The college entrance examination has "fairy roll noodles" again, and the handwriting is neat like a print, and the marking teachers can't bear to deduct points

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The college entrance examination has "fairy roll noodles" again, and the handwriting is neat like a print, and the marking teachers can't bear to deduct points

Introduction: Every year after the college entrance examination, there will be "examination gods". Whether it is liberal arts or science, their grades will be praised by people. It is really "high". Compared with these test gods, there is also something worth talking about, that is, the rare "fairy roll noodles". The teacher who graded the paper couldn't bear to deduct points, it was too neat! Not to mention the grading teacher, even if we ordinary people see it, we will secretly give a thumbs up. , With a stroke of the pen, it may be the 3-5 points of the roll. The content written on the answer sheet like this is even more admirable. When the marking teacher sees such a paper, he can't help but stop and take a few more glances. The current college entrance examination is a man-machine marking, that is, the machine and the manual mark together. If the grading teacher sees this kind of content, he will definitely have a good impression on the answerer. This kind of content is really pleasing to the eye, and it must have come from the hands of a particularly self-disciplined student. I also saw a test paper with full marks in English. At first glance, I thought it was typed out by a machine. It was so beautiful and neat. This is the college entrance examination paper of Huang Yichen, the champion of the liberal arts college entrance examination. Her math score is 148, and her English score is full. Seeing such a neat and tidy paper surface, how could the grading teacher bear to deduct points? Take a look at this math volume again, every step of solving the problem is clearly written, and the handwriting is neat and there is no large-scale smearing and modification. The answers written are also very clear, and the teacher can see clearly at a glance. As long as there are no major problems with the problem-solving ideas and steps, the teacher will usually give full marks directly. It can be seen that whether it is Chinese, English or mathematics, the neatness of the paper and the clear fonts are the basis for answering the college entrance examination. Only when candidates have a good foundation can they improve their scores. You must know that one extra point in the college entrance examination can crush thousands of people. If you can get the 3-5 points of the paper, it will directly change the fate of the college entrance examination. My cousin told me that he suffered from this loss. He couldn’t write well, the school exam and the teacher’s grades were all normal, and the college entrance examination was a few points less than I expected. As a result, I usually have two books and three after the college entrance examination. I regret it when I think about it. If I practiced calligraphy well at the beginning, my life would not be the same.

The writing is not good, how can I avoid losing points?

After ten years of hard study in the cold window, the college entrance examination is the time to test the results. If the results are not satisfactory, I may have to repeat the study next, or enter a school that I don't like, such as my cousin. Therefore, the college entrance examination still has to work hard to avoid losing points. So, how can people with bad handwriting avoid losing points? First, the words should be written neatly and with word spacing. If the writing is not very beautiful, but it is neat, it can also improve the aesthetics. At least, it can give the teacher a good "impression score". Although the words are not very beautiful, they are neat and neat. The student's answering attitude is not bad. As long as there are no major mistakes, you will generally get the points you deserve. But for some students, in order to write more answers, the words are all linked together, and they can't read clearly. In this case, the answer may have been correct, because the words are not neat, there is no word spacing, the answer is not clear, and the original score is lost. Especially in the composition, each word must be in the grid, not out of line, keep the spacing, so that it is convenient for the marking teacher to check. Also, don't change it on a large scale. The answer sheets are all unified. If they are constantly altered, it may cause the words written in the back to be unclear. Not only the teacher can't read the test paper clearly, but it is also difficult for the machine to recognize it, let alone getting a high score. Some candidates may miss a word and then smear a large area, which will make the whole paper look messy. You can cross out the typo and write the correct word at the back to avoid large-scale alterations. Like the above test paper, the teacher has a headache when he sees it: "How can the teacher find the answer in the gap?" Funny The above tips are aimed at candidates who are not good at writing. With such skills, even if the writing is not so good-looking, it will not be deducted too many points, at least it can stabilize the college entrance examination results. But the best way to get rid of "gaokao losses" is to practice calligraphy in advance. When I was in junior high school, my calligraphy was the first in the county. I also participated in many domestic calligraphy competitions and won many awards. When I was in the college entrance examination, my focus was to write my composition like a calligraphy work. I got 50 points for a 60-point composition. It can be seen that calligraphy is indeed very important. Therefore, when I teach my children now, I will pay attention to letting them practice calligraphy. From the first grade of elementary school, lay the foundation. The crooked characters I wrote at the beginning have also improved significantly after practicing for half a month. Guo Moruo, a great writer, once said that writing well is good for forming a habit. It can make people attentive, easy to concentrate, and good at being considerate. Conclusion: Seeing words are like people, and writing has been included in the examination paper of the middle and high school entrance examination. If you don't want your child to suffer in future exams, you have to practice ahead of time. The college entrance examination, if you miss it by a thousand miles, you can crush thousands of people and change the fate of the college entrance examination! (The picture in this article comes from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete it)
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