The parents who "gnaw the old clan" are getting old one after another, and faced with "no one can chew", what will happen to them?

time:2023-02-03 author:Diet
The parents who "gnaw the old clan" are getting old one after another, and faced with "no one can chew", what will happen to them?

Does the word "gnawing old" sound familiar? Indeed, the first generation of "gnawing old people" has gradually grown old. How are their lives? You may think that I will tell the stories of young people. In fact, what I want to share with you today is the stories of some old people. Once, they were also "gnawing old people", but now they are getting old, and their current situation How?

Sister Wang's story

Sister Wang is in her 60s, and her children are all married and working in big cities. Raw water. Sister Wang is now alone, and her wife is gone. Sister Wang has not suffered much since she was a child, and she is well maintained. If you don't say her real age, you might think she's just in her early 50s. A group of old friends who often dance square dances, there are two people in the family, and some people introduce a wife to Sister Wang, but Sister Wang has never been attracted. One of the dance partners was outspoken and asked Sister Wang, "You are also in your 60s, you have no job and no pension, why are you so picky?" Sister Wang glanced at her and said nothing. Sister Li next to him stabbed the man and whispered, "You don't know, Lao Wang has a retired father who is in his 90s, and his retirement salary is tens of thousands of yuan. Lao Wang is not a master without money. Son." That person understood that there was a reason why Sister Wang was picky. But they came and went, and Sister Wang didn't like them either. It's not that the other party dislikes her for being old, or that she dislikes the other party for being ugly. Finally, there was Uncle Zhang, who entered the eyes of Sister Wang. Uncle Zhang is a veteran and has a good temperament. Although he is over 60, his waist is very straight and he looks very energetic. Sister Wang immediately fell in love. But Uncle Zhang is not a confused person, so he asked Sister Wang, "How much is your monthly pension? Do you have a house?" Sister Wang thought, I am not married to you, why do I still have so many demands? Uncle Zhang said: "It's not that I have to find someone with an economic foundation. It's because my son and daughter are married and have a small grandson and granddaughter. I don't want to cause them any trouble. If you marry me, I also hope that we can be independent. I don’t want to rely on my children to live, and my pension is only over 3,000, so I’m afraid it’s a little tight for the two of us.” Although Uncle Zhang’s income is not very high, Sister Wang fell in love and said bluntly, “I didn’t retire. But my father has it, my father’s pension is more than 10,000 yuan a month, which is enough for him.” Uncle Zhang asked back, “Isn’t my father’s money used for his retirement? I am asking if you have retired. Jin?" Sister Wang was very unhappy: "Why do I have to be rich? I have lived with my father for so many years. Besides, even if the old father is gone, I still have children, so I can honor me. I don't need you!" After saying that, he walked away. Uncle Zhang was stunned, why is there such a person these days? A handful of years old, still "gnawing the old", if the old man is gone, he will still chew on his children, and he is so righteous, this is the first time I have seen it!

The story of Uncle Qin

Uncle Qin did not like to study since he was a child, and he could not work for a few days when he went out to work. He has been idle at home. Now Uncle Qin is nearly 50 years old. People, not married, no children. Uncle Qin's parents are both retired employees of state-owned enterprises. The pensions for the two of them add up to seven or eight thousand. The family can live fairly well. But there was no light in Uncle Qin's eyes. Uncle Qin said that he had lost confidence in the world. I didn’t feel anything when I was a child. The older I get, the more empty I feel, especially in the dead of night, when I see the lights of other people’s homes and then look at my own home, I feel really cool. In addition, I have never been to school, and I have no skills. Now I can't do anything except stay at home. Occasionally go out to do odd jobs, and can only pay for a drink. Uncle Qin's parents are both in their 70s. No one knows how many years they will have in the future. What about Uncle Qin's future? What happens after parents leave? Uncle Qin said, I don't know, I don't dare to think about it. Let's count it as a day. Now that there is still food at home, let's eat it first. Just this year, Uncle Qin's mother was diagnosed as mentally ill. She had only 7,000 to 8,000 living expenses, and she had to take out more than half of it to buy medicine for her mother. Uncle Qin complained and quarreled with his parents, saying that his life was not good, how could he have such a pair of parents? If you can't get old, Uncle Qin is afraid to go to work, right? However, Uncle Qin didn't plan this way. He felt that if he tightened his belt, he could last a few years.

An old age should not become a trend

An old age is indeed a very leisurely life. You don’t need to go to work, you don’t have to bear pressure, but you can live a relaxed life. But these days, leisure is only temporary, can your parents support you for a lifetime? They are getting old too! When the parents leave, what should these gnawing elders do? Will the day be so leisurely? Even if they have their children to help them, will they, who are used to "loafing around", be satisfied with their children's little effort? If you are not satisfied, will there be trouble? There may also be an inheritance left by the parents, and relying on this money, you can also make ends meet. But only material satisfaction, who will take care of them in life? Is there only one way to the nursing home? The story of Sister Wang and Uncle Qin is not an exception. They may not come to their senses, but feel that people in society simply do not understand them. Their lives should have been carefree. But what about their children? Without the help of the elderly, even if it is to help with the baby, how hard is life? Just like in the first few years after I gave birth, I slept less than four hours a day, while taking care of my baby, I helped people with handicrafts, earning some pocket money and subsidizing the family. At that time, if I had a mother like Sister Wang to support, the mountain on my back would probably weigh me down and I would not even have 4 hours of sleep. Therefore, even if you love your children again, don't make them gnaw on the old, because you can't take care of yourself in this way, and the unmotivated gnawing on the old will affect not only one generation, but the next generations will be deeply affected. Conclusion: It should not become a trend to be old, and the story of Sister Wang and Uncle Qin also brings us a lot of thinking for the new generation of parents. In the end, do you want to restrain the hands and feet of the children and let them become a new generation of "nibblers". (The picture in this article comes from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete it)
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