to actually bathe your baby, as too much soap can irritate your baby's skin, but you can let them play in the water with small toys. It's important to note that this can also be dangerous. If you are slightly distracted or away, your baby may be in danger. Know that even a little water in your baby's lungs can be dangerous. If you want to choose this way, then you have to pay very careful attention. You'll want to wash any bath toys your baby plays with regularly to keep them from getting moldy. You can soak the toy in a 3:1 mixture of hot water and white vinegar for about 10 minutes, then rinse with water and dry completely. If you don't have baby shower toys, you can make dolls out of towels or use some easy-to-make boats. Read for baby. Babies usually understand much more language than they can express. If you read books in a way that is suitable for babies, they will be especially easy to get involved. Remember to take a more vivid approach to reading, keep your voice alive, and be more exaggerated in your emotional expression. Babies especially love stories they're familiar with, so be sure to check with their parents to find out their favorite books. Do some artistic activities. Babies aren't very athletic, but maybe they have an artistic talent. Art is not only entertaining, it also stimulates your baby's brain and provides them with a great sensory experience. A simple activity is to have your baby make a card for a family member. It can be a thank you card for mom, a birthday card for dad, or a love card for other members. Take a piece of paper, cut it to the size of a card, then color your baby's hand and make a handprint on the card. Another good option is to use crayons. Have your baby draw on the paper with crayons - make sure the crayons don't get into your baby's mouth, of course. Play shadow games. Your baby is just getting started with the concept of shadows, so you can play shadow games with him. You can cut a butterfly shape out of a piece of paper and light it with a flashlight. Let the baby chase the shadow of the butterfly. If you can, you can even play shadow puppets, so that the baby can have more fun. Play with bubbles. Bubbles are to babies what video games are to teenage boys. Babies love bubbles, so playing with them is an easy way to keep them entertained. If you don't have any bubble blowing equipment, you can also make soap bubbles yourself.

Make the most of time

You can try scheduling outings during your baby's nap time. If you have to go out, you can arrange it while your baby is taking a nap. This doesn't mean you just leave your baby at home alone, you can put your baby in a baby carrier and go out with your baby, so that the baby will sleep on your chest and you can do your own thing in peace. Get some fixable toys. Babies like to throw toys aside or on the floor, which can increase your workload. You can attach the toy to the seat so your baby can enjoy throwing and pulling back. Have food nearby. When going out with children, be sure to prepare food. Your baby doesn't have to be really hungry, but you can let it pass the time without crying. Try to choose snacks that are easy for your baby to eat. Small things that take a long time to eat are good choices. For example, cereal, raisins, fruit slices, and seedless grapes are all good choices. Avoid hard foods, unhealthy foods, and foods that are difficult to chew and swallow. This is especially important when you are in the car. Because it's hard to notice a baby choking while you're driving. Also avoid foods that can clutter your surroundings. Try playing some transfer games while you're on a plane. You can bring some plastic boxes and a bag of beans. Having your baby transfer the beans from one box to the other will keep your baby happy for hours. If you don't have these with you, you can use whatever is readily available on the plane. Like some empty plastic cups, stack them up and push them down. Use mirrors while driving. Having your baby in the back seat is the best option, but it can also make your baby uncomfortable because they can't see you. You can take a mirror that is attached to the seat so your baby can see you in the mirror, and you can play mirror games. Make funny faces at your baby in the mirror. It's fun for babies, and they'll even imitate you. Treat your keychain as a toy. Of course you have to make sure to remove things that could be dangerous to your baby, such as nail clippers, ear picks, etc. You can knock or shake keys in front of your baby to make sounds. Simple little things can make your baby happy. Let the baby tear the paper. Tear paper is a great game for your baby, you can take out some old newspapers or scrap paper and teach your baby how to rip them off. Sing nursery rhymes, especially those with movement. If you can sing some songs, use your voice to please the baby. Try some nursery rhymes or nursery rhymes, even if your baby doesn't understand the words, they love you when you play an energetic song. Play peekaboo. Peekaboo is a basic game that kids love. You can hide behind obstacles and laugh out loud. An easier way is to cover your face with your hands first and then remove it. Use electronic devices with caution. One-year-old children are not recommended to watch screens. Babies are easily attracted to mobile phones or TVs. Unless it's a very urgent situation, you can temporarily use your phone to attract your baby's attention, but make sure you don't hurt your baby in the process. You can try to download some small games suitable for young children and let the baby play for a while. The above are some tips on how to make a one-year-old baby play happily~ I hope it can be helpful to you~ Good baby, I hope that every baby can grow up healthily and happily!
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