There is a kind of pseudo-exquisite called "etiquette class", a 2000 empty wallet, is this kind of education meaningful?

time:2023-02-03 author:Fever
There is a kind of pseudo-exquisite called "etiquette class", a 2000 empty wallet, is this kind of education meaningful?

Nowadays, it is no longer the life goal of every family to feed and clothe their children. Parents put more financial resources and energy into how to cultivate high-quality next generation and make them more outstanding. Many parents are looking for ways to let their children learn more talents, hoping that they will be able to stand out in the future. In this environment, Western-style "etiquette classes" have been sought after by many parents.

There is a kind of pseudo-exquisite called a Western-style "etiquette class", one class 2000 empty parents' wallets

There is an etiquette class online The video has attracted the attention of many netizens. The main content of the video is to teach children the etiquette knowledge of drinking tea and sitting sideways, but because the content does not match the children's "age", it has been heated by everyone. In the picture, a group of little girls are sitting upright, holding teacups in their hands, drinking tea with their heads lowered, their movements graceful and slow, with uniform and standardized smiles on their faces, and the so-called extravagance in every move. In addition to the sitting posture, the etiquette class will also "correct" the girls' walking posture, such as keeping their books on their heads and walking in a certain state. In fact, in the market, these various etiquette classes with a tuition fee of about 2,000 yuan per session are sought after by some parents, mainly because many parents feel that their children are naughty and active, especially girls, learning etiquette can lead to better behavior Demeanor and temperament, and the ability to interact with others can also be improved.

Looks like a delicate and high-end etiquette class, but many netizens don't agree

The original intention of the parents is good, but look at Netizens who have watched the video are not calm. Many people think that these seemingly delicate and high-end etiquette classes are actually flashy and even affect the aesthetics and growth of minors. Many netizens also feel that those "noble" actions not only look artificial and awkward, but some even have nothing to do with etiquette. When teenage children are lively and active, parents should not let them be strict in everything and correct their excessive behavior.

We can't help but wonder: Does this education really make sense?

The purpose of the etiquette class is for children to understand the rules and have a beautiful manner in daily life, but parents should think about it, is this kind of education really meaningful? The smiling faces of the assembly line and the pompous princess style. In fact, this kind of commercial etiquette class has changed the beauty. Under this premise, the child seems to be just a polite "tool person", which is a bit precious. outside meaning. Most of them only know "I should do this", but do not understand the deeper inner guidance of their culture, so instead of doing these luxurious superficial articles, parents should think more about how to change their children's temperament from the inside out. Method.

The improvement of children's temperament should be from the inside out, not superficial.

First of all, for every girl, Her temperament is not superficial, but comes from her own cultural heritage. The so-called "belly of poetry and literature" is the truth. Only by reading more can we enlighten life, make people wise, well-informed, and open-minded to others, and clarify their direction and goals. In addition, strengthening moral education can enable children to have a noble character in adulthood, so as to gain respect and admiration from those around them. At the same time, the cultivation of children's ability is also very important, and only those with both political integrity and ability can be recognized by more people. In a word, the future society needs more people who cultivate both inside and outside. They are by no means good-looking "skins". Those who are down-to-earth, hardworking and hard-working will better contribute to the family and society, and realize their own value.

Mummy has something to say:

If you only focus on cultivating children's appearance and manners from childhood, then girls will most likely change in adulthood People who are high-handed and low-minded, and are very repulsive to those who are indecent and not glamorous jobs. Therefore, parents of girls must pay attention to the so-called "parents love their children, and they have far-reaching plans", which is to make correct long-term plans for their children, and not to spend hard-earned money on meaningless and expensive etiquette in lesson. Don't say whether the manner is correct, once the child's values ​​are skewed, it will be difficult to correct it. In addition, girls themselves must understand that self-confidence comes from the strength of the heart, and only when they have the skills and knowledge can they truly become excellent people and receive the respect they deserve.
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