Is vocational education inferior or promising? The truth behind it is not the same as imagined

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Is vocational education inferior or promising? The truth behind it is not the same as imagined

The diversion of the senior high school entrance examination makes many students and parents think that after the senior high school entrance examination, they have entered the crossroads of life. In the opinion of most parents, even if entering a high school is not a key high school, there is a great chance to be admitted to a university three years later. However, the results of the senior high school entrance examination are not competitive. Diverting into vocational high schools would mean that most would miss out on college. Many parents even think that vocational high schools are a helpless choice, thinking that once their children enter vocational high schools, they have lost their future. Are vocational schools really as bad as parents think? The truth behind it may be unimaginable. In recent years, the state has paid more and more attention to vocational education, especially the implementation of the new vocational education law this year, which has made vocational education a hot issue of social concern. Since the Vocational Education Law was promulgated 26 years ago, the "overhaul" will be completed for the first time in 2022, increasing from more than 3,400 words to more than 10,000 words. The new Vocational Education Law will be implemented on May 1 this year.

Determine the legal status of vocational education and ensure stable development

The development of vocational education needs to go through a certain process, and there are inevitably system gaps in the development. The maturity is not perfect, the quality of education and the quality of trained talents are uneven, and there are several problems in social security. This also affects social recognition, and affects the recognition, income level, social status and job promotion of graduates from vocational schools after entering the society. This influence has formed a bad cycle. Many people have a prejudice against vocational education, thinking that entering vocational schools is inferior to others, and only the worst students choose vocational schools. This is the first major revision this year since the Vocational Education Law was implemented in 1996. The new Vocational Education Law clearly states that vocational schools have the same equal opportunities as ordinary schools in terms of continuing education, graduation, employment and even career development. This is undoubtedly a clear legal form. Vocational education is as important as general education. Responding to social concerns is more conducive to further improving the recognition of vocational education, and also provides a good environment for the stable development of vocational education. From the current point of view, there are more than 11,300 vocational schools in my country, with 30.88 million students enrolled, and an average of 10 million graduates are sent to the society every year. No matter from the scale of the school, the number of students and the employment of talents, it cannot be ignored. The new Vocational Education Law clearly shows the important position of vocational education, and establishes that vocational education is an important way to cultivate diversified talents, cultivate talents who master one skill, and promote entrepreneurship and employment. Emphasizing equality and emphasizing equality means that vocational education is not "lower class", but a promising future that can be on an equal footing with general education. It also means that the country will make great efforts to improve and improve the level and conditions of vocational education. Not only that, the future employment and career development of graduates also enjoy the same rights as general education. To a large extent, it solves the worries of students and parents, and the establishment of legal status also provides a foundation for stable development.

Clarify the system and help reform

The new Vocational Education Law clearly states that the principal responsibility system adopted by public schools in vocational schools is led by the party organization. Private vocational schools, on the other hand, improve their decision-making mechanisms in accordance with relevant laws, which defines the basic principles to be followed for the school management system. With a clear leadership team, a sound organizational system, and a sound work organization, vocational education schools can take a long-term perspective, think about problems in reform and development, and work hard to cultivate high-quality skilled talents. In recent years, my country is gradually expanding the scale of vocational undergraduate school education, and the channels for undergraduate vocational colleges to recruit students are mainly vocational school graduates. Higher vocational school education should be implemented by higher vocational schools and ordinary colleges and universities with junior college and undergraduate education levels, and it is also clearly stipulated in the new vocational education law. Vocational education and general education are gradually being integrated, as are middle and higher vocational education, which is of great significance in optimizing the structure of vocational education and meeting people's diverse needs.

Multi-level integration, cultivating skilled talents

The new vocational education law also clearly points out the need to establish and improve a "modern vocational education system", which indicates that it is necessary to adapt to the society The needs of economic modernization and development can be effectively integrated through different levels of vocational education and general education. Skill education has become part of the overall education, and the establishment of the new vocational education law has improved the recognition of vocational school students, making a skill become "true fragrance". The state has also introduced a series of policies to improve the treatment of skilled talents, and even in the recruitment of some institutions, graduates of vocational colleges are also listed in the recruitment list. A child may not be able to go to a famous school once and for all, and his life will be carefree. After all, general education and a famous school are only the threshold, and finding an ideal job after graduation is an important goal. Statistics show that there will be more than 10 million college graduates in my country in 2022, which has set a new record. All sectors of society are paying attention to the employment situation of graduates, and 50% of the graduates who have signed employment contracts have also reduced their salaries by 12%, which is undoubtedly a gap with the expectations of students. Therefore, the employment prospects of ordinary college graduates may not be optimistic. The national measures are vigorously advocating the importance of skills and the status of vocational education, and the cultivation of skilled talents in vocational education meets the needs of social development, provides a diverse path for young people to become talents, and provides a broad range of life choices. Summary: Both vocational education and general education should be equal, and the clarity of the new vocational education law makes the majority of workers engaged in vocational education, vocational education institutions and students more confident and confident. The legal positioning of vocational education has not only improved its wide recognition, but also provided a foundation for the stable development of vocational education. Parents should not always view vocational education with outdated concepts. (The picture in this article comes from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete it)
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