There are two behaviors that have a big impact in the early pregnancy, and mothers should pay special attention to them.

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There are two behaviors that have a big impact in the early pregnancy, and mothers should pay special attention to them.

Nowadays, young couples have a strong awareness of preparing for pregnancy. After marriage, most couples will adjust their daily routines. Of course, due to the busy work and lack of experience, even if there is a new pregnancy, pregnant mothers may not be able to quickly get pregnant. It is found that it is inevitable to touch the contraindication of pregnancy. Xiao Xu, a post-90s mother-to-be, is one of them. In the sweltering heat, the hot weather made her dry, angry, and sore in her throat. So, Xiao Xu took the cold medicine and gunpowder that were always at home. As a result, a week later, the aunt who was originally on time did not arrive. After being reminded by his family, Xiao Xu used a pregnancy test stick to test, and it turned out to be two bars. In anticipation of the arrival of her new life, she also had some concerns. After going to the hospital for an examination, Xiao Xu learned that the fetus was four weeks old. After reckoning, she found that she was already pregnant when she took the medicine, but she hadn't noticed it yet. She was worried that the child would have deformities under the influence of the medicine. After the doctor knew about Xiao Xu's pregnancy time and the type of drugs he was taking, he told Xiao Xu that these drugs had little effect on the fetus. After listening to the doctor's explanation, Xiao Xu was relieved. There are two behaviors after pregnancy, which have a great impact on the fetus. One is medication and the other is drinking. I wonder if you have these two behaviors after pregnancy?

What are the effects of early medication on my baby?

I believe that most expectant mothers can do it, try to avoid taking medicine and drinking alcohol, but sometimes they have to take medicine in the face of some special circumstances, how is this good? Mothers-to-be taking drugs in the first trimester of pregnancy should specify the time of fertilization. If there is an exact time of intercourse, then the time can be considered as the time of fertilization; if the specific time of intercourse is not known, it can be calculated according to the menstrual cycle. , a woman ovulates 14 days before her period. First, within a week of fertilization, expectant mothers take drugs, which usually do not affect the healthy development of the fetus. On the day of fertilization, the sperm and the egg combine to form a fertilized egg, and this process takes about 24 hours; until the third day of pregnancy, the fertilized egg undergoes about 3 to 4 divisions. At this stage, most cell divisions rely on the egg to provide nutrients. At the same time, the fertilized egg will gradually move towards the uterus until it can implant into the endometrium on the 11th to 12th day. All in all, before the implantation of the fertilized egg, expectant mothers taking medicine or drinking alcohol will not affect the embryo. Second, in the second week of fertilization, drugs and alcohol consumption may lead to L birth but not deformity. In the second week of fertilization, embryo division is only to increase the number of cells. For drugs and alcohol, the embryo has a certain self-repair ability. Once the embryo cannot be repaired, it will be born. During this period, fertilized eggs adhere to the survival law of survival of the fittest. That is to say, those fertilized eggs that are successfully implanted are completely unaffected by the drug. Finally, the third to tenth week of fertilization is an important stage in the development of embryonic organs, and the fetus is deeply affected by drugs and alcohol. The various organs of the baby will be fully developed at this stage, the nerve center of the fetus is gradually formed, the development of various organs of the body is accelerated, and it is more sensitive to external perception. The fetus is also most prone to malformations due to drugs and alcohol, and this stage is also known as the period of high teratogenic sensitivity. Taking medication during this period requires extra caution and avoids taking medications with less safety and significant side effects.

How does early drinking affect the fetus?

It is well known that drinking alcohol is harmful to the body, excessive drinking can lead to alcohol poisoning, and even more sequelae. Drinking alcohol during pregnancy can also affect the fetus. Alcohol will pass the metabolite-acetaldehyde to the fetus through the placenta, which will affect the baby's absorption of B vitamins and glucose and hinder the intellectual development of the fetus. The embryonic development in early pregnancy is still unstable, and alcohol is extremely stimulating. If you drink alcohol, it is likely to stimulate the development of the fetus. If mothers-to-be drink excessively, it will cause the baby who lacks resistance to have miscarriage. Of course, the impact of alcohol on the fetus is also related to the time and amount of drinking. Usually, in the first trimester, the amount of drinking is proportional to the damage to the fetus. Tips: These injuries have irreversible effects on the fetus, so expectant mothers should try to avoid drinking alcohol during pregnancy.

"Three Attentions" in the early stage of pregnancy

After finding out that pregnancy, expecting mothers should arrange their daily diet reasonably. Although the early fertilized egg is only a cell, it is necessary to Development from a fertilized egg to a healthy embryo requires adequate nutrients. Therefore, expectant mothers should balance nutrition, supplement high-quality protein, and vitamins. Of course, pregnant mothers should also avoid a lot of supplements, knowing that excess nutrition will also cause harm to the development of the fetus. Note 1: Be careful to avoid strenuous exercise. The fetal development in the early stage of pregnancy is still unstable. If mothers-to-be do strenuous exercise, it is very likely that the fetus will be stimulated and give birth. Of course, pregnant women should also maintain certain leisure sports, such as walking or jogging. Note 2: Pay attention to avoid fatigue. Pregnant mothers are generally tired in the first trimester, so they need to ensure adequate rest. Heavy work and excessive fatigue can easily lead to L birth, especially those pregnant women of advanced age, as well as pregnant women with certain chronic diseases. Note 3: Pay attention to folic acid supplementation in the first trimester is the golden period of fetal nervous system development, so expectant mothers should adjust their living habits and avoid the influence of adverse factors as much as possible. Tips: In order to prevent the abnormal development of the fetus, pregnant women should supplement folic acid in an orderly manner from the first trimester until the third month of pregnancy, and follow the doctor's advice to supplement it until delivery if necessary. Conclusion: Life and care in the first trimester are extremely important. Expectant mothers should pay attention to their health, avoid getting sick, live a healthy life, and get enough sleep. At the same time, they should also increase the intake of nutrients and mix meat and vegetables. This will help Healthy development of the fetus. (The picture in this article comes from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete it)
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